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Player Rolls For Sale

We have thousands of player piano rolls for sale.  Stay tuned for an updated list of our exact inventory. Below is a list of all of the Duo-Art titles made.

Duo-Art Music All CDs
Roll # Title Composer Performer
D713099 Bygones  Abrahamson & Warner Mering, Constance
D1272S Chanson Provencal (accomp.) Acqua Hoffman, Daisy
D101925 The Holy City Adams Bergman, Henri
D10066 A Warrior Bold (The Soldier’s Farewell) Adams Rapee, Erno
D1929 Demonstrations Roll Aeolian Aeolian
D10000 Original Duo-Art Test Roll Aeolian Aeolian
DDuo-Art_Original_Tst_Roll Original Duo-Art Test Roll Aeolian Aeolian
D1921T Test Roll 1921 Aeolian Aeolian
D528 Eternelle Folie  Aga Ilgenfritz, McNair
D713043 Bagdad  Ager Addison, Ralph
D18635 Who Cares?  Ager Goodman, Louis
D0521 Rain or Shine Ager Headdon, Hayward
D18895 Louisville Lou Ager Judson, Albert (ass’t Leith, Ernest)
D713429 Ain’t That A Grand and Glorious Feeling Ager Maddon, Harvey
D713016 I Wonder What’s Become of Sally  Ager Milne & Wehrlen
D0741 Song Of The Dawn Ager Milne, Frank
D713007 Big Boy  Ager Moran, Alan
D713443 Are You Happy? Ager Nordstrom, Dagmar
D0539 I Still Love You Ager Nordstrom, Dagmar
D0615 Sweet Dreams Ager Nordstrom, Dagmar
D713243 (Could I?) I Certainly Could Ager Ohman, Phil
D1831 Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik of Alabam) Ager Robinson, J. Russell
D18315R Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik of Alabam)  Ager Robinson, J. Russell
D713304 Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina  Ager  Banta & Milne
D0730 Happy Days Are Here Again Ager & Yellen Addison, Ralph
D0713 Marianne Ahlert Addison, Ralph
D0609 I’ll Get By Ahlert Kerwin, Gene
D0846 Why Dance? Ahlert Lester, Edwin
D0682R Love Me Aivaz Ralston, Douglas
D0538 In the Bouquet of Memories Akst Armbruster, Robert
D1820 Away Down South  Akst Banta, Frank
D0583 Revenge Akst Mering, Constance
D1001 If It’s Love Akst Shipman, Harry
D713117 Moonlight and Roses Alan & Moran Black & Moret
D7007BR Navarra Albeniz Carreras, Maria
D5662 Tango in D Albeniz Copeland, George
D73928 Seguidillas Op. 232 No. 2 Albeniz Iturbi, Jose
D0237BR Seguidillas, Op. 232 no. 5 from ("Chants d’Espagne") Albeniz Iturbi, Jose
D6293 "Suite Espagñola" Op. 47 No. 6: Aragon (Fantasia) Albeniz Madriguera, Paquita
D5798BR Serenade Espagnole Op. 181 Albeniz Madriguera, Paquita
D6378 "Ibéria" (Spain) Book 1 No. 1: Evocation Albeniz Rubinstein, Arthur
D6204 "Ibéria" (Spain) Book 3 No. 1: El Albaicin  Albeniz Rubinstein, Arthur
D6298 "Suite Espagñola" Op. 47 No. 3: Sevillanas Albeniz Rubinstein, Arthur
D5820 Chants d’Espagne (Songs of Spain) Op. 232 No. 4: Cordoba Albeniz Vecsei, Desider
D5798 Serenade Espagnole, Op. 181 Albeniz Madriguera, Paquita
D5884 Sevillanas from "Suite Espagnola" Op 47 No. 3 Albeniz  Madriguera, Paquita
DS3230 Serenade Espagnole, Op. 181: Cadiz, D Albeniz/McNair Thomas, J.
D7007 Navarra Albeniz/Severac de Carreras, Maria 
D69890 Tango Albeniz-Godowsky Novaes, Guiomar
D6218 Basket of Roses Albers Hess, Cliff
D70536 Carnations – Novelette Albers Pitot, Genevieve
D713144 Isle of Enchantment  Alexander & Boutelje Mering, Constance
D6545 The Nightingale Aliabiev-Liszt Beebe, Carolyn
D6745 The Nightingale Aliabiev-Liszt Friedman, Ignaz
D6446 Le Vent (The Wind) Op.15 No. 2 Alkan  Bauer, Harold
DD707 Le Vent (The Wind) Op.15 No. 2 Alkan  Bauer, Harold
D6144 Perpetual Motion Alkan-MacDowell  Hutcheson, Ernest
D72677 Basket of Roses (Novelette) Alpert Bergman, Henri
D7502R Manhattan Serenade Alter Farquhar, Robert
D69518 Orientale Amani Braun, Robert
D10098 One Sweetly Solemn Thought Ambrose Armbruster, Robert
DS32008 Musical Dictionary Ambruster, R., Amorous, C. Armbruster, Robert
D5536 Nights of Gladness Ancliff  Arndt, Felix
D19275 I Love You (from "Little Jesse James") Archer Lange, Henry
D713167 It Must Be Love Archer Ohman, Phil
D713069 You and I  Archer Perkins, Ray
D19925 Paradise Alley Archer & Carlton Milne & Erlebach
D5833 Il Bacio (The Kiss) Waltz Arditi Arndt, Felix
D101846 Il Bacio ("The Kiss") Arditi Haggard, Pauline
D5849 Two Piano Suite Op. 15 No. 2: Valse  Arensky Bauer & Gabrilowitsch
D6187 Etude Op. 36 No. 13 F# Arensky Ebell, Hans
D71520 Etude Op. 36 No. 13 F# Arensky Gradova, Gitta
D6236 Caprice Op. 43 No. 6 B Arensky Rubinstein, Beryl
D0813 You Said It Arlen Carroll, Adam
D74096 Two Guitars – Russian Folk Song Armbruster (arr.) Armbruster, Robert
D19225 The Waltz Of Love Armstrong & Dyson Leith, Ernest
D5811 An Operatic Nightmare – Desecration No. 2 (fox trot) Arndt Arndt, Felix
D5625 Clover Club Arndt Arndt, Felix
D5657 Nola, Novelette Arndt Arndt, Felix
D0842 Sweet and Lovely Arnheim, Tobias & Lemare Milne, Frank
D67776 Arabesque Op. 59 No. 2 Arnold Armbruster, Robert
D5990 Alice  Ascher  Spross, Charles G.
D6245 Chiffonette Atherton-Rapee  Rapee, Erno
D71577 Toddling (Novelette)  Axt & Rapee Armbruster, Robert
D7157BR Toddling (Novelette) Axt-Rapee Armbruster, Robert
D102355 Somewhere in the World Ayer  Pitot, Genevieve
D5650 Prelude & Fugue No. 5 D  Bach Bauer, Harold
D5650 Prelude and Fugue Bach Bauer, Harold
D6392 Two Part Inventions Nos. 1, 6 and 8 Bach Bauer, Harold
D6330 Adagio from Violin Concerto in F Minor Bach Cortot, Alfred
D68859 Prelude and Fugue C# Bach Leginska, Ethel
D7080 French Suite No. 6 E: Allemande; Courante Bach Samuel, Harold
D7081 French Suite No. 6 E: Sarabande Bach Samuel, Harold
D5598 Chromatische Fantasie Bach Zadora, Michael von
D7236 Toccata, G  Bach, J. S. Hess, Myra
D7316 Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, D: Fantasia  Bach/Bulow, von Bauer, Harold
D7317 Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, D: Fugue  Bach/Bulow, von Bauer, Harold
D7161b Fantasia (Organ) and Fugue, G: Fantasia  Bach/Liszt Grainger, Percy
D7161 Fantasia (Organ) and Fugue, G: Fantasia  Bach/Liszt Grainger, Percy
D66329 Prelude (Organ) Andante, E  Bach/Siloti Siloti, Alexander
D6928 Violin Partita No. 2 4th mvt.: Chaconne d Bach-Busoni  Busoni, Ferruccio
D6070 Ave Maria Bach-Gounod  Ganz, Rudolph
D7174 Organ Fantasia and Fugue g: Fugue Bach-Liszt  Grainger, Percy
D66000 Prelude to Cantata No. 29 "Wir danker Dir, Gott Bach-Siloti Siloti, Alexander
D6985 Choral Prelude e Bach-Szanto Siloti, Alexander
D6732BR Tocatta and Fugue d Bach-Tausig Friedman, Ignaz
D6732 Toccata and Fugue d  S.565 Bach-Tausig  Friedman, Ignaz
D72539 Siciliana from the Sonata in Eb Bach-Von Zadora Buell, Dai
D66970 Organ Concerto d Part I Bach-Von Zadora Carreras, Maria
D67190 Organ Concerto d Part II Bach-Von Zadora Carreras, Maria
D6387 The Maiden’s Prayer Badarzewska Rogers, Fannie Votey
D0545 Lonesome in the Moonlight Baer Alpert, Pauline
D713129 Let Me Linger Longer In Your Arms Baer Banta, Frank
D713017 June Night Baer Lester, Edwin
D0814 I’m Happy When You’re Happy Baer Milne, Frank
D713135 I Miss My Swiss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me)  Baer Moran, Alan
D713378 Collette Baer Willard & Crowe
D0490 Did You Mean It? Baker Addison, Ralph
D10036 I’ll Be True To That Girl Baker Baker, Edythe
D713197 Pretty Little Baby  Baker & Berme Bloom, Rube
D6537 Islamey "Oriental Fantasy" Balakirev  Rubinstein, Beryl
D103115 I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls Balfe Armbruster, Robert
D102975 Then You’ll Remember Me (from "Bohemian Girl") Balfe Bergman, Henri
D6421 Selections from the Opera "The Bohemian Girl" Balfe Rapee, Erno
D102005 In The Garden Of My Heart Ball Armbruster, Robert
D102935 Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May? Ball Armbruster, Robert
D103035 Let the End of the World Come Tomorrow (As Long as You Love Me Today) Ball Ball, Ernest
D103165 The Sunshine That Fills My World Ball Ball, Ernest R.
D6120 A Little Bit of Heaven Ball Banta, Frank
D0765 So My Heart Beats For You Ballard, Henderson,Waring Milne, Frank
D1588 Razzberries Banta Banta, Frank
D69 Cradle Song Op. 18 Barili Hodgson, Hugh
D6900 Cradle Song Op. 18 Barili Hodgson, Hugh
D10019 Sweet and Low Barnby Favier, Georges
D68956 Dainty Miss  Barnes Armbruster, Robert
D71347 Valse Primrose Barnes Longo, Frank
D0880 It Was So Beautiful Barris Maddon, Harvey
D10045 A Dream Bartlett Arndt, Felix
D6688BR Eldorado Op. 14 Bartlett Pitot, Genevieve
D66888 Eldorado, Op. 14 Bartlett Pitot, Genevieve
D67377 Grande Polka de Concert Bartlett Pitot, Genevieve
D5797 Aeolian Murmurings Op. 123 Bartlett Thompson, John
D71658 Le Crepescule (Twilight) Bartlett Vecsei, Desider
D5969BR A Dream Bartlett-Spross Spross, Charles G.
D6820 "18th Century Tunes" No. 1: "Barberini’s Minuet" Bauer Bauer, Harold
D6837 "18th Century Tunes" No. 5: "Ye Sweet Retreat" Bauer Bauer, Harold
D70390 Dolce Far Niente (Sweet Idleness) Bauer Bauer, Harold
D7254 Trio (Piano) No. 1, 3rd Mvt (Gypsy Rondo) Bauer Bauer, Harold
D67339 White Birches, Op. 12, No. 1 from "New Hampshire Woods"  Bauer Powell, John
D0455 I Call You Sugar Baxter & Bowles Mering, Constance
D1678 Just Like A Gypsy (from "Ladies First") Bayes Banta, Frank
D5060 Allegro from String Quartet Op.18 c Beethoven Bauer, Harold
DD389 Piano Sonata  Op. 13  c "Pathetique" 1st mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D5691 Piano Sonata Op. 13 c "Pathétique" 1st Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D5703 Piano Sonata Op. 13 c "Pathétique" 2nd Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D5711 Piano Sonata Op. 13 c "Pathétique" 3rd Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D6065 Piano Sonata Op. 57 f "Appassionata" 1st Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D6080 Piano Sonata Op. 57 f "Appassionata" 2nd & 3rd Mvts. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D6065BR Piano Sonata Op. 57 f 1st Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D71760 Sonata Op. 7 Eb 2nd Mvt. Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D71770 Sonata Op. 7 Eb 3rd Mvt. Rondo Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D71750 Sonata, Op. 7, Eb: lst Mvt: Presto  Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D5837 Turkish March Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D72130 Two Piano Sonata Op. 6, Primo Part Beethoven Bauer, Harold
D12948 Romance in F Beethoven Benoist, Andre
D13529 Violin Sonata Op. 24 in F 2nd Mvt. (accomp. violin) Beethoven Benoist, Andre
D5602 Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 c# "Moonlight" 1st & 2nd Mvts. Beethoven Carreño, Teresa 
D7109 Piano Sonata Op.109 E 1st & 2nd Mvts. Beethoven Cortot, Alfred
D7110 Piano Sonata Op.109 E 3rd Mvt. Beethoven Cortot, Alfred
D71104 Sonata Op 109 in E, 3rd Mvt Beethoven Cortot, Alfred
D0288BR Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 1 Eb 3rd & 4th Mvts. Beethoven Darre, Jean-Marie
D0265BR Piano Sonata Op. 10 No 1 c 3rd Mvt. Beethoven de Greef, Artur
D5691BR Piano Sonata Op. 13 c 1st Mvt. Beethoven Durno, Jeannette
D7101 Piano Sonata Op. 28 D "Pastoral" 3rd Mvt. Beethoven Friedman, Ignaz
D0280BR Piano Sonata Op. 49 No. 1, 1st Mvt. Beethoven Fryer, Herbert
D90061RRR Bagatelle, WoO 69, Fur Elise, B Beethoven Gallico, Paolo
D0254br Piano Sonata Op. 10 No. 1 c 1st Mvt.  Beethoven Greef, Arthur de
D0255br Piano Sonata Op. 10 No. 1 c 2nd Mvt.  Beethoven Greef, Arthur de
D0256br Piano Sonata Op. 10 No. 1 c 3rd Mvt.  Beethoven Greef, Arthur de
D7307 Piano Sonata  Op. 2  No. 3  C 4th Mvt. Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D7305 Piano Sonata  Op. 2  No. 3  C lst Mvt. Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D6101 Piano Sonata Op. 27  No. 2 c#
"Moonlight" 1st Mvt.
Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D6102 Piano Sonata Op. 27  No. 2 c#
"Moonlight" 2nd Mvt.
Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D6103 Piano Sonata Op. 27  No. 2 c#
"Moonlight" 3rd Mvt.
Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D6610 Rondo à Capriccio Op. 129 (Rage Over A Lost Penny) Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D1042S I Love Thee (sr accomp voice) Beethoven LaForge, Frank
D7423 Leonore Overture No. 3 to "Fidelio Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D6672 Piano Sonata Op. 111 c 1st Mvt. Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D6706 Piano Sonata Op. 111 c 2nd Mvt. Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D5330 Symphony No. 3 (Eroica),  2nd
Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D5320 Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), 1st Mvt. Part 2 Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D5350 Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), 4th Mvt. Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D5310 Symphony No. 3, Eb, Op. 55: 1st Mvt, Eroica Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D5340 Symphony No. 3, Eb, Op. 55: 4th Mvt, Eroica  Beethoven Lamond, Frederic
D9270 Sonata Op. 26, 3rd & 4th Mvts. (Special Education Series) Beethoven Landowska, Wanda
D6957 Eight Variations on "Tändeln und Scherzen" Beethoven Leginska, Ethel
D67439 Minuet In G Beethoven Leginska, Ethel
D74249 Piano Sonata Op. 31 No. 2 d "Tempest" 3rd Mvt. Beethoven Mero, Yolando
D74180 Piano Sonata Op. 31 No. 2, d "Tempest" 2nd Mvt. Beethoven Mero, Yolando
D0261BR Piano Sonata in G, Op. 14, No. 2, 1st Mvt. Beethoven Murdoch, William
D6908 Piano Sonata Op. 81 Eb 1st Mvt. (Les Adieux) Beethoven Novaes, Guiomar
D6909 Piano Sonata Op. 81 Eb 2nd and 3rd Mvts. (Les Adieux) Beethoven Novaes, Guiomar
D6929 Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 c# "Moonlight" 1st & 2nd Mvts. Beethoven Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6930 Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 c# "Moonlight" 3rd Mvt.   Beethoven Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6601 Piano Sonata Op. 53 C "Waldstein" 1st Mvt. Beethoven Powell, John
D7123 Piano Sonata Op. 53 C "Waldstein" 2nd & 3rd Mvts. Beethoven Powell, John
D6601BR Sonata in C, Op. 53 (Waldstein) 1st Mvt. Beethoven Powell, John
D5030 Symphony No. 5 1st Mvt. (Allegro con brio) Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D5040 Symphony No. 5 2nd Mvt. (Andante con moto) Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D5020 Symphony No. 5 3rd Mvt. Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D5050 Symphony No. 5 4th Movement Part 2 (Presto) Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D0593BR Symphony No. 5, 1st Mvt Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D0594BR Symphony No. 5, 2nd Mvt. Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D0595BR Symphony No. 5, 3rd and 4th Mvts. Beethoven Stoessel, Albert
D5593BR Piano Sonata Op. 26 Ab 1st and 2nd Mvts. Beethoven Volavy, Marguerite
D7135 Andante favori (Favorite andante) WoO 57, F  Beethoven Landowska, Wanda
D7306 Sonata, Op. 2: No. 3, C: 2nd & 3rd Mvts  Beethoven Hofmann, Josef
D8006 Sonata, Op. 106, Bb: 2nd Mvt, Hammerklavier  Beethoven Cortot, Alfred
D8013 Sonata, Op. 31: No. 2, D: 1st Mvt, Tempest Beethoven Ney, Elly
D8014 Sonata, Op. 31: No. 2, D: 2nd Mvt, Tempest Beethoven Ney, Elly
D8015 Sonata, Op. 31: No. 2, D: 3nd Mvt, Tempest Beethoven Ney, Elly
D926 Sonata, Op. 26, Ab: lst & 2nd Mvts  Beethoven Landowska, Wanda
D927 Sonata, Op. 26, Ab: 3rd & 4th Mvts  Beethoven Landowska, Wanda
D936 Sonata, Op. 31:: No. 1, G: 1st Mvt  Beethoven Leopold, Ralph
D937 Sonata, Op. 31:: No. 1, G: 2nd Mvt  Beethoven Leopold, Ralph
D938 Sonata, Op. 31: No. 1, G: 3rd Mvt  Beethoven Leopold, Ralph
D5594BR Piano Sonata Op. 26 Ab 3rd & 4th Mvts. Beethoven    Volavy, Marguerite
D74100 Piano Sonata Op. 31 No. 2, d "Tempest" 1st Mvt. Beethoven        Mero, Yolando
D7106 String Quartet Op. 18 No. 5 2nd Mvt. Beethoven-Bauer Bauer, Harold
D6380 Gavotte F Beethoven-Bauer  Bauer, Harold
D5638 Ecossaises (Scottish Dances) WoO 86 Eb  Beethoven-Busoni  Zadora, Michael von
D1069 Rondino (accomp violin) Beethoven-Kreisler Charmbury, Walter
D7380 Adelaïde Op. 46 Beethoven-Liszt  Lamond, Frederic
D6327 Turkish March, Op. 113 Beethoven-Rubinstein Hofmann, Josef
D7205 Contradance No. 1 Beethoven-Seiss Gordon, Philip
D66800 German Dance Beethoven-Seiss Powell, John
D10069 Daddy Behrend Rapee, Erno
D713183 Let Us Waltz As We Say "Good-bye"  Beiner Perkins, Ray
D6454 La Norma Bellini Rapee, Erno
D70619 Fantasia on Themes from the Opera "Norma" Bellini-Leybach Armbruster, Robert
D71139 Fantasia from "La Sonnambula"  Bellini-Leybach     Armbruster, Robert
D10938S Nymphs and Fauns (accomp. soprano in E) Bemberg Waldrop, Uda
D5509 Nymphs and Fauns Bemberg-Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D6420 At The Lake Of Geneva Bendel Lambert, Alexander
D6304 Moonlight Sail to the Lovers’ Isle Op.134 No. 4 Bendel Rackle, Karl
D6613BR Sleeping Beauty Op. 139 No. 5 Bendel Spross, Charles G.
D6613 Sleeping Beauty Op. 139 No. 5  Bendel Spross, Charles G.
D7219 Butterfly (The)  Bendix Pitot, Genevieve 
D70466 Valse Petite Op. 156 Benkhart Pitot, Genevieve
D1930R Land of Cotton Blues  Bennett/Jerome/Ahlert Baker, Edythe
D67096 By the Fireside Benson Haase, Oscar
D5936 America Abroad – Jazz Effects on Familiar Melodies Bentz Bentz & Banta
D6036 Ocowo. Indian Boat Song. Bentz Bentz, Edna
D1540 Pink Tea Fox Trot Bentz Bentz, Edna
D7140BR Dans les fleurs – valse lente Berger Mering, Constance
D66996 Amoureuse Berger Pitot, Genevieve
D66996 Amoureuse (Valse tres lente) Berger Pitot, Genevieve
D7140 Dans les Fleurs (Among the Flowers) Valse lente  Berger Mering, Constance
D0499 I Can’t Do Without You Berlin Addison, Ralph
D0456 The Song is Ended, But the Melody Lingers Berlin Alpert, Pauline
D19845 Lazy Berlin Banta, Frank
D713176 Don’t Wait Too Long Berlin Bloom, Robert
D18365 Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil, "Music Box Revue of
Berlin Bradley, Irving
D01028 Cheek to Cheek, Isn’t it a Lovely Day Berlin Carroll, Adam
D01231BR Easter Parade Berlin Carroll, Adam
D0496 Sunshine Berlin Chase, Newell
D19415 An Orange Grove in California (from "Music Box Revue of 1923") Berlin Clair & Leith
D18375 Porcelain Maid Berlin Earl, Bud
D0892 Say It Isn’t So Berlin Ferguson, Ruth
D1752 Say It With Music Berlin Lange, Henry
D0919 Maybe (It’s Because) I Love You Too Much Berlin Leith, Ernest
D19875 What’ll I Do (When You Are Far Away) "Music Box Revue of 1923" Berlin Lester, Edwin
D713189 A Little Bungalow Berlin Mering, Constance
D713382 Russian Lullaby Berlin Mering, Constance
D18595 Crinoline Days (from "Music Box Revue of 1922") Berlin Milne, Frank
D1830 Homesick  Berlin Milne, Frank
D0834 Me! Berlin Milne, Frank
D19385 Waltz of Long Ago Berlin Milne, Frank
D102745 (You Forgot To) Remember  Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713206 Always  Berlin Ohman, Phil
D103025 At Peace With The World Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713340 Blue Skies Berlin Ohman, Phil
D74536 Dance Medley from the Musical Comedy "Face the Music" Berlin Ohman, Phil
D1757 Everybody Step Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713267 How Many Times Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713417 Ooh, Maybe It’s You Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713360 What Does It Matter Berlin Ohman, Phil
D713080 Tell Her In The Springtime (from "Music Box Revue of 1925") Berlin Rich, Freddie
D713450 Together We Two Berlin Rich, Freddie
D713089D Selections from Music Box Revue of 1925 Berlin Rich/Leith/Wehrlen
D713252 When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbib’ Along Berlin Robison, Willard
D0969BR Waiting at the End of the Road Berlin unknown
D19588D Music Box Revue of 1923 – Selections Berlin Various
D1039 Where Is The Song Of Songs Berlin Waldron, Gene
D713051 All Alone  Berlin Wehrlen, Jack
D0731 Let Me Sing and I’m Happy Berlin Wilson, Gladys
D104315 When My Dreams Come True Berlin    Bergman, Henri
D1725 Cheri Bibo Hess, Cliff
D5548 Hacienda, The Society Tango Biese Arndt, Felix
D10112 Home Sweet Home Bishop Knaffl, Marghee
D73539 Carmen (excerpts) Roll No. 4 Bizet Armbruster, Robert
D72659 Carmen excerpts, roll 3 Bizet Armbruster, Robert
D5618 Selections from the Opera "Carmen" Bizet Fabri, Carlos.
D6508 Carmen Selections Bizet Rapee, Erno
D6098 Chanson d’Avril (Spring Song) Bizet-Buonamici Bauer, Harold
DD613 L’Arlesienne Suite No. 1: Minuet; Adagietto; Carillon Bizet-Grainger  Grainger, Percy
D7250 Variations on Seguidillas from Opera "Carmen" Bizet-Horowitz  Horowitz, Vladimir
D102345 When the Roll is Called Up Yonder Black Kennedy, Dion
D72119 Awakening of the Lion (The)  Blanck, De Pitot, Genevieve 
D10015 Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Bland Arndt, Felix
D102815 Your Eyes Have Told Me So Blaufuss Armbruster, Robert
D7268BR Whispering Flowers  Blon   Vecsei, Desider
D7248 Sapphire  Bloom Bloom, Rube
D0565 Jumping Jack Bloom, Seaman & Smolev Bloom, Robert
D67839 Moment of Despair Op. 21 No. 1 Blumenfeld Reisenberg, Nadia
D5889 String Quintet, Op.13: No. 5, A, Celebrated Minuet Boccherini/Bauer Bauer, Harold
D72438 Wanda (Nocturne) Op. 338 Bohm Armbruster, Robert
D10011 Calm As Night Bohm Arndt, Felix
D100115 Calm as the Night (Stille wie die Nacht) Op. 236: No. 27  Bohm Arndt, Felix
D72297 Love’s Embrace Op. 168 Bohm Bergman, Henri
D7229BR Love’s Embrace Op. 168 Bohm Bergman, Henri
D11218S Calm As The Night (accomp.) Bohm Bos, Coenraad
D66206 Glissanda (Mazurka) Bohm Spross, Charles G.
D72128 Glissando Mazurka Op. 259 No. 2 Bohm Vecsei, Desider
D7196 Spinning Song, Op. 302: No. 1  Bohm Vecsei, Desider
D0662 Glissando Mazurka  Op.
259  No. 2 
Bohm  Spross, Charles G.
D103975 Ay Ay Ay Bohr Bohr, Jose
Ds32156 Cascabelito Bohr Bohr, Jose
D0510 Medias de Seda Bohr Cobian, J. Carlos
D6543 Erna Waltz Bohrer Bohrer, Alphonese
D1683 Maxima Boissonade Milne, Frank
D713209 In the Middle of the Night  Bonajdson Addison, Ralph
D1091 Adoration (accomp.) Borowski Armbruster, Robert
D66638 "Trois Novelettes" – No. 1 Valsette Borowski Boguslawski, Moissaye
D6194 Etude, Op. 15: No. 8, Db  Bortkiewicz Donahue, Lester
D6889 Etude in F#; Etude in C#  Bortkiewicz Robinson, Carol
D103857 Sally Roses Bostelmann Bostelmann, Sophie
D713416 That’s Why I’m Homeward Bound Boutelje Alpert, Pauline
D0724 Should I? Bown Wilson, Gladys
D67236 Angel’s Serenade Braga Bergman, Henri
D19855 Limehouse Blues Braham Clair & Leith
D103135 I Passed By Your Window Brahe Bergman, Henry
D6813 Variations on a Theme by Paganini Op. 35  Brahms Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6813BR Variations: Paganini Theme, Op. 35, Excerpts Books 1 & 3 Brahms Backhaus, Wilhelm
D5814 Hungarian Dance No. 5 f# Brahms Bauer, Harold
D5947 Hungarian Dance No. 6 D Brahms Bauer, Harold
D5668 Hungarian Dance No. 8 a Brahms Bauer, Harold
D6559 Intermezzo Op. 117 No. 1 Eb "Cradle Song" Brahms Bauer, Harold
D1055S Sapphic Ode (sr accomp) Brahms Bos, Coenraad
D0360BR Waltzes, Op. 39, Nos. 2 E, 4 e, 12 E, 14 a, 15 Ab, 16 d Brahms Bourne, Una
D6860 Waltzes, Op. 39: No. 2, E; No. 4, E; No. 12, E; No. 14, A; No. 15, Ab;
No.16, D 
Brahms Bourne, Una
D6893 Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 2 Brahms Denton, Oliver
D070BR Sonata Op. 5 in F minor 4th Mvt. Brahms Fischer, Edwin
D67050 Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 4 Eb Brahms Hess, Myra
D11938 Violin Sonata Op. 100, 1st Mvt. (accomp. violin) Brahms Moore, Francis
D0241BR Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 2 g Brahms Nikisch, Mitya
D56428 Waltz Op. 39 No. 15 Brahms Raab, Alexander
D12918S The Gypsies (vocal duet; accomp) Brahms Rider, Elva Faeth
D65969 Capriccio in B-minor Brahms Rubinstein, Arthur
D3707 Sextet  Brahms Bauer, Harold
D7412 Romance, Op. 118: No. 5, F  Brahms McGlinchee, Constance
D8010 Intermezzo, Op. 118: No. 2, A Brahms Ganz, Rudolph
DD773 Intermezzo  Op. 117  No. 1  Eb "Cradle Song"  Brahms  Bauer, Harold
D5931 Ballade  Op. 10  No. l  d "Edward Brahms  Donahue, Lester
D5641 Ballade  Op. 10  No. 3  b Intermezzo Brahms  Friedberg, Carl
D69119 Intermezzo Op. 119 No. 3 C Brahms  Hess, Myra
D56428 Waltz Op. 39, No. 15 Ab Brahms  Raab, Alexander
D6744 Rhapsody  Op. 79  No. l  b Brahms  Rubinstein, Arthur
D6718 Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) Op. 49 No. 3 Brahms-Grainger  Grainger, Percy
D6565 Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) Op. 49 
No. 4
Brahms-Keller Schendel, Julius
D6538 Springtime Brandeis Henry, Harold
D6552 Nocturne Op. 17 By Moonlight (Au clair de la lune) Brassin Lambert, Alexander
D5810 Laces and Graces Bratton Arndt, Felix
D71987 Teddy Bears’ Picnic Bratton Bergman, Henri
D7198BR Teddy Bears’ Picnic Bratton Bergman, Henri
D1763 I Want My Mammy  Breau Ohman, Phil
D19105 Oh! Gee Breuer Perkins, Ray
D713011 Nightingale (Waltz) Brockman Wehrlen & Leith
D0626 I Faw Down an’ Go Boom Brockman, Stevens, B.B.B. Maddon, Harvey
D01042 Alone (from "A Night at the Opera") Brown Arden, Victor
D01034 Lucky Star, I’ve Got Feelin’ Your Foolin’ ("Broadway Melody of
Brown Arden, Victor
D104335 Pagan Love Song Brown Bergman, Henri
D0955 We’ll Make Hay While The Sun Shines Brown Carroll, Adam
D0586 Avalon Town Brown Chase, Newell
D0873 Paradise Brown Leith, Ernest
D0670 Singin’ In The Rain Brown Leslie, Edythe
D0641 Broadway Melody Brown Maddon, Harvey
D0691BR Twilight The Stars and You Brown Mering, Constance
D713118 Twilight The Stars And You Brown Mering, Constance
D0558 It Must Be Love Brown Pollock, Muriel
D713239 If I Knew I’d Find You Brown & Clare Robison, Willard
DS3170 Can’t You Hear Me Say I Love You? Brown-Mering Mering & Pollock
D5942 Kol Nidrei Op. 47 Bruch Adler, Clarence
D5942BR Kol Nidrei, Op. 47 Bruch-Reiman Adler, Clarence
D72558 Santanna Tango Bryan Berliner, Dorothy
D713381 Red Lips Kiss My Blues Bryan, Monaco & Wendling Pollock, Muriel
D713235 Thanks for the Buggy Ride  Buffano Bloom & Milne
D6361 Herd’s Girl Sunday D Bull Spross, Charles G.
D10006 Stein Song (When Good Fellows Get Together) Bullard Arndt, Felix
D69058 Venetian Carnival Burgmein Armbruster, Robert
D7069 Pierrot And Pierrette’s Story Burgmein Bauer & Hess
D0689 Painting The Clouds With Sunshine Burke Duchin, Eddie
D104485 Tip-Toe Through the Tuplips With Me Burke Knapp, Helen
D713163 She Was Just a Sailor’s Sweetheart  Burke Moran, Alan
D12619S Deep River, Oh Didn’t It Rain (accomp.) Burleigh Armbruster, Robert
D103815 My Melancholy Baby Burnett   Milne, Frank
D1760 Leave Me With A Smile Burtnett Christie, Andrew
D0482 If I Should Lose You Burtnett & Stowell Mering, Constance
D713001 Mandalay  Burtnett, Lyman & Arnheim Moran, Alan
D0752 Give Yourself a Pat on the Back Butler & Wallace Addison & Kerwin
D10099 When You And I Were Young Maggie Butterfield Ohman, Phil
D102995 At Dawning Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D10080 Dream Tryst Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D101575 I Hear A Thrush At Eve Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D68848 June on the Boulevard Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D68998 Love Song Op. 40 Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D68278 The Desert’s Dusty Face Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D10111 The Heart of Her Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D70098 To a Comedian Cadman Cadman, Charles W.
D5846 Land of Sky Blue Water (The) Cadman Cadman, Charles Wakefield
D6017 Shanewis: Prelude; Lionel’s Narrative Cadman Cadman, Charles Wakefield
D5853 At Dawning  Cadman  Cadman, Charles
D6079 Love Like the Dawn Came Stealing  Cadman  Cadman, Charles
D6122 Piano Sonata Op. 58 A 2nd Mvt.  Cadman  Cadman, Charles W.
D101325 O Sole Mio Capua de Marco, Elena
D1627 Ja-Da Carleton Hess, Cliff
D10097 Little Town In the Oud County Down Carlo & Sanders Ohman, Phil
D0535 C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E Carlton Addison & Leith
D01122 Two Sleepy People Carmichael Sherry, Noel
D13388S Her Voice Carpenter Bos, Coenraad
D6483 Tango Americaine (An American Tango)  Carpenter Carpenter, John Alden
D6219 Little Nigger Carpenter Donahue, Lester
D6018 Polonaise Americaine. Impromptu Carpenter Reuter, Rudolph
D5707 Mi Teresita Carreño Carreño, Teresa 
D1518 "So Long Letty" Selections Carroll Banta, Frank
D1589 I’m Always Chasing Rainbows Carroll Erlebach & Markley
D713079 President Coolidge March Carson Addison & Gordon
D70159 Barcarola Casella Casella, Alfredo
D6521 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Casella Casella, Alfredo
D6608 Puppazetti (Puppet Caricatures) Nos. 1-5  Casella Casella, Alfredo
DD227 Puppazetti (Puppet Caricatures) Nos. 1-5 Casella  Casella, Alfredo
D5981 Valse Caprice Castro  Madriguera, Paquita
D6427 Danza No. 2: Improvisada  Cervantes Blanck, Margot de
D03BR Three Cuban Dances Cervantes Verne, Adela
D7463 Negro Heaven Cesana  Cesana, Otto
D5932 Valse Caprice Cesek Bentz, Edna
D6969 Feuillet d’Album (Album Leaf) Chabrier Cortot, Alfred
D6910 Pièces Pittorèsques" No. 6: Idylle Chabrier Cortot, Alfred
D71978 Air de Ballet (Fourth) from "Callirhoe" Op. 37 Chaminade Armbruster, Robert
D69550 Pierrette (Airs de Ballet) Chaminade Bauer, Harold
D5994 Pierrette op 41, from "Airs de Ballet" Chaminade Bos, Coenraad
D0297BR Elevation (Romance sans parole) Op. 76 No. 2 Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D0297BRB Elevation (Romance sans Paroles) Op. 76: No. 2 Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D74047 Elevation, Op. 76, No. 2 Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D094BR En Autumn – Concert Etude Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D061BR L’Ondine Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D6422 Danse Creole Chaminade Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D6145BR La Morena Caprice Espagnole Op. 67 Chaminade Madriguera, Paquita
D6145 Morena (La) (The Brunette) Caprice Espagnole, Op. 67 Chaminade Madriguera, Paquita
D6936 Valse Carnavalesque Op. 73. Piano Part Only.  Chaminade Ganz, Rudolph
D8027 Courante Op 95 No 3 Chaminade Chaminade, Cecile
D5664 Air de Ballet Op. 30 No. 1 Chaminade  Adler, Clarence
D5827 Automne (Autumn) Op. 35  No. 2 Chaminade  Adler, Clarence
D6364 Les Sylvains (The Fauns) Op. 60 Chaminade  Berumen, Ernesto
D6480 Guitare (Caprice) Op. 32 Chaminade  Chaminade, Cecile
D5514 L’Ondine Op. 101 Chaminade  Ganz, Rudolph
D5573 Souvenance (Remembrance) Op. 76 No. 1 Chaminade  Renée Florigny
D5825 Airs de Ballet Op. 37. No. 3: Scarf Dance  Chaminade  Spross, Charles G.
D5794 La Lisonjera (The Flatterer) Op. 50  Chaminade  Spross, Charles G.
D5943 Pas des Amphores Op. 37 No. 2  Chaminade  Spross, Charles G.
D713295 Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes? Charig Ohman, Phil
D713431 (Where Have You Been) All My Life Charig & Myers Moran & Feldkamp
D71739 A Shanghai Tragedy Chasins Chasins, Abram
D7172 Flirtation in a Chinese Garden; Rush Hour in Hong Kong  Chasins Chasins, Abram
D71729 Flirtations in a Chinese Garden Chasins Chasins, Abram
D101595 Mandy Lee Chattaway Haase, Oscar
D104545 Dreams, Nothing More than Dream Chenowith Armbruster, Robert
D0652 Love Sings A Song In My Heart Cherniavsky Maddon, Harvey
D5567 Polonaise Op. 26 No. 1 c# Chopin Ariani, Adriano
D5568 Valse Op. 64 No. 2 c# Chopin Ariani, Adriano
D6496 Prelude Op. 28 No. 16 bb Chopin Ballon, Ellen
DA6 Etude  Op. 10  No. 12  c "Revolutionary"  Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5627 Etude Op. 10 No. 12 c "Revolutionary" Chopin Bauer, Harold
D7120 Etude Op. 25 No. 7 c# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D74518 Etudes, f, D from "Trois Nouvelles Etudes" Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6058 Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 c# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6266 Fantaisie Op. 49 f Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6482 Mazurka Op. 33 No. 2 D Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5728 Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1 c# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6308 Nocturne Op.15 No. 2 F# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5854 Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 b 1st Mvt. Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5862 Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 b 2nd Mvt. Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5874 Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 b 3rd Mvt. Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5877 Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 b 4th Mvt. Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6990 Polonaise Op. 26 No. 2 eb Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6796 Polonaise Op. 26 No. l c# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D7148 Polonaise Op. 40 No. 2 c Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6506 Scherzo No. 3 Op. 39 c# Chopin Bauer, Harold
D5635 Valse  Op. 42  Ab Chopin Bauer, Harold
D6328 Waltz Op. 64 No. 1 Db "Minute" Chopin Bauer, Harold
D065br Nocturne Op. 9 No. 3 B Chopin Bourne, Una
D6669 Preludes Op. 28 Nos. 1 C; 2 a Chopin Busoni, Ferruccio
D5601BR Polonaise Op. 53 Chopin Carreño, Teresa 
D7056 Concert Allegro Op. 46 A Chopin Carreras, Maria
D6912 Waltz Op. 70 Gb Chopin Carreras, Maria
D6365 Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Brilliante Op. 22 Eb Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6524 Etude Op. 10 No. 3 E "Tristesse" Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D67409 Etude Op. 25 No. 8 Db Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D7088 Etude Op. 25 No.12 c "Arpeggios" Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6606 Etude, Op. 25, No. 11, a "Winter Wind Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6593 Etudes Op. 25 No. 9; Op. 10 No. 5 (both in Gb) Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D7327 Impromptu No. 3 Op. 51 Gb Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6773 Prelude Op. 28 No.15 Db "Raindrop" Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6478 The Maiden’s Wish Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D6359 Waltz Op. 42 Ab Chopin Cottlow, Augusta 
D5695BR Etude Op. 25 No. 1 Ab "Aeolian Harp" Chopin Friedberg, Carl
D5695 Etude, Op. 25, No. 1, Ab Chopin Friedberg, Carl
D5817 Mazurka Op. 17 No. 4 a Chopin Friedberg, Carl
D5784 Preludes Op. 28 Nos. 8 f#; 3 G Chopin Friedheim, Arthur
D6556 Ballade No. 4 Op. 52 f Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D7259 Grande Valse Brillante  Op.
18  Eb
Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D6481 Impromptu No. 1 Op. 29 Ab Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D6954 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 1 g Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D6443 Nocturne Op. 62 No. 1 B Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D6398 Polonaise Op. 71 No. 2 Bb Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D67220 Waltz Op. 64 No. 1 Db "Minute" Chopin Friedman, Ignaz
D64148 Etude Op. 10: No. 8, F Chopin Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D6349 Etude Op. 25 No. 2 f Chopin Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D7074 Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 c# Chopin Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D6273 Waltz In E minor (Posthumous) Chopin Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D5719 Mazurka Op. 33 No. 2 D Chopin Ganz, Rudolph
D6966 Nocturne Op. 32 No. 2 Ab Chopin Ganz, Rudolph
D6966BR Nocturne Op. 32 No. 2 Ab Chopin Ganz, Rudolph
D6205 Scherzo No. 3 Op. 39 c# Chopin Ganz, Rudolph
D5793 Ballade No. 1 Op. 23 g Chopin Godowsky, Leopold
D5741 Ecossaises (Scottish Dances) Op. 72 Nos. 2, 4 and 5 Chopin Godowsky, Leopold
D5771 Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 Eb Chopin Godowsky, Leopold
DA43 Nocturne,  Op. 9,  No. 2  Eb Chopin Godowsky, Leopold
D6340BR Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 G Chopin Goodson, Katherine
D5577 Valse Op. 34 No. l Ab Chopin Goodson, Katherine
D7310BR Valse Op. 69 No. 1 f Chopin Goodson, Katherine  
D6865 "Trois Nouvelles Études" No. 1 f Chopin Gradova, Gitta
D7066 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Op. 57 Db Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6573 Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 Db Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D70088 Nocturne Op. 32 No. 1 B Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D7318 Nocturne Op. 48 No. 2 f# Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D7108 Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1 f Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6239 Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 bb 1st Mvt. Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6258 Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 bb 2nd Mvt. (Scherzo) Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6272 Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 bb 3rd/4th Mvts. (Marche Funebre/Presto) Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6720 Polonaise Op. 40 No. 1 A "Military" Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6550 Polonaise Op. 53 Ab "Heroic" Chopin Hofmann, Josef
DA44 Polonaise,  Op. 53,  Ab "Heroic Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6992 Scherzo No. 1 Op. 20 b Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6118 Scherzo No. 2 Op. 31 bb Chopin Hofmann, Josef
DD81 Scherzo No. 2, Op. 31 in b-b Chopin Hofmann, Josef
DW509 Scherzo, Bb Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6401 Valse Op. 42 Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D7085 Waltz Op. 34 No. 1 Ab Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D6073 Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 c# Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D5856 Prelude  Op. 28  No. 15  Db "Raindrop Chopin Lambert, Alexander
D5843 Preludes Op. 28 Nos. 7 A, 20 C Chopin Lambert, Alexander
D5644 Ballade No. 1 Op. 23 g Chopin Leginska, Ethel
D7075 Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 Eb Chopin Leginska, Ethel
D67079 Waltz e Op. Post. Chopin Leginska, Ethel
D6435 Mazurka  Op. 6  No. 2  c# Chopin Mora, Flora
D6582 Etude Op. 10 No. 12 c "Revolutionary" Chopin Ney, Elly
D6238 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Op. 57 Db Chopin Novaes, Guiomar
D6453 Etudes Op. 25 No. 9; Op. 10 No. 5 (both in Gb) Chopin Novaes, Guiomar
D6408 Nocturne Op. 15 No. 2 F# Chopin Novaes, Guiomar
D6574 Prelude  Op. 28  No. 15  Db "Raindrop Chopin Novaes, Guiomar
D67950 Nocturne Op. 27 No. 1 c#  Chopin Pachmann, Vladimir de
D6675 Nocturne Op. 72 No. 1 e  Chopin Pachmann, Vladimir de
D6832 Ballade No. 3 Op. 47 Ab Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6097 Etude Op. 25 No. 9 Gb "Butterfly"  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6809 Mazurka Op. 17 No. 4 a  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6847 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 G  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
DA45 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 G  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6140 Polonaise Op. 40 No. 1 A "Military"  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6551 Waltz Op. 34 No. 1 Ab  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6618 Waltz Op. 42 Ab  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6566 Mazurka Op. 24: No. 4, Bb  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D7160 Scherzo No. 3, Op. 39, C#  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D73570 Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 Db Chopin Powell, John
D6490 Scherzo No. 1  Op. 20  b Chopin Powell, John
D5702 Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35 bb 2nd Mvt. (Scherzo) Chopin Raab, Alexander
D6146 Mazurka Op. 59 No. 3 f# Chopin Renard, Rosita
D6382 Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 Db Chopin Renard, Rosita
D6252 Ballade No. 3 Op. 47 Ab Chopin Rubinstein, Arthur
D6542 Barcarolle Op. 60 F# Chopin Rubinstein, Arthur
D6162 Nocturne Op. 15 No. 2 F# Chopin Rubinstein, Arthur
D6505 Polonaise Op. 44 f# Chopin Rubinstein, Arthur
D6811 Preludes Op. 28 Nos. 1 C; 4 e; 10 c#; 21 Bb and 24 d Chopin Rubinstein, Arthur
D6652 Etude Op. 25 No. 11 a "Winter Wind" Chopin Scharrer, Irene
D6762 Etude Op. 25 No. 6 a Chopin Scharrer, Irene
D5545 Scherzo No. 2 Op. 31 bb Chopin Scharwenka, Xaver
D5681 Nocturne  Op. 15  No. 2  F# Chopin Schelling, Ernest
D5839 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 G Chopin Schelling, Ernest
D7000 Prelude Op. 28 No. 23 F Chopin Shattuck, Arthur
D5839BR Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 G Chopin Shelling, Ernest
DS3020 Valse Op. 64 No. 2 c# Chopin Woolsey, Daisy
D5597 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Op. 57 Db  Chopin Zadora, Michael von
D5692 Sonata (Piano) No. 2, Op. 35, Bb: lst Mvt  Chopin Raab, Alexander
D7310 Waltz, Op. 69: No. 1, Ab  Chopin Goodson, Katherine
D7397 Nocturne Op. 55: No. 2, Eb  Chopin Cortot, Alfred
D8007 Scherzo No. 3, Op. 39, C#  Chopin Hofmann, Josef
D8008 Ballade No. 1, Op. 23, G  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D8019 Waltz Brillante, Op. 34: No. 3, F  Chopin Bauer, Harold
D8022 Etude Op. 10: No. 5, Gb, Black Key  Chopin Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D6414BR Etude Op. 10 No. 8 F Chopin    Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D6915 Concerto No. 1, Em, Op. 11: 1st Mvt, Part 1 Chopin/Hofmann Hofmann, Josef
D6916 Concerto No. 1, Em, Op. 11: 1st Mvt, Part 2 Chopin/Hofmann Hofmann, Josef
D6917 Concerto No. 1, Em, Op. 11: 2nd Mvt, Romanza Chopin/Hofmann Hofmann, Josef
D6918 Concerto No. 1, Em, Op. 11: 3rd Mvt  Chopin/Hofmann Hofmann, Josef
D6594 Polish Songs, Op. 74: No. 1, The Maiden’s Wish Chopin/Liszt Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D6848 Piano Concerto No. 1 Op.11 2nd Mvt. Romance Chopin-Backhaus  Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6265 Etude Op. 25 No. 2 f (Trans. by Brahms for 2 Pianos)  Chopin-Brahms  Sutro, Rose & Ottilie
D69168 Concerto in E minor  Op. 11,
1st Mvt. 2nd Part
Chopin-Hofmann Hofmann, Josef
D5515BR Polish Songs Op. 74 No. 5 "My Joys"  Chopin-Liszt Friedberger, Jacques
D6567 Meine Freuden Chopin-Liszt Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6087 Polish Songs  Op. 74  No. 5: My Joys Chopin-Liszt  Ganz, Rudolph
D6594BR The Maiden’s Wish (from "Seventeen Polish Songs") Chopin-Liszt   Paderewski, Ignace J.
D713220 Do I Love You (When There’s Nothing But "Yes" In My Eyes) Christine & Goetz Mering, Constance
D0947 Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? Churchill Milne, Frank
D0508D America (Paso Doble Flamenco) Cimaglia Garcia & Villa
D0518 Girl of My Dreams Clapp Alpert, Pauline
D713193 Then I’ll Be Happy Clare Bloom, Robert
D1785 Swanee River Moon Clarke Erlebach & Milne
D1048S I’ll Sing Thee Songs of Araby (accomp.) Clay Shaw, Eleanor
D6088 Kirmanshah, Oriental Intermezzo  Claypoole Banta, Frank 
D103635 Bird Songs at Eventide Coates Bergman, Henri
D0509 Ladron (Spanish Tango) Cobian Cobian, J. Carlos
D713171d Rayito de Sol Cobian Cobian, J. Carlos
D67908 Bells of Beaujolais Op. 170 No. 12 (Piano Part Only) Coerne Shepherd, Arthur
D19145 When June Comes Along With a Song Cohan Clair & Leith
D1825 Nellie Kelly Waltz  Cohan Erlebach & Milne
D1631 The Royal Vagabond Medley Cohan Thomas, Harry
D713111 On the Oregon Trail  Cohen, Harry Perkins & Leith
D17725 Canadian Capers  Cohen, Henry Erlebach & Milne
D71596 Honeymoon Suite Part 1 Colber Colber, Fred
D7170 Novelette Colber Colber, Fred
D71586 Pacific Suite No. 5 Colber Colber, Fred
D1038 Viking Song (accomp.) Coleridge-Taylor Spross, Charles
D66397 Valse Elegante Collins Boguslawski, Moissaye
D1773D Kitten On The Keys Confrey Erlebach, Rudy
D1802 Stumbling  Confrey Johnson, Malcolm
D1818 Tricks Confrey Lange, Henry
D6901 Impromptu and Romanza Confrey Pesetzki, David
D0729 A Cottage For Sale Conley Leith, Ernest
D19445 Easy Melody  Conley & Rodemich Leith & Addison
D1025 The Far Green Hills Of Home Connor Connor, Pierre
D0457 Dear On A Night Like This Conrad Alpert, Pauline
D713255 Hi-Ho The Merrio Conrad Milne, Frank
D1738 Mimi Conrad Milne, Frank
D70556 Sea Gardens Cooke Cooke, James
D713020 Please  Cooper Rich, Freddie
D01051BR Love Letters In The Sand Coots Addison, Ralph
D0841 Love Letters In The Sand Coots Addison, Ralph
D0603 Doin’ The Racoon Coots Maddon, Harvey
D0523 Was It A Dream? Coslow, Spier & Britt Addison, Ralph
D0830 Just One More Chance Coslow-Johnston Kerr, Thompson 
D5563 La Precieuse (for violin arr. for piano) Couperin Arndt, Felix
D0562 Dream House Cowan Alpert, Pauline
D0605 A Room With a View Coward Addison, Ralph
D1862R Way Down Yonder in New Orleans  Creamer Leith, Ernest
D5501 Love’s Last Word (L’amour meurt) Cremieux Arndt, Felix
D10117 Kathleen Mavourneen Crouch Jones, Herbert
D1071 Orientale Op. 50 No. 9 (accomp. violin) Cui Charmbury, Walter
D0577 Bo Peep Curtis Milne, Frank
D104716 Torne a Surriento; Carme Curtis; Traditional Bergman, Henri
D69746 Stephanie Gavotte Op. 312 Czibulka Pitot, Genevieve
D5956 Love’s Dream after the Ball. Intermezzo  Czibulka Spross, Charles G.
D5716 Georgia Grind – Fox Trot Dabney Arndt, Felix
D0344br "Tiefland" Selections d’Albert d’Albert, Eugene
D1608 You’re The Very Girl Daly Banta & Frey
D0528 I’m Afraid of You Daly Chase, Newell
D6105 Intermezzo  Dambois Dambois, Maurice
D5569 Prelude to Act I of the Opera "Cyrano" Damrosch Damrosch, Walter
D713096 Titina (from "Puzzles of 1925") Daniderff Rich, Freddie
D10007 Silver Threads Among the Gold Danks Favier, Georges
D102425 I Dream of a Castle in Spain David David, Lee
D6163 Remembrance Davies Davies, Reuben
D1511 I Love Sand Davis Arndt, Felix
D713057 Nobody Loves You Like I Do Davis & Akst Addison, Ralph
D19725 A Smile Will Go a Long  Long
Davis & Akst Moran, Alan
D0618 Carolina Moon Davis & Burke Pollock, Muriel
D0589 Moonlight Madness Davis & Coots Chase, Newell
D0628 Precious Little Thing Called Love (A) Davis & Coots Milne, Frank
D713337 Here or There  As Long As I’m
With You
Davis & Greer Leith, Ernest
D713260 Sleepy Head Davis & Greer Mering, Constance
D713311 My Baby Knows How Davis, Akst & Richmond Powell, Merton
D19345 I’m Sitting Pretty In A Pretty Little City Davis, Baer & Santly Perkins, Ray
D713124 Oh How I Miss You Tonight  Davis, Burke & Fisher Perkins, Ray
D0719 Why Davis, Coots & Swanstrom Milne, Frank
D68518 Melody Dawes Armbruster, Robert
D6612 Au bord d’un ruisseau (By the Brook) Op. 52 de Boisdeffre Rapee, Erno
D67818 Andaluza (from "Spanish Dances") de Falla Carreras, Maria
D6061 Return of the Muleteers de Severac Lortat, Robert
D0240br En Languedoc No. 3 de Severac Murdoch, William
D6581 Baigneuses au Soleil  de Severac Schmitz, E. Robert
D0693 I’m a Dreamer Aren’t We All? De Sylva Kerwin, Gene
D6599 Estampes No. 2: La soirée dans Grénade  Debussy Bauer, Harold
D61549 Reflects dans L’eau Debussy Copeland, George
D5685BR Suite Bergamasque – No. 3: Claire de lune Debussy Copeland, George
D5685 Suite Bergamasque No. 3: Clair de lune (Moonlight) Debussy Copeland, George
DS31558 Arabesque No. 2 Debussy Crofoot, Mary
D0345br Préludes Book I No. 6: General Lavine (Eccentric) Debussy d’Albert, Eugene
D0242br Nocturne In D-Flat Major Debussy Gallon, Noel
D6409 Suite: "Pour le piano" No. 3: Toccata Debussy Grainger, Percy
D69270 La cathedral egloutie – Preludes Book I No. 10 Debussy Hess, Myra
DA34 Préludes Book I No. 10: La Cathédrale Engloutie Debussy Hess, Myra
D5918 Reverie Debussy Hutcheson, Ernest
D6131 "Estampes" No. 3: Jardins sous la pluie Debussy Lortat, Robert
D5808 Arabesque No. 2 G Debussy Madriguera, Paquita
D74077 Golliwog’s Cakewalk Debussy Morris, Helen H.
D041BR Preludes – Book 1 #10: La cathedrale engloutie (Engulfed Cathedral) Debussy Murdoch, William
DD261 Preludes – Book 1 #10: La cathedrale engloutie (Engulfed Cathedral) Debussy Murdoch, William
D706741 Préludes Book I No. 5: Les collines (Hills) d’Anacapri Debussy Murdoch, William
D092BR Ballade in F Major Debussy Nikisch, Mitja
D7186 Reflets dans l’eau Debussy Paderewski, Ignace J.
DS30927 Arabesque No. 1 E Debussy Reuben Davies
D6354 Danse   Debussy Rubinstein, Arthur
D6834 L’Isle Joyeuse (The Joyous Isle) Debussy Rubinstein, Arthur
D6182 Valse…la plus que lente (Slower Than Slow Waltz) Debussy Rubinstein, Arthur
D6215 Estampes No. 2: La soirée dans Grénade  Debussy Schmitz, E. Robert
D6532 Prélude à L’Après Midi d’un Faune   Debussy Schmitz, E. Robert
DD683 The Girl With the Flaxen Hair Debussy Schmitz, E. Robert
D6147 Suite Bergamasque No. 4: Passepied  Debussy Copeland, George
D8003 Preludes, Book 1: No. 5, Les collines d’Anacapri (Hills of Anacapri)  Debussy Murdoch, William
D8009 Preludes, Book 1: No. 3, Le vent dans la plaine  Debussy Murdoch, William
D103128 Three French Songs: Beau Soir, L’Adieu du Matin,L’Heure Exquise Debussy/Pessard/Hahn Pitot, Genevieve
D6362 Selections from the Operetta "Robin Hood" DeKoven Rapee, Erno
D6283 La Mouche (The Fly)  Op. 12 –
Romance sans paroles
Delahaye Madriguera, Paquita
D70139 March: Procession of Bacchus (from "Sylvia") Delibes Armbruster, Robert
D69809 Valse Lente and Pizzicatti from Ballet "Sylvia Delibes Armbruster, Robert
D6698 Waltz from the Ballet "Naila" Delibes Backhaus, Wilhelm
D1015 Passepied (accomp. Violin or Cello) Delibes Dambois, Maurice
D5944 Valse lente; Pizzicati from the ballet "Sylvia" Delibes Fabri, Carlos.
D5647 Valse lente; Pas de deux; Mazurka – from the ballet "Coppelia" Delibes Ilgenfritz, McNair
D5863 Romance Hongroise (Hungarian Romance) Delibes Lortat, Robert
D5878 Le Roi s’amuse (King Amuses Himself): Passepied  c# Delibes  Boguslawski, Moissaye
D7190 North Country Sketches: Autumn; Wind Sighs  Delius/Hazeltine Grainger & Leopold
D7192 North Country Sketches – The March of Spring Delius-Hazeltine Grainger & Leopold
D71910 Winter Landscape No. 2 Dance No. 3 "North Country Sketches" Delius-Hazeltine Grainger & Leopold
D102535 Mystery Of Night Denni Bergman, Henri
D0653 S’Posin’ Denniker Ralston, Douglas
D19635D Cigarette (Tango Dance) Densmore Densmore, John
D1815 Eleanor  Deppen  Carson, Stanley
D0800 When Your Hair Has Turned DeRose Pollock, Muriel
D713352 Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) DeRose & Richman DeRose, Peter 
D713120 If You Knew Susie Like I Knew Susie (from "Big Boy") DeSylva & Meyer Moran, Alan
D0548 What D’Ya Say? (from "George White’s Scandals of 1928") DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Addison, Ralph
D0708 Sunny Side Up DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Alpert, Pauline
D0688 If I Had A Talking Picture of You (from "Sunny Side Up") DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Kerr, Thompson
D0591 You’re the Cream In My Coffee DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Kerwin, Gene
D0584 Sonny Boy DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Maddon, Harvey
D0735 Thank Your Father DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Milne, Frank
D72928 Hold Everything Medley DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Ohman, Phil
D0552 I’m On the Crest of a Wave (from "George White’s Scandals of
DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Ohman, Phil
D713386 So Blue DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Pollock, Muriel
D0960br If I Had a Talking Picture of You (Fox Trot)  DeSylva-Brown-Henderson Kerr, Thompson
D6339 Juba Dance (from "In The Bottoms" Suite) Dett Grainger, Percy
D10003 Because d’Hardelot Arndt, Felix
D5506 I Know a Lovely Garden D’Hardelot Arndt, Felix
DS31317 Ecstasy Valse Dietrich-Hollingshead Dietrich-Hollingshead, U.
D0894 Louisiana Hayride Dietz & Schwartz Addison, Ralph
D01035 What a Wonderful World Dietz & Schwartz Arden & Carroll
D5929 "Poème des montagnes" Op. 15 No. 3: Plein air D’Indy Lortat, Robert
D5815 Rhapsodie Op. 11 No. 3 C Dohnanyi  Thompson, John
D6703 Capriccio  Op. 3  No. 4 Dohnanyi  Wilson, Raymond
D713041 When The Shadows Fall Dolin Leith, Ernest
D70147 Valse Lente No. 2 Dolmetsch Pitot, Genevieve
D5803 Second valse lente Op. 23 Dolmetsch  Pizarello, Joseph
D0760 Little White Lies Donaldson Addison, Ralph
D713438 My Blue Heaven Donaldson Alpert, Pauline
D0992 An Earful of Music, Okay Toots Donaldson Arden, Victor
D103605 My Blue Heaven Donaldson Armbruster, Robert
D713142 Yes Sir That’s My Baby Donaldson Baker, Edythe
D1684 My Little Bimbo Donaldson Banta, Frank
D713149 Oh Say Can You SeeTonight? Donaldson Clair, Herbert
D19485 Roamin’ To Wyomin’ Donaldson Clair, Herbert
D19915 My Papa Doesn’t Two-Time No Time Donaldson Clair, Herbert 
D0465 A Shady Tree Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D0610 I’m Bringing A Red  Red Rose Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D713408 Just Once Again Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D713390 Just the Same Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D713402 Sa-Lu-Ta Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D713401 Sing Me A Baby Song Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D0485 There Must Be A Silver Lining That’s Shining For Me Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D72238 Walter Donaldson Popular Song Medley Donaldson Donaldson, Walter
D0511 Change Donaldson Headdon, Hayward
D1787 Georgia Donaldson Hess, Cliff
D18295 Carolina in the Morning (from "The Passing Show of 1922") Donaldson Land, Henry
D1829R Carolina in the Morning (The Passing Show of 1922)  Donaldson Land, Henry
D713266 Where’d You Get Those Eyes?  Donaldson Leith, Ernest
D713002 Oh  Baby (Don’t Say No  Maybe) Donaldson Lester, Edwin
D0569 Out of the Dawn Donaldson Maddon, Harvey
D713101 Let It Rain! Let It Pour! Donaldson Mering, Constance
D18795 Beside a Babbling Brook Donaldson Milne, Frank
D103315 If You See Sally Donaldson Milne, Frank
D0541 Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky Donaldson Milne, Frank
D0612 Makin’ Whoopie Donaldson Milne, Frank
D18735 My Buddy  Donaldson Milne, Frank
D0794 You’re Driving Me Crazy Donaldson Milne, Frank
D713219 But I Do – You Know I Do Donaldson Moran, Alan
D713037 My Best Girl Donaldson Moran, Alan
D713114 Way Down Home  Donaldson Moran, Alan
D713294 Who Wouldn’t Donaldson Moran, Alan
D713224 Let’s Talk About My Sweetie  Donaldson Ohman, Phil
D713217 What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry?  Donaldson Ohman, Phil
D713113 The Midnight Waltz  Donaldson Perkins & Milne
D713362 At Sundown Donaldson Willard & Crowe
D103725 My Ohio Home Donaldson  Mering, Constance
D713333 Thinking of You Donaldson & Ash  Powell, Merton
D6396 Sextet from the Opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" Donizetti Rapee, Erno
D7247 Favorita (La) Grand Morceau de Concert, Op. 74 Donizetti Pitot, Genevieve 
D104205 Glad Rag Doll Dougherty & Ager Nordtsrom, Dagmar
D0475 Wherever You are Dowling & Hanley Moran, Alan
D104525 Wrapped in a Red, Red, Rose Dowling, McCarthy & Henley Bergman, Henri
D6363 Estudio de Concierto Op. 14 No. 4 Drangosch Lima, Corina de
D10587 Souvenir (accomp violin) Drdla Charmbury, Walter
D6334 Souvenir Drdla Rapee, Erno
D6564 Waltz, Op. 17: No. 8, Db  Dreyschock Armbruster, Robert
D68417 Serenade from "Millions d’Arlequin" Drigo Armbruster, Robert
D6220 Valse Bluette Drigo Rapee, Erno
D713166 Cecilia  Dryer  Robison, Willard
D19295 Just a Girl That Men Forget  Dubin, Rath & Garren Perkins, Ray
D01045 That Moment of Moments Duke Carroll, Adam
D19475 Rememb’ring Duncan Sisters Perkins, Ray
D6932 Valse Op. 83 Eb Durand Bauer, Harold
D56217 Humoresque Op. 101 No. 7 Dvorak Armbruster, Robert
D70640 Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 2 (Primo only) Dvorak Bauer, Harold
D7104 Slavonic Dance, Op. 46: No. 6, Ab, Primo Part Only Dvorak Bauer, Harold
D6486 Symphony (New World) No. 5 Dvorak Dvorak, Marie
DS3008 Humoresque Op. 101 No. 7 Dvorak Fleer, Herman
DA65 Humoresque  Op. 101  No. 7  Gb Dvorak Ganz, Rudolph
D6369 Humoresque, Op.101: No. 7, Gb  Dvorak Ganz, Rudolph
D5270 Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World") 2nd Mvt. Dvorak Ganz, Rudolph
D5290 Symphony No. 9 Op. 95 e 3rd Mvt.  Dvorak Ganz, Rudolph
D10568S Songs My Mother Taught Me (sr accomp) Dvorak Rapee, Erno
D5260 Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World") 1st Mvt. Dvorak Stoessel, Albert
D5300 Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World") 4th Mvt.  Dvorak Stoessel, Albert
D67800 Slavic Dance Op. 46 No. 1 c Dvorak Sutro, Rose & Ottilie
D68008 Indian Lament from Sonatina Op. 100 2d Mvt. Dvorak-Kreisler Moore, Francis
D6513 The Sanctuary Dvorsky  Hofmann, Josef
D10074 Lead Kindly Light Dyke Kennedy, Dion
D1709 Isle of Paradise Earl Erlebach & Milne
D18875 Honeymoon Chimes  Earl Leith, Ernest
D1623 Beautiful Ohio  Earl Rienzo, Alfred
D10031 Just for Me and Mary Edwards Banta, Frank
D1751 Morning, Noon and Night Edwards Milne, Frank
D68626 Pierrot and Pierrette Edwards Pitot, Genevieve
DS31627 Couquette With A Serious Lover Elbel Elbel, Louis
D18755 Think of Me Eldridge Lange, Henry
D6003 Pomp and Circumstance March Op. 39 No. 1 D Elgar Bentz, Edna
D1075 Salut D’Amour Elgar Charmbury, Walter
D5538 Salut d’amour (Love’s Greeting) Op. 12 Eb Elgar Putz, Egon
D74027 Love’s Greeting (Salut d’Amour) Op 12 Eb Elgar  Beebe, Carolyn
D74027a Salut d’amour (Loves Greeting) Op. 12: No. 2, E  Elgar  Beebe, Carolyn
D5939 "Voodoo Rhythms" No. 6: Invocation Elie Elie, Justin
D5748 Voodoo Rhythms – Tropical Dance Elie Elie, Justin
D60356 There’s A Long, Long Trail Elliott Banta, Frank
D0507 Yale Blues Ellis Mering, Constance
D0459 Somebody Lied About Me Emler & Emler Mering, Constance
D71468 Melody of Love Engelmann Milne, Frank
D5850 Viennese Waltz Epstein Epstein, Richard
D6687 Cupid’s Garden – Intermezzo Eugene Bergman, Henri
D713271 Barcelona  Evans Addison & Gordon
D0639 When The World Is At Rest Fain Kerr, Thompson
D0479 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella Fain Ohman, Phil
D713091 Oh Katharina Fall Addison & Gordon
D6755 Ritual Fire Dance from ballet "El Amor Brujo"  Falla/Rubinstein Rubinstein, Arthur
D101505 Les Rameaux (The Palms) Faure Bergman, Henri
D6241 Berceuse Op. 56 No. 1 Faure Cortot, Alfred
D66099 Romance sans parole Op. 17 No. 2 Faure Denton, Oliver
D6089 Valse Caprice Op. 30 Faure Lortat, Robert
D6931 Nell Op. 18 No. 1 "Free Settings/Favorite Melodies" Faure-Grainger Grainger, Percy
D102315 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Fearis Bergman, Henri
D8021 Elegies (6) All’ Italia (In Modo Napolitano)  Ferrucio Woods, Edna-Bentz
D6269 Nocturne No. 5  Bb Andantino Field Hughes, Edwin
D0560 King For A Day Fiorito Milne, Frank
D0888 Three On a Match Fiorito Milne, Frank
D713046 Eliza (A Tune That’ll Surprise Ya!) Fiorito Moran, Alan
D713053 How I Love That Girl Fiorito Moran, Alan
D713173 Sometime Fiorito Ohman, Phil
D0524 Laugh! Clown! Laugh! Fiorito Waldron, Gene
D713154 Alone At Last  Fiorito  Rich, Freddie
D19205 No No Nora Fiorito-Erdman Clair, Herbert
D0517 Dance of the Blue Danube Fisher Addison, Ralph
D0517 Dance of the Blue Danube Fisher Addison, Ralph
D104286 Goin’ Home (adapted fron Largo fr. New World Symphony by Dvorak) Fisher Armbruster, Robert
D713141 Sonya  Fisher Banta, Frank
D18505 The Thief Fisher Lange, Henry
D0600 Happy Days and Lonely Nights Fisher Nordstrom, Dagmar
D6642 Martha: Selections Flotow, von Armbruster, Robert
D0767 Betty Co-Ed (has lips of red for Harvard) Fogarty & Valee Addison, Ralph
D101806 All Through the Night, Annie Laurie Folk/Scott Gartlan, George
D12258S The Voice of Spring  Foote LaForge, Frank
D713293 What’s the Use of Crying?  Forbstein Bloom, Robert
D0484 Rain Ford Maddon, Harvey
D10055 Rose In The Bud Forster Rienzo, Alfred
D10090 Come Where My Loves Lie Dreaming Foster Armbruster, Robert
D10102 Oh  Susannah Foster Armbruster, Robert
D5774BR Old Black Joe / Old Folks at Home Foster Arndt, Felix
D101135 My Old Kentucky Home Foster Jones, Herbert
D5901 Prélude Chorale and Fugue: Chorale Franck Lortat, Robert
D5906 Prélude Chorale and Fugue: Fugue Franck Lortat, Robert
D5890 Prélude Chorale and Fugue: Prélude Franck Lortat, Robert
D713346 Yankee Rose Frankl Ohman, Phil
D1798 Buzz Mirandy  Franklin Ohman, Phil
D18955 I Cried for You Freed, Arnheim & Lyman Banta, Frank
D19435d Cielito Mio Fresedo Gordon and Uhlan
D1617 Mary Frey Banta & Frey
D1527 Havanola Frey Banta, Frank
D1508 My Own Iona Friedland & Morgan  Arndt, Felix 
D1533 Goodbye Broadway, Hello France Friedman Banta, Frank
D6583 Elle danse (She Dances) Op. 10 No. 5 (à Pavlova) Friedman Friedman, Ignaz
D6830 Five Waltzes Op. 51 (Four Hands) Friedman Friedman, Ignaz
D6495 Minuetto Vecchio (In Olden Style) Op. 76  No. 6 Friedman Friedman, Ignaz
D102275 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Friedman, Leo Armbruster, Robert
D6410 Viennese Waltz No. 1 Friedman-Gaertner Friedman, Ignaz
D6419 Viennese Waltz No. 2 Friedman-Gaertner Friedman, Ignaz
D6515 Viennese Waltz No. 3 Friedman-Gaertner Friedman, Ignaz
D0587 My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now Friend Addison, Ralph
D0635 My Castle In Spain Friend Alpert, Pauline
D19775 Mr. Radio Man Friend Banta, Frank
D18655 You Said Somethin’ When You Said Dixie Friend Banta, Frank
D0470 I Told Them All About You Friend Leith, Ernest
D0695 I’ll Close My Eyes Friend Leith, Ernest
D0597 It Goes Like This Friend Mering, Constance
D0672 Satisfied! Friend Milne, Frank
D713301 Hello Bluebird! Friend Ohman, Phil
D1791 Sing Song Man  Friend & Conrad Johnson, Malcolm
D0632 Whatcha Gonna Do Now Friend & Tobias  Kerwin, Gene
D0975BR Bottoms Up Friend & White Pollock, Muriel
D0677 Bottom’s Up Friend & White Pollock, Muriel
D5683 Bohemian Suite  Op. 60  No. 5: Waltz Friml Adler, Clarence
D66406 Chanson (Melodie) Friml Armbruster, Robert
D6402 Concert Waltz Op. 12 Friml Armbruster, Robert
D102855 Giannina Mia Friml Armbruster, Robert
D102485 Indian Love Call Friml Armbruster, Robert
D103325 Love Everlasting Friml Armbruster, Robert
D103706 Only A Rose Friml Armbruster, Robert
D69769 The Vagabond King Selections Friml Armbruster, Robert
D1735 Bring Back My Blushing Rose Friml Banta, Frank
D10032 Trousseau Ball Friml Battle, Rex
D7195 Six Melodious Pieces – Op. 85 No. 1: Valse Lucille Friml Gordon, Philip
D1777 Cutie Friml Lange, Henry
D69618 Valse Coquette Op. 77 Friml Mering, Constance
D713038 Rose Marie Friml Milne & Erlebach
D0783BR Song of the Vagabonds Friml Milne, Frank
D713192 Song of the Vagabonds (from "the Vagabond King") Friml Milne, Frank
D59616 Russian Romance Friml Reuben Davies
D713054 Indian Love Call Friml Rich, Freddie
D6451 Valse Lucille Op. 85 No. 1 Friml Rogers, Fannie Votey
D10008 Sometime Friml  Hess, Myra
D10008b Sometime  Friml  Hess, Myra
D0504 Ma Belle Friml  Milne, Frank
D5772 Serenade (from "Three Sketches") Frommel Raab, Alexander
D5905 Suite in Old Form Op. 11 Nos. 2 and 3 Fryer Fryer, Herbert
D19395D Thunder and Blazes (Entry of the Gladiators) – March Fucik Addison & Gordon
D5992 Perla de las Antilles "Habañera Tu" Op. 19 No. 1 Fuentes Sequeira, David
D6305 Serenade in the Desert Fulehan Feleihan, Anis
D6367 Serenade in the Desert: Bedouin Dance  Fulehan Fuleihan, Anis
D6926 Melodie  Op. 8  No. 1  e Gabrilowitsch Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D103958 Dime Chiquita Gainsborg Gainsborg, Lolita C.
D70446 Extase (Revery) Ganne Armbruster, Robert
D6171 La Czarinne (Mazurka Russe) Ganne Banta, Frank
DS3039 Pensive Spinner Op. 10 No. 3 Ganz Davies, Reuben
D6823 Etude Caprice Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D5927 Marche Fantastique Op. 10 No. 1 Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D6381 Melodie Op. 10 No. 2 Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D5629 Menuett  Op. 14  Op. 2 Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D1053S The Angels Are Stooping Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D5653 Wellenspiel (Play of the Waves) Op. 14  No. 1 Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D6415 Humoresque Gardiner Grainger, Percy
D73128 From the Canebrake, Op. 5: No. 1  Gardner Armbruster, Robert
D66037 Le Secret (Intermezzo Pizzicato) Gautier Spross, Charles G.
D18265R Vamp Me Gay Banta, Frank
D10022 Vamp, The Gay Banta, Frank
D18535 Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You)  Gay Milne, Frank
D713229 Horses Gay & Whiting Baker, Edythe
D66118 Found In Grandmother’s Attic (5 Children’s Pieces) Gaynor Blake, Dorothy Gaynor
D101388 Songs For Children Roll 1 Gaynor Kennedy, Dion
D6183 Valsant (En)  Gebhard Gebhard, Heinrich
D101775 For You Alone Geehl Armbruster, Robert
D66897 Just for Tonight Geiger Spencer, Herbert
D01031 I Never Saw A Better Night Gensler Jaysnoff Sisters
D713158 Fond of You Gensler Ohman, Phil
D713087 Keep Smiling at Trouble (from "Big Boy") Gensler Rich, Freddie
DS31406 Berceuse (Homage to Becquer) Gerdes Gerdes, Federico
D69737 Country Dance No. 1 From the Opera "Nell Gwyn" German Armbruster, Robert
D6995 Merrymakers’ Dance No. 3 from the Operetta "Nell Gwyn" German Armbruster, Robert
D6978 Pastoral Dance No. 2 from the Operetta "Nell Gwyn" German Armbruster, Robert
D103085 Rolling Down to Rio German Armbruster, Robert
D6662 Henry VIII Dances No. 1: Morris Dance  German Armbruster, Robert
D6690 Henry VIII Dances No. 2: Shepherd’s Dance  German Armbruster, Robert
D6748 Henry VIII Dances No. 3: Torch Dance  German Armbruster, Robert
D101655 Du Du Liegst Mir im Herzen German Folk Song Haase, Oscar
D10123 Maryland, My Maryland German Folk Song Jones, Herbert
D72600 Aeolus, Op. 59  Gernsheim Goodson, Katherine
D0786R I Got Rhythm Gershwin Carroll, Adam
D7519 Selections from the Opera "Porgy and Bess" Gershwin Carroll, Adam
D01370 They All Laughed (from "Shall We Dance") Gershwin Carroll, Adam
D1834 Where Is the Man of My Dreams? Gershwin ErleBach & Milne
D70947 Rhapsody in Blue – Part 1 Gershwin Gershwin, George
D68787 Rhapsody in Blue – Part 2 Gershwin Gershwin, George
D68789 Rhapsody in Blue: Andantino and Finale  Gershwin Gershwin, George
D713214 Sweet and Low Down Gershwin Gershwin, George
D10023 Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo  Gershwin Gershwin, George
D713216 That Certain Feeling  Gershwin Gershwin, George
D1753 South Sea Isles Gershwin Lange, Henry
D74678 An American in Paris (Part 1) Gershwin Milne, Frank
D74688 An American in Paris (Part 2) Gershwin Milne, Frank
D0471 The Man I Love (from "Strike Up the Band") Gershwin Moran, Alan
D713320 Clap Yo’ Hands Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D713323 Do Do Do Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D0775 Embraceable You Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D0476d Funny Face Medley Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D1822 I’ve Found A Four Leaf Clover "George White’s Scandals of 1922" Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D713196 Looking For A Boy (from "Tip Toes") Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D103255 Maybe Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D0505 Oh, Gee!  Oh, Joy! Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D0473 ‘S Wonderful Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D103205 Someone To Watch Over Me Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D713123 Tell Me More! (from "Tell Me More") Gershwin Ohman, Phil
D19945 Virginia Gershwin Perkins, Ray
D0856R Of The I Sing Gershwin Pollock, Muriel
D713065 Lady Be Good Gershwin Rich, Freddie
D01101 A Foggy Day; Nice Work If You Can Get It Gershwin Sherry, Noel
D713213 Song of the Flame Gershwin & Stothart Bloom & Milne
D6274 Amarylis (Louis XIII Air) Ghys  Rackle, Karl
D0642 Garden in the Rain (A) Gibbons Ralston, Douglas
D18775 Runnin’ Wild Gibbs Hess, Cliff
D69526 Shadowland Gilbert Pitot, Genevieve
D6898 Brook’s Lullaby (The)  Gilder Braun, Robert
D5648 Entr’acte Gavotte Gillet Arndt, Felix
D5555 La Lettre de Manon Gillet Arndt, Felix
D6246 Echoes of the Ball – Entr’acte Gavotte Gillet Lincoln, Ben
D6377 Gavotte, Op. 49: No. 3, D  Glazounov Prokofieff, Serge
D66798 Waltz Op. 42 No. 2 Glazounov Reisenberg, Nadia
D6333BR Pirouette Glazounov Vecsei, Desider
D7199 Grand Valse de Concert, Op. 41, E  Glazounov Broglie, Princess Jacque de
D66370 The Lark Glinka Lamond, Frederic
D56977 The Lark Glinka-Balikarev Armbruster, Robert
D6185 Orfeo: Dance of the Blessed Spirits  Gluck/Friedman Berumen, Ernesto
D6476 Gavotte in A from the Opera "Iphigénie in Aulis" Gluck-Brahms Novaes, Guiomar
D6216 Caprice ("Air de Ballet d’Alceste") Gluck-Saint-Saens Novaes, Guiomar
D5684 Au matin (In the Morning) Op. 83 
Godard Adler, Clarence
D5746 Berceuse (Cradle Song) from the Opera "Jocelyn" Godard Adler, Clarence
D7098 Jocelyn: Berceuse (Cradle Song) Godard Ganz, Rudolph
D6326 Mazurka No. 2 Op. 54 Bb Godard Ganz, Rudolph
D6223 Mazurka No. 5  Op. 127  a Godard Ganz, Rudolph
D71870 Ballet des Papillons Op. 69 Godard Novaes, Guiomar
D68296 Canzonetta Bb Godard Pitot, Genevieve
D70679 Jugglery – "Etude artistique" Op. 107 No. 3 Godard Reisenberg, Nadia
D5562 Scherzo Valse Op. 106 Godard Rogers, Fannie Votey
D68048 On the Mountain Op. 46 No. 2 (Piano Part Only) Godard Shepherd, Arthur
D5823 Second Mazurka Op. 54 Bb  Godard Spross, Charles G.
D7129 Pensée Intermezzo Op. 83 Godard Vecsei, Desider
D71298 Pensee Intermezzo, Op. 83  Godard Vecsei, Desider
D71178 "Triakontameron" No. 11: Alt Wien (Old Vienna) Godowsky Goodman, Lawrence
DS31588 Annie Laurie Variations Goetze Goetze, Johannes
D713008 Driftwood  Gold  Rich, Freddie
D70036 Ashes of Roses (Valse elegante) Goldbeck Pitot, Genevieve
D104126 The Toymaker’s Dream Golden Golden, Ernie
D713334 Still Waters Golden Golden, Ernie 
D71497 On the Mall Goldman Leith & Addison
D103186 Nazareth (Christmas Hymn) Gonoud Armbruster, Robert
D713231 Cherie  I Love You Goodman Lester & Brooks
D18675 Argentine (from "Caroline") Goodman Perkins, Ray
D713306 Someone Goodman & Rubens Rich, Freddie
D713139 The Promenade Walk (from "Artists and Models of 1925") Goodman, Rubens & Coots Ohman, Phil
D713329 I’d Love to Call You My Sweetheart Goodwin,Shay & Ash Banta, Frank
DD909 Kaleidoscope Op. 18: Nos. 7-9, A Ghost Story; The Old Musical Box; The
Clockwork Dancer
Goossens Goossens, Eugene
DD911 Kaleidoscope Op. 18: Nos. 10-12, Lament for a Departed Doll; A Merry
Party; Good Night
Goossens Goossens, Eugene
D103425 No One Knows Gordon Ohman, Phil
D0896 Brother Can You Spare a Dime? Gorney Carroll, Adam
D0594 The Whole World Knows I Love You Gottler, Clare & Pinkard Chase, Newell
D0502 Lila Gottler, Tobias & Pinckard Chase, Newell
D5857 The Last Hope Op. 16 Gottschalk Adler, Clarence
D6055BR The Dying Poet Op. 16 Gottschalk Martin, Josef 
D6442 Grand Fantasie Triophale Sur l’Hymn National Breselien Gottschalk Novaes, Guiomar 
D104465 Love (Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere) Goulding Pollock, Muriel
D71189 Faust Selections Gounod Armbruster, Robert
D7383 Faust: Fantaisie Elegante, Op. 35  Gounod Armbruster, Robert
D71329 Faust: Selections, Roll 3  Gounod Armbruster, Robert
D73828 Funeral March of a Marionette Gounod Armbruster, Robert
D1051 Ave Maria (accomp. for Violin or ‘Cello) Gounod Dambois, Maurice
D60027 Faust Waltzes Gounod Ilgenfritz, McNair
D65630 Faust Selections  Gounod Rapee, Erno
D6499 Printemps (Au) (To the Spring) accomp Gounod Spross, Charles Gilbert
D6403 Funeral March Of a Marionette Gounod  Adler, Clarence
D5619 Selections from the Opera "Faust" Gounod  Fabri, Carlos.
D6002 Waltzes from the Opera "Faust" Gounod  Ilgenfritz, McNair
D6214 Entrée de fête (from "Suite Concertante") (2 Pianos) Gounod  Sutro, Rose & Ottilie
D713318 Je T’Aime (means "I Love You") Gouraud Ohman, Phil
D6368 Children’s March (Arr. Two Pianos) Grainger Grainger & Hough
D6059 Gum Sucker’s March Grainger Grainger & Hough
D5666 Colonial Song from "Sentimentals" Grainger Grainger, Percy
D6149 Country Gardens (British Folk Settings No. 22) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D61494 Country Gardens (British Folk Settings No. 22) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D6072 Gay But Wistful Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5679 Irish Tune from County Derry (Danny Boy) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D7274 Jutish Medley "Danish Folk Settings" No. 8 Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5838 March Jig: Maguire’s Kick (Four Irish Dances) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5688 Mock Morris Grainger Grainger, Percy
D6284 Molly on the Shore (British Folk Settings) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5661 Shepherd’s Hey (British Folk Music Settings No. 4) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D66170 Spoon River Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5712 Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol (British Folk Music Sets) Grainger Grainger, Percy
D5821 Tribute to Foster: Lullaby Grainger Grainger, Percy
D6824 Zanzibar Boat Song Grainger Grainger, Percy
D69970 Eastern Intermezzo Grainger    Grainger, Percy
D5762 "Goyescas" Suite No. 2 No. 3: El Pelele (The Straw Man) Granados Granados, Enrique
D5758 Danza Espanol No. 5 Andaluza Granados Granados, Enrique
D6133 Danza Espanola Op. 37 No. 1 g 
– Lenta
Granados Granados, Enrique
D5759 Danza Española Op. 37 No. 10 G "Danza triste" Granados Granados, Enrique
D5760 Danza Espanola Op. 37 No. 7 G "Valencia" Granados Granados, Enrique
D5757 Danza Espanola Op. 37: No. 2, C, Arabe Granados Granados, Enrique
D6295 Improvisation – Theme of Valenciana Jota Granados Granados, Enrique
D5756 Reverie Improvisation  Granados Granados, Enrique
D5830 Allegro De Concert Granados Madriguera, Paquita
D5868 Intermezzo from Act II of the Opera "Goyescas" Granados Madriguera, Paquita
D5982 "Goyescas" Suite No. 1 No. 3: El Fandango de Candil Granados Schelling, Ernest
D5763 Goyescas No. 1: No. 4. The Maiden & Nightingale  Granados Granados, Enrique
D6289 Cubana (A la)  Granados Pesetzki, David
D0784 I’m Yours Green Carroll, Adam
D0556 That’s My Weakness Now Green & Stept Leith, Ernest
D103385 C’est Vous Green, Silver & Richman Milne, Frank
D101675 Sing Me To Sleep Greene Jones, Herbert
D713446 Flapperette Greer Milne, Frank
D0696 Just You, Just Me Greer Milne, Frank
D713287 Climbing Up the Ladder of Love  Greer Ohman, Phil
D713178 Freshie (the New Collegiate) Greer  Bloom, Robert
D71667 The Happy Butterflies (Caprice) Op. 8 Gregh Pitot, Genevieve
D8004 Entr’acte No. 5  Gretry Greef, Artur de
D102595 Think Love of Me Grey Grey, Frank H.
D5888 To Spring Op. 43 No. 6 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Adler, Clarence
D7043 Nocturne Op. 54 No. 4 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Bates, Mona
D72960 Valse Caprice, Op. 37 No. 2 (accomp.) Grieg Bauer, Harold
D11808 Violin Sonata Op. 8 No. 1 1st Mvt. (accomp. violin) Grieg Benoist, Andre
D67477 Solvej’s Song (Peer Gynt Suite Op. 52 No. 4) Grieg Burt, Raymond
D6891 Norwegian Dance Op. 35 No. 2 A  Grieg Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D6082 Peer Gynt Suite Op. 46 Nos. 1: Morning; 3: Anitra’s Dance  Grieg Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D6134 Peer Gynt Suite Op. 46 Nos. 2 & 4: Aase’s Death; Hall/Mountain King Grieg Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D59986 Papillon (Butterfly) Op. 43 No. 1 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Dambois, Maurice
DD691 Puck  Op. 71  No. 3 "Lyric Pieces"  Grieg de Greef, Artur
DA20 From "Folk Life" Op. 19 No. 2: Norwegian Bridal Procession Grieg Ganz, Rudolph
D5680 Norweigan Brial Procession from "Folk Life", Op. 19 No. 2 Grieg Ganz, Rudolph
D6683 The Secret from "Lyric Pieces " Op. 57 No. 4 Grieg Ganz, Rudolph
D6522 "Peer Gynt" Op. 46 Nos. 1: Morning Mood; 3: Anitra’s Dance Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6530 "Peer Gynt" Op. 46 Nos. 2: Aase’s Death; 4: Hall of Mountain
Grieg Grainger, Percy
D7437 Ballade Op. 24 g (Variations on a Norwegian Folk Melody) Grieg Grainger, Percy
DD59 Erotikon Op. 43 No. 5 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6693 Lyric Pieces, Op. 43: No. 5: Eroticon (Love Poem)  Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6479 Piano Concerto Op. 16 a 2nd Mvt. Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6485 Piano Concerto Op. 16 a 3rd Mvt. Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6206 To The Spring (An den Fruhling) Op. 43 No. 6 (from "Lyric
Grieg Grainger, Percy
D7370 Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op. 65 No. 6 from "Lyric
Grieg Grainger, Percy
D6475 Piano Concerto Op. 16 a 1st Mvt. Grieg Grainger, Percy 
D72227 Puck Op. 71 No. 3 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Greef, Arthur de
DA64 Puck Op. 71 No. 3 "Lyric Pieces"  Grieg Greef, Arthur de
D5504 Papillon (Butterfly) Op. 43 No. 1 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Grieg, Edvard
D6155 Nocturne Op. 54 No. 4 "Lyric Pieces" Grieg Jonas, Alberto
D6040 From the Carnival  from
"Folk Life" Op. 19 No. 3
Grieg Nellis, Daisy
DS31848 Butterfly (le Papillon), Op. 43, No. 1 Grieg unknown
D59667 Danse Caprice Op. 28 No. 3 Grieg Wittgenstein, Victor
D7377 Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66: No. l; No. 2; No. 10; No. 14; No. 16; No.
18; No. 19 
Grieg Grainger, Percy
D8024 Lyric Pieces, Op. 65: No. 6, Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Grieg Reuter, Rudolph
DA57 Peer Gynt Suite  Nos. 1:
Morning; 3: Anitra’s Dance
Grieg/Grainger Grainger, Percy
DA58 Peer Gynt Suite,  Nos. 2:
Aase’s Death; 4: Hall/Mountain King
Grieg/Grainger Grainger, Percy
D101605 Mother in Ireland Griffen, Kahn & Lyman Haase, Oscar
D6493 Roman Sketches Op. 7 No. 1: The White Peacock  Griffes Griffes, Charles T.
D103565 Silent Night Gruber Bergman, Henri
D5894 Romance  Op. 45  No. l Grunfeld Alder, Clarence
D6759 Valse de ballet from "Der Lebemann" (Man About Town) Grunfeld Horodyski, Eustace
D7122 Romance  Op. 45  No. l Grunfeld Novaes, Guiomar
D6444 Turkey In The Straw (Concert Transcription) Guion Grainger, Percy
D6645 Dance of the Nymphs from the ballet "The Atonement of Pan" Hadley Hadley, Henry
D6772 Love Song Op. 35 No. 1 Hadley Hadley, Henry
D713127D Rotary March Hahn Leith & Addison
D72998 White Lilacs – Selections Hajos Armbruster, Robert
D15328D Wedding Of The Winds (Waltz) Hall Banta, Frank
D0761 Bye Bye Blues Hamm, Bennett, Lowe, Gray Ferguson, Ruth
D103305 He Shall Feed His Flock (from "Messiah") Handel Armbruster, Robert
D6373 Largo in G from "Xerxes Handel bauer, Harold
D6373BR Largo in G from "Xerxes" Handel Bauer, Harold
D6373US Xerxes: Largo (Ombra mai fu) Handel Bauer, Harold
D6468 Harmonious Blacksmith Air and Variations Handel  Bauer, Harold
D6020 Harmonious Blacksmith Air with Variations Handel  Carreño, Teresa 
D6754 Water Music: Hornpipe Handel/Grainger Grainger, Percy
D66070 Largo from "Xerxes"  Handel-Parsons Novaes, Guiomar
D19605 Twelve O’Clock At Night  Handman Perkins, Ray
D19255 The Gold Digger Hanley Lange, Henry
D713232 No Foolin’  Hanley Mering, Constance
D102895 Just A Cottage Small (By A Waterfall) Hanley Ohman, Phil
D713084 At The End Of The Road Hanley  Milne, Frank
D1811 Two Little Shoes From "Spices of 1922" Hanley-Stanley Banta, Frank
D713292 Pretty Cinderella  Harris Ohman, Phil
D10017 In the Gloaming Harrison Arndt, Felix
D713152R Steppin’ in Society  Harry Baker, Edythe
D68317 The Hyacynth Hatch Armbruster, Robert
D10009 Because I Love You Dear Hawley Arndt, Felix
D101625 Whispering Hope Hawthorne Summers, Robert
D538 Symphony No. 100 3rd Movement G (Minuet) Haydn Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D6835 Piano Sonata No. 7 in D  Haydn  Ganz, Rudolph
D5547 Maurice Tango Hein Arndt, Felix
D7268S With Flags Aloft (Spirit of West Point) Heller Leith & Addison
D0561 Blue Grass Henderson Alpert, Pauline
D713409 Magnolia Henderson Alpert, Pauline
D0590 Pompanola Henderson Alpert, Pauline
D713251 Bye  Bye  Blackbird Henderson Alter, Tom
D103576 Just A Memory (from "Manhattan Mary") Henderson Armbruster, Robert
D104245 My Lucky Star Henderson Bergman, Henri
D713449 Manhattan Mary Henderson Bloom, Robert
D19565 I Wonder Who’s Dancing With You Tonight Henderson Hess & Milne
D19325 That Old Gang of Mine Henderson Hess and Leith
D0613 My Inspiration is You Henderson Kerr, Thompson
D713418 Just a Memory Henderson Mering, Constance
D713355 It All Depends On You (from "Big Boy") Henderson Milne, Frank
D713031 You’re In Love With Everyone Henderson Milne, Frank
D713180 I’m Sitting On Top Of The World Henderson Moran & Leith
D713286 Birth of the Blues  Henderson Moran, Alan
D713275 Lucky Day (This is My) Henderson Moran, Alan
D713451 The Varsity Drag (from "Good News") Henderson Moran, Alan
D104185 Deep Night Henderson Nordstrom, Dagmar
D102925 Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals Henderson Ohman, Phil
D0497 We Strolled The Lane Together Henderson Ohman, Phil
D713098 Alabamy Bound  Henderson Rich, Freddie
D713034 Follow The Swallow Henderson Rich, Freddie
D713137 I Want A Lovable Baby (from "George White’s Scandals of 1925") Henderson Rich, Freddie
D713119 Don’t Bring Lulu  Henderson  Baker, Edythe
D73248 Follow Through Medley Henderson  Ohman, Phil
D104035 The Song I Love Henderson & Conrad Bergman, Henri
D5705 Etude Op. 2 No. 6: Si oiseau j’étais (Were I A Bird) Henselt Friedheim, Arthur
D6353 Etude Op. 5 No. 2 (Pensez un peu à moi) Henselt Giorni, Aurelio
D5740 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Gb Henselt Godowsky, Leopold
D5740BR Berceuse in Gb Henselt Godowsky, Leopold
D5840 La Gondola  Etude Op. 13 No. 2 Henselt Godowsky, Leopold
D5694 Badinage Herbert Adler, Clarence
D68148 Cuban and Oriental Serenades Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D6814 Cuban and Oriental Serenades  Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D72909 Fortune Teller Selections Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D102195 Gypsy Love Song Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D6913BR Indian Summer and Dagger Dance from "Natoma" Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D101725 Kiss Me Again Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D71059 Mlle. Modiste Selections Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D6655 Naughty Marietta – Selections Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D72569 Only Girl – Selections Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D69349 Red Mill Selections Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D66869 Selections from the Operetta "Babes in Toyland" Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D67888 Spanish and Chinese Serenades Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D73799 Victor Herbert Medley Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D72777 Yesterthoughts Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D5676 Daydreams Waltz Herbert Arndt, Felix
D5520 Punchinello Herbert Arndt, Felix
D60567 Panamericana (Morceau Characteristique) Herbert Banta, Frank
D1624 The Velvet Lady Medley Herbert Banta, Frank
D103616 Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life Herbert Bergman, Henri
D713048 My Dream Girl Herbert Erlebach, Rudy
D70777 Badinage Herbert Mering, Constance
D6352 March of the Toys from "Babes in Toyland"  Herbert Milne, Frank
D102675 A Kiss in the Dark Herbert Ohman, Phil
D18815 A Kiss in the Dark (from "Orange Blossoms") Herbert Shipman, Harry
D5766 When You’re Away Herbert Victor Herbert
D6913 Natoma: Indian Summer; Dagger Dance Herbert Armbruster, Robert
D1620D Kiss Me Again (from "Mlle. Modiste") Herbert  Banta, Frank
D71559 Sweetheart – Selections Herbert    Armbruster, Robert
D541 Zampa: Overture Herold Ganz, Rudolph
D1668 Bound in Morocco Herscher Banta, Frank
D713042 After I Adore You Herscher & Coogan Clair & Leith
D1728 Brown Eyes Hess Hess, Cliff
D6156 Dew Drops – Novelette Hess  Hess, Cliff
D713406 I’m Coming  Virginia Heywood Ohman, Phil
D1621BR The Tears Hickman & Black Banta, Frank
D713300 Vida Espanola  Hinton Addison & Gordon
D6322 Fireflies (Scherzo) No. 3 Hinton Goodson, Katherine
D7245 Rigaudon, Op. 23: No. 1  Hinton Goodson, Katherine
D18405 Sweetheart Lane (from "Greenwich Village Follies of 1922") Hirsch Banta, Frank
D1602 Going Up Hirsch Erlebach & Barton
D1577 In You Look In Her Eyes (from "Going Up") Hirsch Erlebach & Hirsch
D1680 Love Nest Hirsch Hess, Cliff
D18395 Sixty Seconds Every Minute Hirsch Milne, Frank
D19095 March of the Mannikins  Hirsch & Onivas Perkins, Ray
D6262 The Merman Hoffman Arndt, Felix
D6753 Etude for the Left Hand Alone Hoffman Hofmann, Josef
D6845 Kaleidoscope Op. 40 No. 4 Hoffman Hofmann, Josef
D6696 Nocturne (Complaint) from "Mignonettes" Hoffman Hofmann, Josef
D104865R Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear Hoffman,Goodheart, Nelson & Ager Milne, Frank
D5788 Klein Suite Op. 18 nos 3 and 5, Scherzo Humorestique, Versweiflung Holbrooke Holbrook, Josef
D6370BR Wonderful Idea from "Kleine Suite" Holbrooke Holbrook, Josef
D6370 Kleine Suite Op. 18 No. 1: Wonderful Idea  Holbrooke Holbrook, Josef
D6850 June-Bugs’ Dance (Polka Rondo) Holst Pitot, Genevieve
D6302 Dance of the Demon, Grand Galop de Concert  Holst Spross, Charles G.
D73148 Military March Medley: Blaze Away Spirit, etc.  Holzmann Leith & Addison
D71417 The Whip (March) Holzmann Milne, Frank
D13066S Banjo Song Op. 22 No. 4 (sr. accomp.) Homer Armbruster, Robert
D1565 Melody Land Hubbell Erlebach & Herzog
D1530 Poor Butterfly (from "The Big Show") Hubbell  Arndt, Felix
D6491 Melodie  Huerter Armbruster, Robert
D6536 Eventide Huerter Giovanni, Irene di
D6587BR Dream Music from "Hansel and Gretel" Humperdinck Armbruster, Robert
DA38 Dream Music from the Opera "Hänsel und Gretel" Humperdinck Armbruster, Robert
DD677 Dream Pantomime from the Opera "Hansel & Gretel"  Humperdinck Armbruster, Robert
D6587 Hansel and Gretel: Dream Music Humperdinck Armbruster, Robert
D1823 Japanese Moon Huntley  Banta, Frank 
D0890 Let’s Put Out the Lights Hupfeld Arden, Victor
D0771 Sing Something Simple Hupfeld Ferguson, Ruth
D10072 Dream Faces Hutchinson Rapee, Erno
Ds8002 Moonlight Over the Lakes Iles Iles, Gordon B.
D5528 Eternelle folie – Concert Waltz Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D5543 Glide Waltz Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D55358 Poem Passionée Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D5578 Poème Romantique Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D5560 Scherzo Valse Ilgenfritz Ilgenfritz, McNair
D6281 Berceuse (Cradle Song) Op. 13  Ilyinsky Powell, John
D7417 "Caucasian Sketches" Op.10 No. 4: Procession of the Sardar Ipploitov-Ivanov Ganz, Rudolph
DD577 Amberley Wild Brooks  Ireland Ireland, John
D101285 Last Rose Of Summer Irish Melody Knaffl, Marghee
D19005 The Little Red Lacquer Cage Irving Berlin Clair & Milne
D1671 On Miami Shore Jacobi Banta, Frank
D5802 A Perfect Day Jacobs-Bond Arndt, Felix
D10037 I Love You Truly  Jacobs-Bond Arndt, Felix
D10028 Just A-Wearyin’ For You Jacobs-Bond Arndt, Felix
D1581 Do You Remember? Jacobs-Bond Moran & Barton
D103365 The Love Waltz Jacquet Jacquet, Maurice
D713133 Collegiate  Jaffe & Bonx Banta, Frank
D68029 Erminie Selections Jakobowski Armbruster, Robert
D19165 Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake James Banta, Frank ass’t by R.U.
D18705 Carolina Mammy James Dilworth & Shipman
D0744 Anytime’s The Time To Fall In Love Janis & King Milne, Frank
DS31248 Improvisation Jenkins Jenkins, C. W.
D6172 Murmuring Zephyrs Op. 21 No. 4 Gb Jensen Ganz, Rudolph
D5933 Murmuring Zephyrs Op. 21 No. 4 Gb Jensen Giorni, Aurelio
D1609 Take Me Back To the Rose-Covered Shack Jentes & Ager Erlebach & Jentes
D1832 The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers Jessel Mills & Brooks
D713058 No Wonder  Joe Burke Rich, Freddie
D66506 Yellow Jonquils Johanning Schendel, Julius
D18555 The Love Light In Your Eyes Johnson Banta, Frank
D101495 Face to Face Johnson Bergman, Henri
D0506 When Johnson Chase, Newell
D1734 Sweetheart Johnson Milne, Frank
D713380 My Idea Of Heaven Is To Be In Love With You Johnson, Sherman & Tobias Moran, Alan
D713405 (What Do We Do On A) Dew-Dew-Dewy-Day Johnson, Sherman & Tobias Ohman, Phil
D01038 Thanks a Million Johnston Arden, Victor
D19625 California (Here I Come) Jolson Earl & Leith
D18565 Sweet One Jolson Leith, Ernest
D19535 Arcady (from "Bombo") Jolson & DeSylva Perkins & Leith
D18905 Morning Will Come Jolson, DeSylva & Conrad Banta, Frank
D0515 Back In Your Own Back Yard Jolson, Rose & Dreyer Chase, Newell
D0481 Four Walls Jolson, Rose & Dreyer Chase, Newell
D0599 There’s a Rainbow ’round My Shoulders Jolson, Rose & Dreyer Moses, Alan
D6462 Pastorale Op. 19 No. 1 Jonas Jonas, Alberto
D6195 Three Northern Dances Op. 12 Jonas Jonas, Alberto
D5732 Toccata Op. 1 A Jonas Jonas, Alberto
D5781 Valse Op. 8 c# Jonas Jonas, Alberto
D6286 Childhood Memories No. 11: ‘Round Grim Totems Jonas Jonas, Alberto
D713186 Ida  I Do! Jones Banta, Frank
D19905 It Had To Be You  Jones Banta, Frank
D19405 What Do You Do Sunday Mary? (From "Poppy") Jones Banta, Frank
D19285 Indiana Moon  Jones Clair, Herbert
D713076 I’ll See You In My Dreams Jones Moran, Alan
D713093 Why Couldn’t It Be Poor Little Me?  Jones Perkins, Ray
D0773 What’s The Use? Jones & Newman Milne, Frank
D55508 Dreaming Joyce Arndt, Felix
D5613 Its a Long Way to Tipperary Judge-Williams Arndt, Felix
D0881 Lazy Day Kahn Milne, Frank
D0881A Lazy Day  Kahn Milne, Frank
D713025 Charley My Boy Kahn & Fiorito Clair & Milne
D0617 Me and the Man in the Moon Kahn & Warren Alpert, Pauline
D0616 Where the Shy Little Violets Grow Kahn & Warren Alpert, Pauline
D0929 What Have We Got to Lose Kahn, Kent & Alter Pollock, Muriel
D70479 Countess Maritza Selections  Kalman Armbruster, Robert
D1515 Miss Springtime Selections Kalman & Kern Arndt, Felix
D0769 Just a Little Closer Kalmar & Ruby Leith, Ernest
D6292 Valse Op. 20 No. 3 Ab Karganoff Shaw, Eleanor
D713026 Doodle-Doo-Doo Kassel & Stitzel Clair, Herbert
D0754 Around the Corner Kassell Armbruster & Milne
D713425 When Day Is Done Katscher Maddon, Harvey
D1685 Stop It Kaufman Banta, Frank
D6509 Sunset Land Aloha – Hawaiian Reverie Kawelo-Zamecnik Armbruster, Robert
D6700 Comedy Overture "Lustspiel" Keler-Bela Bergman, Henri
D10025 I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles Kenbrioven & Kellette Sanford Sisters
D69037 Charme d’Amour (Love’s Spell) Hesitation Waltz Kendall Pitot, Genevieve
D1535 You Said Something Kern Banta, Frank
D1664 Left All Alone Again Blues Kern Gershwin, George
D713194 Who (Stole My Heart Away) (from "Sunny") Kern Moran & Milne
D0489 Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (from "Showboat") Kern Ohman, Phil
D72938 Medley from "Showboat" Kern Ohman, Phil
D103685 Ol’ Man River Kern Ohman, Phil
D7445R Cat & the Fiddle (The) Selections Kern Pollock, Muriel
D73848 Sweet Adeline Selections Kern Pollock, Muriel
D713024 Somebody Loves Me Kern Rich, Freddie
D0850 She Didn’t Say Yes Kern Winslow, Herb
D01015 I Won’t Dance fr. "Roberta"  Kern King / Sterling
D7183 In a Monastery Garden  Ketelbey Armbruster, Robert
D71837 In a Monastery Garden Ketelby Armbruster, Robert
D7207 Martha, Tango  Khariton Khariton, Michael
D66517 In A Cozy Corner Kimball & Bratton Bergman, Henri
D713006 Why Did I Kiss That Girl?  King & Henderson Moran, Alan
D6963 10 Little Pieces  Nos. 610
(Teaching Series)
Kinscella Kinscella, Hazel
D68968 Ten Little Pieces Kinscella Kinscella, Hazel
D10084 Last Night Kjerulf Rapee, Erno
D713339 Who Do You Love? Klages, Frey & Rich Rich, Freddie
D713440 Blue Baby Why Are You Blue? Klages, Green & Haid Alpert, Pauline
D0681 Lonely Troubador Klenner Pollock, Muriel
D1593 When I Dream In The Twilight of You Klickman Rees & Coats
D19075 Dreamy Melody  Koehler, Magine & Naset Erlebach, Rudolph
D0866 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Koehler-Arlen Alpert, Pauline
D6879 Fairy Tales Op. 3 No. 4 – Wichtelmännlein (Brownies) Korngold Hall, Frances
D68796 Fairy Tales, Op. 3: No. 4, Wichtelmannlein (The Elves)  Korngold Hall, Frances
D70407 The Fairy Tale Recites an Epilog Op. 3 No. 7 Korngold Hofmann, Josef
D0468 What Are We Waiting For Kortlander Addison, Ralph
D713062 Lovers’ Waltz Kortlander & Martini Clair, Herbert
D100025 Brown October Ale Koven Arndt, Felix
D100025 Brown October Ale  Koven, De Arndt, Felix
D6654 Salut à Pesth (Greetings to Pesth) Hungarian March Kowalski Schendel, Julius
D12028 Caprice Viennois (accomp.) Kreisler Benoist, Andre
DS31140 The Old Refrain  Kreisler Ganz, Rudolph
D6470 The Old Refrain (Viennese Popular Song) Kreisler Ganz, Rudolph
D62908 Caprice Viennois Op. 2 Kreisler Rapee, Erno
D11878 Cradle Song (accomp. only) Kreisler Seller, Lillian
D5864 Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy) "AltWiener Tanzweisen" No. 1 Kreisler Thompson, John
D5899 Schön Rosmarin (Fair Rosemary) "AltWiener Tanzweisen" No. 3 Kreisler Thompson, John
D7058 Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow) Kreisler-Rachmaninoff  Backhaus, Wilhelm
D71566 Egeria Kroeger Bergman, Henri
D67998 Alpine Storm Op. 105 Kunkel Pitot, Genevieve
D61848 Moon Moths Op. 2 No. 2 Kussner Arndt, Felix
D6312 Alp Maid’s Dream, Op. 45 Labitzky Rogers, Votey
D6886 Idilio, Op. 134  Lack Armbruster, Robert
D6279 Romance LaForge LaForge, Frank
D6590 Valse de Concert LaForge LaForge, Frank
D6086 Romance LaForge Shaw, Eleanor
D01365BR Sweetheart Waltz Lane & Freed Addison, Ralph
D11388S Irish Love Song (Mavoureen) (accomp.) Lang Ganz, Rudolph
D101455 An Irish Love Song Lang Haase, Oscar
D1730 In A Boat Lange, Arthur Banta, Frank
D67366 Flower Song (Blumenleid) Op. 39 Lange, Gustav Summers, Robert
D6828 Valses Viennoisses Lanner-Landowska Landowska, Wanda
D5722 Flamenco Song  No. 4
"Spanish Rhythms"
Laparra Laparra, Raoul
D5925 La Habanera Entracte III Laparra Laparra, Raoul
D6299 Tientos Laparra Laparra, Raoul
D5928 Spanish Rhythms: No. 7, The Bullfighters (Paseo)  Laparra Laparra, Raoul
D67577 Coquette Mazurka Larregla Pitot, Genevieve
D6044 Crescendo Lassen Adler, Clarence
D6316 Le Papillon Lavallee Rubenstein, Beryl
D713348 Honolulu Moon Lawrence Leith, Ernest
D71518 Characteristics in Music Roll 2: Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young
Leavitt Leavitt, Helen
D7096 Characteristics in Music Roll No. 1: Dixie  Leavitt Leavitt, Helen
D71676 Danza Lucimi from Six Afro-Cuban Dances Lecuona Lecuona, Ernesto
D103526 Funeral (Toca Dolorsa) Lecuona Lecuona, Ernesto
D103806 Out Of The Dusk To You Lee Bergman, Henri
D6424 Monastery Bells Op. 54  Lefebure-Wely Spross, Charles G.
D0738 The White Dove Lehar Addison, Ralph
D67878 Merry Widow Waltz; Gypsy Love Waltz Lehar Armbruster, Robert
D104805 Yours In My Heart Alone Lehar Armbruster, Robert
D72108 Frasquita Lehar-Kreisler Armbruster, Robert
D102725 Ah, Moon of My Delight Lehmann Armbruster, Robert
D19365 Sleep Leibeg Leith, Ernest
D71828 Romance Op.1 No. 1 Leibling Vecsei, Desider
D66779 Andantino, Db  Lemare Lemare, Edwin
DS30468 Andantino Lemare Waldrop, Uda
D67689 Pagliacci Selections Leoncavallo Armbruster, Robert
D5670 Intermezzo in Octaves Op. 44 No. 4 Leschetizky Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D5699 La Source (The Spring) Op. 36 
No. 4
Leschetizky Hambourg, Mark
D6388 Arabesque en forme d’étude Op. 43 No. 1 Leschetizky Leginska, Ethel
D6539 Les deux alouettes (The Two Larks) Impromptu Op. 2 No. 1 Leschetizky Leginska, Ethel
DS31159 The Two Skylarks Op. 2 No. 2 Leschetizky Leginska, Ethel
D6123 Les deux alouettes (Two Skylarks) Op. 2, No. 1 Leschetizky Levinson-Sinclair, Lionel
D0492 Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Levant Milne, Frank
D69758 Valse Op. 2 A Levitzki Mering, Constance
D713368 A Lane in Spain  Lewis & Lombardo Ohman, Phil
D73687S Spanish Doll Lewis & Sherman Bergman, Henri
D0474 Where In The World Is There Someone For Me? Lewis/Marks/Gill/Lombardo Mering, Constance
D5828BR Fifth Nocturne Leybach Adler, Clarence
D5828 Fifth Nocturne Op. 52 Leybach Adler, Clarence
D71139 Fantasie Brillante on Themes from Bellini’s "La
Sonnambula"  Op. 27
Leybach Armbruster, Robert
D72308 Mes Solitudes (Fourth Nocturne) Op. 36, No. 1 Leybach Pitot, Genevieve
D7230BR My Solitudes (4th Nocturne) Op. 36 No. 1 Leybach Pitot, Genevieve
D72308B Nocturne No. 4, Op. 36: No. 1, My Solitudes Leybach Pitot, Genevieve
D67319 The Music Box Liadoff Leginska, Ethel
D6275 Barcarolle Op. 44 F# Liadoff McManus, George
D6988 Preludes Op. 10 No. 1; Op. 57 No. 1 Liadoff Reisenberg, Nadia
D5965 Transcendental Etude Op. 11: No. 1, F#, Berceuse (Lullaby)  Liapounov Rubinstein, Beryl
D7302 Transcendental Etude Op. 11: No. 10: Lesghinka  Liapounov Buell, Dai
D7182 Romance, Op. 1  Liebling Vecsei, Desider
D67677 Florence Waltz Op. 12 Liebling  Pitot, Genevieve 
D1016 By the Waters of Minnetonka Lieurance LaForge, Frank
D67347 By the Waters of Minnetonka Lieurance Lieurance, Thurlow
D102988 Where Dawn And Sunset Meet; Where Drowsey Waters Steal Lieurance Lieurance, Thurlow
D713156 By the Waters of Minnetonka  Lieurance Rich, Freddie
D100935 Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) Liloukalani London, Ed
D73428 Spring, Beautiful Spring Waltz Lincke Armbruster, Robert
D5709 Unrequited Love Waltz Lincke Arndt, Felix
D63868 The Glow Worm – Idyll Lincke Rapee, Erno
D19455D Girls of America Lincoln Addison & Gordon
D0643 I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling Link & Waller Milne, Frank
D102735 La Marseillaise Lisle Pitot, Genevieve
D72710 La Leggierezza – Etude de Concert No. 2, f Liszt Backhaus, Wilhelm
D74010 Ecologue (from "Years of Pilgrimage") Liszt Bauer, Harold
D6577 Un Sospiro (A Sigh) Concert Etude No. 3  Db Liszt Brard, Magdeleine
D5675 Polonaise No. 2 Liszt Busoni, Ferruccio
D5686 Transcendental Etude No. 5 Bb: Feux follets (Will o’ the Wisp) Liszt Busoni, Ferruccio
D6321 Gnomenreigen (Dance of the Gnomes) Concert Etude No. 2 Liszt Byrd, Winifred
D5729 Sonetto del Petrarca No. 104 (Années de Pèlerinage 2nd Yr.)  Liszt Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D6664 Au bord d’une source (At the Spring) (Années de Pèlerinage) Liszt Cortot, Alfred
D6135 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 11 a Liszt Cortot, Alfred
D6288 Sonetto del Petrarca No.123 (Années de Pèlerinage Italy  2nd Yr.  #6) Liszt Denton, Oliver
D5727 Liebestraum (Nocturne) No. 1 "Exalted Love" Liszt Donahue, Lester
D5744 Sposalizio (Annees de Pelerinage 2nd Yr. Italy  No. l) Liszt Donahue, Lester
D5736 Waldesrauschen (Murmuring Woods) Concert Etude No. 1 Liszt Donahue, Lester
D5718 Légende No. 1: St. Francis of Assisi Preaching to the Birds Liszt Friedberg, Carl
D6151 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 c# Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D5816 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 9 Eb "Carnaval de Pesth" Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D5724 Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este (Années de Pèlerinage 2nd Year) Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D67630 On Lake Wallenstadt (Year 1, Years of Pilgrimage) Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
DA7 St. Francis Preaching to the Birds Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D5861 Transcendental Etude No. 11 Db: Harmonies du soir Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D6523 Don Juan Fantasy (Abbreviated by Friedman) Liszt Friedman, Ignaz
D6808 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 14 f Liszt Friedman, Ignaz
D6808BR Hungarian Rhapsody No. 14 f Liszt Friedman, Ignaz
D5574 Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa (Annees de Pelerinage 3 – Italy) Liszt Fryer, Herbert
D7114 Die Lorelei (The Loreley) Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D6571 Gondoliera (Annees de Pelerinage) Venezia e Napoli  No. 1 Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D7378 Harmonies poétiques et réligieuses No. 10: Cantique d’amour Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D6526 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 a "Rakoczy March" Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D5513 Liebestraum (Nocturne) No. 2 "Blissful Death" Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D6081 Liebestraum (Nocturne) No. 3 Ab "O  Lieb!" (O. Love!) Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
DA9 Liebestraum No. 3 (Nocturne) 
"O Lieb!" (O 
Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D6255 Mignon’s Song F# (Knowest Thou The Land?) Liszt Ganz, Rudolph
D6497 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 c# Liszt Grainger, Percy
D6668 Polonaise No. 2, E  Liszt Grainger, Percy
D6139 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 c# Liszt Hofmann, Josef
D6375 Tarantella (Années de Pèlerinage Venezia è Napoli – Italy) Liszt Hofmann, Josef
D6708 Waldesrauschen (Murmuring Woods) Concert Etude No. 1 Liszt Hofmann, Josef
D6547 Consolation No. 3 Db Liszt Hutcheson, Ernest
D5822 Valse oubliée (Forgotten Waltz) No. 3 Liszt Hutcheson, Ernest
D6751 Un Sospiro (A Sigh) Concert Etude No. 3 Db Liszt Lamond, Frederic
DA54 Un Sospiro (A Sigh) Concert Etude No. 3 Db Liszt Lamond, Frederic
D73960 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 8 f# Liszt Leginska, Ethel
D6075 Consolation No. 3  Db Liszt Madriguera, Paquita
D6157 Etude de Concert (Leggierezza) No. 2 f Liszt Magdeleine Brard
D67930 Gnomenreigen (Dance of the Gnomes) Liszt Novaes, Guiomar
DA15 Gnomenreigen (Dance of the Gnomes) Concert Etude No. 2 Liszt Novaes, Guiomar
D6568 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 10 
Liszt Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6670 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 c#  Liszt Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5541 Liebestraum No. 3 (Nocturne) Liszt Putz, Egon
D5640 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 5 e Liszt Raab, Alexander
D6208R Rhapsodie Espagnole (Spanish Rhapsody) C#  Liszt Renard, Rosita
D5980 Transcendental Etude No. 7 
Eb: Eroica
Liszt Renard, Rosita
D5708 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 10 E Liszt Schelling, Ernest
D5770 Piano Sonata in b lst Mvt. Liszt Schelling, Ernest
D5934 Liebestraum (Nocturne) No. 3 Ab "O  Lieb!" (O  Love!) Liszt Shattuck, Arthur
D6636 Bénédiction de Dieu dans la Solitude (Abbreviated by Siloti) Liszt Siloti, Alexander
DA36 Harmonies Poetiques  No. 3:
Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude
Liszt Siloti, Alexander
D5518BR Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 c# Liszt Stein, David
D5518US Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, C#  Liszt Stein, David
D5518 Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 2 Liszt Stein, David
D5617 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 Db  Liszt Zadora, Michael von
D5799 Sonata, B: 3rd Mvt  Liszt Schelling, Ernest
D7416 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13, A  Liszt Powell, John
D7509 Etude No. 3, G#m, La Campanella (Etudes de Paganini) Liszt Paderewski, Ignace Jan
D5698 Etude No. 3, G#m, La Campanella (Etudes de Paganini) Liszt/Busoni Busoni, Ferruccio
DA63 Paganini Etude No. 3,  g#: La
Liszt-Busoni Busoni, Ferrucio
D6666 La Campanella Liszt-Busoni Friedman, Ignaz
D62130 Concerto Pathétique (Arranged for Two Pianos – Lerner) Liszt-Lerner Lerner & Shavitz
D67849 Concerto Symphonique No. 4 Op. 102: Scherzo 2 Pianos  Litolff Lambert & Reisenberg
D6784 Concerto Symphonique No. 4 Op. 102: Scherzo 2 Pianos  Litolff Lambert & Reisenberg
D713010 Jealous Little Earl, Bud
D713265 Ting-A-Ling (Waltz of the Bells) Little Milne, Frank
D0464 The Hours I Spend With You Little Ohman, Phil
D19525 You’re In Kentucky Sure As You’re Born Little, Gillespie & Shay Milne, Frank
D713276 On the Riviera  Loan & Rich Rich & Moran
D102825 Moon Beam Shore Lockhart Ohman, Phil
D5678 Geraldine Waltz Lodge Ilgenfritz, McNair
D0938 Reflections In The Water Loeb Ohman, Phil
D101475 Pale Moon (An Indian Love Song) Logan Armbruster, Robert
D102585 Little Grey Home in the West Lohr Armbruster, Robert
D100295 Where My Caravan Has Rested Lohr Arndt, Felix
D11118 Where My Caravan Has Rested (accomp. for low voice) Lohr LaForge, Frank
D0630 Sweethearts on Parade Lombardo Mering, Constance
D0514 Coquette Lombardo & Green Milne, Frank
D0801 You’re the One I Care For Lown & Grey Arden, Victor
D101615 Shall We Gather At The River Lowry Jones, Herbert
D71399 Prince of Pilsen Selections Luders Armbruster, Robert
D6575 Ballet Egyptien Suite No. 1 Luigini Marco, Elena de
D713396 Under the Moon Lyn, Wheeler & Snyder Milne, Maddon & Harvey
D6348 La Fontaine (The Fountain) Op. 34  Lysberg Rogers, Fannie Votey
D6303 Forget Me Not Op. 22, Intermezzo Macbeth Rogers, Fannie Votey
D5700 On Your Way (One Step For Dancing) MacClure  Arndt, Felix
D6091 Sea Pieces MacDowell Beebe, Carolyn
D61669 Witches Dance (Hexentanz) MacDowell Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D58798 To a Water Lily MacDowell Donahue, Lester
D72289 Six Fancies MacDowell Duke, John
DS30626 Woodland Sketches, Op. 51, No. 1: To A Wild Rose MacDowell Fleer, Herman
DS30626b Woodland Sketches, Op. 51: No. 1, To a Wild Rose  MacDowell Fleer, Herman
DS31768 Gigue fr "Six Little Pieces on Sketches by J.S. Bach MacDowell Morrison, Mrs. W.J.
D65860 Hexentanz (Witches’ Dance) Op. 17: No. 2 MacDowell Powell, John
D5604BR To a Wild Rose MacDowell Renee Florigny
D6355 Etudes (12) Op. 39: No. 7, Idyll  MacDowell Reuter, Rudolph
D5730BR From An Indian Lodge Op. 51 No. 5 MacDowell Wittgenstein, Victor
D6136 Little Poems (4) Op. 32: No. 2: The Eagle  MacDowell Donahue, Lester
D7208 Virtuoso Studies (12) Op. 46: No. 10b, March Winds; Woodland Sketches,
Op. 51: No. 6, To a Water Lily
MacDowell Ganz, Rudolph
D7261 Sea Pieces, Op. 55: No. 6, From the Depths  MacDowell Bauer, Harold
D8017 Modern Suite (1st) Op. 10 No. 1: Praeludium  MacDowell Berumen, Ernesto
D6472 Twelve Etudes Op. 49 No. 8: Shadow Dance MacDowell  Byrd, Winifred
D6356 Virtuoso Studies Op. 46 No. 4: Improvisation MacDowell  Byrd, Winifred
D5609 Hexentanz (Witches’ Dance) Op. 17 
No. 2
MacDowell  Carreno, Teresa
D5615 Etude de Concert Op. 36 F# MacDowell  Carreño, Teresa 
D5737 "Fireside Tales" Op. 61 No. 2: Of Br’er Rabbit  MacDowell  Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
DA73 "Fireside Tales" Op. 61 No. 2: Of Br’er Rabbit  MacDowell  Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D6335 To a Water Lily; Will of the Wisp Op. 51 Nos. 6 and 2 MacDowell  Davies, Reuben
D69830 Marionettes Op. 38 MacDowell  Duke, John
D101525 Thy Beaming Eyes MacDowell  Jones, Herbert
D6084 "Woodland Sketches" Op. 51 No. 1: To a Wild Rose MacDowell  McManus, George
D7127 Twelve Etudes Op. 39 No. 12: Hungarian MacDowell  Powell, John
D5604 "Woodland Sketches" Op. 51 No. 1: To a Wild Rose MacDowell  Renee Florigny
D5824 Czardas Op. 24 No. 4 MacDowell  Wittgenstein, Victor
D5870 Four Little Poems Op. 32 No. 2: The Eagle MacDowell  Wittgenstein, Victor
D5791 Shadow Dance Op. 49 No. 8 MacDowell  Wittgenstein, Victor
D19335 Old Fashioned Love (from "Running Wild") Mack & Johnson Clair & Leith
D713126 Charleston Mack & Johnson Rich, Freddie
D101955 Macushla Macmurrough Summers, Robert
D5920 Dance of Satyr and Nymphs; The Caravan  Madriguera Madriguera, Paquita
D5847 Pastoral – The Cuckoo Madriguera Madriguera, Paquita
D104196 Morena y Sezillana Maduro Sanzewitch, Tatiana de
D7338 Rhapsodie Espagnole Maduro Sanzewitch, Tatiana de
D19805 Adoration Waltz Magine Clair & Leith
D18695 By the Shalimar Magine, Delbridge & Koehler Perkins, Ray
D18885 I Love Me ("I’m Wild About Myself") Mahoney Perkins, Ray
DT963C Tres Improvisi Per Pianola (Artona roll) Malipiero Malipiero (?)
D0835 I’m Thru With Love Malneck & Livingston Leith, Ernest
D6379 Berceuse Orientale (Oriental Cradle Song) Maloof Maloof, Alexander
D930 Daily vocal exercises II Marchesi Bos, Coenraad, V.
D102775 Tommy Lad!  Margetson Bergman, Henri
D5511 Valse Bleue Margis Arndt, Felix
D71428 Serenade Badine Marie Armbruster, Robert
D6840 Causerie (Conversation) Marie Haggard, Pauline
D0312BR I Hear You Calling Me Marshall Armbruster, Robert
D102145 I Hear You Calling Me Marshall Armbruster, Robert
D19425 Somebody’s Wrong  Marshall, Egan & Whiting Baker, Edythe
D13538 Andantino (violin accomp.) Martini-Kreisler Rider, Alva Faeth
D67359 Cavalleria Rusticana Selections  Mascagni Armbruster, Robert
D73640 Cavelleria Rusticana Selections Mascagni Jacquet, Maurice
D6226 Intermezzo from the Opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" Mascagni Longo, Frank
D101745 Nearer My God To Thee Mason Bergman, Henri
D67659 Silhouette No. 1 A Mason Powell, John
D10148 Melodie (accomp. Violin or Cello) Massanet Dambois, Maurice
D6092 Meditation from the Opera "Thais" Massenet Byrd, Winifred
DS3009 Melodie Elegies des Erinnyes Op. 10 No. 5 Massenet Fleer, Herman
D5529 Meditation from the Opera "Thais" Massenet Putz, Egon
D6580 Elégie des Erinnyes Op. 10 No. 5 Massenet-Ray Ray, Huston
D68818 Elegie des Erinnyes Op. 10 No. 5 Massenet-Ray Reuter, Rudolph
D101965 Non E Ver ("Tis Not True") Mattei Pitot, Genevieve
D5600 Tranquillité Mattei Putz, Egon
D713068 Southern Rose Mayerl Moran & Leith
D101995 Duna McGill Bergman, Henri
D1749 Birds of a Feather  McGowan Ohman, Phil
D0944 Dinner At Eight McHugh Arden, Victor
D0795 Blue Again McHugh Carroll, Adam
D0573 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Baby) McHugh Milne, Frank
D5614 Cecile Waltz  McKee Paris, Paul
D713029 San McPhail-Michels Clair & Leith
D65418 American Patrol Meacham Mills & Brooks
D7330 Confetti Danse Chic  Media Armbruster, Robert
D68729 Danza Jubilosa from "Forgotten Motives" Op. 40 Medtner Medtner, Nicolai
D6882 Fairy Tale Op. 14 No. 2 e: March of the Knights Medtner Medtner, Nicolai
D6998 Forgotten Motives Op. 38 No. 3: Danza Festiva Medtner Medtner, Nicolai
D0218br Arabesque Op. 7 No. 1 e Medtner Scharrer, Irene
D66140 Etude Op. 104 Bb Book II No. 1 Mendelssohn Bauer, Harold
D11488 Concerto Op. 64 in E-Minor 1st. Mvt. (accomp. Violin) Mendelssohn Benoist, Andre
D103968 O Rest In The Lord Mendelssohn Bos, Coenraad
D6021 Duetto, Op. 38: No. 6, Ab (Songs w/o Words)  Mendelssohn Bos, Coenraad V.
D6310 Wedding March; Elfin Chorus ("Midsummer Night’s Dream") Mendelssohn Donahue, Lester
D5690 Scherzo (Capriccio) Op. 16 No. 2 e Mendelssohn Durno, Jeannette
D66730 Spinning Song Op. 67 No. 4 C Mendelssohn Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D5951 On the Seashore Op. 53 No. 1 Ab ( Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn Giorni, Aurelio
D6119 Rondo Capriccioso Op. 14 E Mendelssohn Hofmann, Josef
D6874 Spring Song Op. 62 No. 6 A (Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn Hofmann, Josef
DA32  "Hebrides" Overture Op. 26 (Two Pianos) Mendelssohn Hutcheson & Ganz
D515 Hebrides Overture, Op. 26. Arr. 2 Pianos  Mendelssohn Hutcheson, E. and Ganz, R.
D70600 May Breezes Op. 62 No. 1 (Song w/o Words) Mendelssohn Hutcheson, Ernest
D072br Capriccio (Fairy Trumpet Scherzo) [Title in MIDI file incorrect] Mendelssohn Kovacz, Lily von
D5585BR Spring Song Op. 62 No. 6 A (Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn Leginska, Ethel
D6417 Spring Song Op. 62 No. 6 A (Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn Novaes, Guiomar
D6569 Spinning Song Mendelssohn Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6400 Scherzo (Capriccio) Op. 16 No. 2 e Mendelssohn Renard, Rosita
D5935 Confidence, A, Op. 19 No. 4; Joyous Peasant, Op. 102 No. 5 (Songs w/o
Mendelssohn Rubinstein, Beryl
D5542 Rondo Capriccioso Op. 14 E Mendelssohn Scharwenka, Xaver
D5845 Nocturne Op. 61 No. 4 ("Midsummer Night’s Dream")  Mendelssohn Spross, Charles G.
D5595 Spinning Song Op. 67 No. 4 C (Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn Volavy, Marguerite
D7137 Retrospection, Op. 102: No. 2; The Estray Op. 30: No. 4  Mendelssohn Leginska, Ethel
D7010B Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op. 21: Wedding March; Elfin Chorus Mendelssohn  Backhaus, Wilhelm
D7010 Wedding March; Elfin Chorus "Midsummer Nights’ Dream" Op. 61 Mendelssohn  Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6511 Duetto  Op. 38  No. 6 (Songs w/o Words) Mendelssohn  Beebe, Carolyn
DD693 Spinning Song  Op. 67  No. 4  C (Songs w/o Words)  Mendelssohn  Paderewski, Ignace J.
DD603 La Chasse (The Hunt)  Op.
19  No. 3 (Songs w/o words)
Mendelssohn  Reuter, Rudolph
D6527 Consolation  Op. 30  No. 3; Folk Song  Op. 53  No. 5 Mendelssohn  Rubinstein, Beryl
D6968B Concerto No. 1, G, Op. 25: 2nd Mvt  Mendelssohn/Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6981 Concerto No. 1, G, Op. 25: 3rd Mvt  Mendelssohn/Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D5720 On the Wings of Song (Auf Flugeln des Gesanges) Mendelssohn/Liszt Vecsei, Desider
D67928 War March of the Priests; March (from "Scipio") Mendelssohn; Handel Perkins, Ray
D6968BR Piano Concerto No. 1 Op. 25 1st Mvt. Mendelssohn-Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6967 Piano Concerto No. l  Op.
25  g lst Mvt.
Mendelssohn-Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D510 String Quartet Op. 12 Eb: 3rd Mvt. (Canzonetta) Mendelssohn-Bauer  Bauer, Harold
D72209 On Wings of Song Mendelssohn-Liszt Vecsei, Desider
D6093 On Wings of Song (Auf Flügeln des Gesänges) Mendelssohn-Liszt  Shaw, Eleanor
DA141 Auf Flugeln des Gesanges (On the Wings of Song) Mendelssohn-Liszt  Vecsei, Desider
D0596 I loved You Then As I Love You Now Mendoza Pollock, Muriel
D10092 Absent Metcalf Rapee, Erno
D1618 When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose (from "The Better ‘Ole") Mevthen Banta & Frey
D713169 Miami Meyer Baker, Edythe
D18765 Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Ten-Ten-Tennessee  Meyer Banta, Frank
D713208 A Cup of Coffee Meyer Bloom, Rube
D0664 My Song of The Nile Meyer Leslie, Edythe
D713278 Someone Is Losin’ Susan  Meyer Lester, Edwin
D713274 Falling in Love With You Meyer Milne, Frank
D1746 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Meyer Milne, Frank
D713155 Brown Eyes  Why Are You Blue? Meyer Moran, Alan
D713433 Blue River Meyer Nordstrom, Dagmar
D713109 All Aboard For Heaven Meyer Rich, Freddie
D0529 Imagination Meyer & Kahn Ohman, Phil
D713245 To-Night’s My Night with Baby Meyer-Buttenuth Moran & Bloom
D6256 Nocturne, Op. 28: No. 1  Meyer-Helmond Sheridan, Frank
D102615 Ball Room Whispers Meyer-Hulmund Pitot, Genevieve
D73888 Grillen ("Whims") Op. 25 Nos. 1 and 6 Miaskovsky Prokofieff, Serge
D102555 The Silver Swan Miessner Miessner, W. Otto
D66296 Dancing Leaves Miles Armbruster, Robert
D6247 Sparklets Miles Banta, Frank
D6227 Tulips Miles Banta, Frank
D6546 Tulips Miles Giovanni, Irene di
D0690 Till Your Happiness Happens Along Miller Nordstrom, Dagmar
D0770 Out of Breath Miller Pollock, Muriel
D19985 Don’t Mind the Rain  Miller & Cohn  Clair & Leith
D713090 Nobody Knows What Red-headed Mamma Can Do Mills, Dubin & Fain Moran, Alan
D0793 To Whom It May Concern Mitchell, Gotler & Meyer Alpert, Pauline
D5949 Valcik (Concert Waltz) Mokrejs Nellis, Daisy
D59498 Valcik (Concert Waltz)  Mokrejs Nellis, Daisy
D100330 Love’s Old Sweet Song Molloy Favier, Georges
D10030 Love’s Old Sweet Song  Molloy Favier, Georges
D10095 Love’s Old Sweet Song (Just A Song At Twilight) Molloy Favier, Georges
D101515 Love’s Old Sweet Song Molloy Knaffel, Marghee
D100965 Love’s Old Sweet Song Molloy Lange, Henry
D1707 Caresses Monaco Banta, Frank
D101695 Dirty Hands! Dirty Face! Monaco Banta, Frank
D713125 Ah-Ha! Monaco Moran, Alan
D713047 Me and the Boyfriend Monaco Moran, Alan
D66357 Barcarolle Moore Pettis, Ashley
D101425 Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms Moore  de Marco, Elena
D101906R Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms, MyOld Kentucky Home Moore/foster Gartlan, George
D66787 Pearls – Novelette Moret Bergman, Henri
D0533 Ready for the River Moret Milne, Frank
D6291 Meditation Op. 90 Morrison Rackle, Karl
D713212 Smile a Little Bit Morton & Shevlin Carrol, Jack
D59917 Hearts and Flowers Op. 245 Moses-Tobani Boguslawski, Moissaye
D102805 Days Of Hearts And Flowers Moses-Tobani & Shilkret Bergman, Henri
D5792 Bolero Op. 12 No. 5 "Spanish Dances" Moszkowski Adler, Clarence
D6094 Polonaise E-Flat Moszkowski Bauer, Harold
D66919 Liebeswalzer Op. 57 No. 5 Moszkowski Cherkassky, Shura
D6455 Pres du berceau (Near the Cradle) Op. 58 No. 3 Moszkowski Denton, Oliver
D6174 In Autumn Op. 36 No. 4 Moszkowski Ebell, Hans
D7311 Malagueña Op. 49 No. 1 from "Boabdil" Ballet Moszkowski Ganz, Rudolph
D6418 Valse d’amour (Love Waltz) Op. 57 No. 5 Moszkowski Ganz, Rudolph
D5872 Polonaise Op. 17 No. l D Moszkowski Godowsky, Leopold
D72970 In Autumn Op. 36 No 4 Moszkowski Goodman, Lawrence
D0221br Etude Op. 18 No. 3  Moszkowski Greef, Arthur de
D6953 Caprice Espagñole (Spanish Caprice) Op. 37 a Moszkowski Hofmann, Josef
D6598 Etincelles (Sparks) Op. 36 
No. 6
Moszkowski Hofmann, Josef
D6615 Guitarre Op. 45 No. 2 Moszkowski Hofmann, Josef
D6074 The Juggleress (La Jongleuse) Op. 52 No. 4 Moszkowski Hofmann, Josef
D6074 The Juggleress (La Jongleuse) Op. 52 No. 4 Moszkowski Hofmann, Josef
D6405 Melodie Op. 10 No. 1 Gb Moszkowski Hughes, Edwin
D72329 Air de Ballet, Op. 36, No. 5 Moszkowski Khariton, Michael
D6320 Albumleaf Op. 2 Moszkowski Lambert, Alexander
D6159 Waltz Op. 34 No. Ab Moszkowski Leginska, Ethel
D5859 Spanish Dance Op. 12 No. 5: Bolero Moszkowski Madriguera, Paquita
DS30668 Etincelles (Sparks) Moszkowski Marco, Elene de
DS31808 Etude Op. 72 No. 6 in F Moszkowski Milinowski, Marta
D6173 Guitarre Op. 45 No. 2 Moszkowski Novaes, Guiomar
D5532 Barcarolle Op. 27 No. 1 G Moszkowski Putz, Egon
D6919 "Frühlingslauten" (Sounds of Spring) Op. 57 No. 2 Moszkowski Reisenberg, Nadia
D7153 Scherzo-Valse Op. 40 Moszkowski Reisenberg, Nadia
D66448 Blumenstuck (Flower Piece) Op. 57 No. 3 Moszkowski Reuter, Rudolph
D70059 Barcarolle Op. 27 No. 1 G Moszkowski Russell, Dallmeyer
D7162 Romance, Op. 42: No. 1  Moszkowski Bauer, Harold
D5713 Valse  Op. 34  No. l  Ab Moszkowski  Adler, Clarence
D6063 Serenata  Op. 15  No. l  D Moszkowski  Alder, Clarence
D7340 Serenata  Op. 15  No. l  D Moszkowski  Friedman, Ignaz
D72260 Melodie Op. 31 No. 2 G Moszkowski  Gradova, Gitta
D6013 Caprice Espagnole Op. 37  a Moszkowski  Madriguera, Paquita
D5914 Etincelles (Sparks) Op. 36 
No. 6
Moszkowski  Madriguera, Paquita
DA105 Fruhlingslauten  (Sounds of
Spring), Op. 57,  No. 2
Moszkowski  Reisenberg, Nadia
DS31219 Valse Caprichosa Op. 9 No. 2 from "Scenes Portuguezas"  Motta Russell, Dallmeyer
D65910 Bydlo No. 4; Ballet des poussins dans leurs coques  Moussorgsky Prokofieff, Serge
DD215 Hopak from the Opera "Sorochintsky Fair Moussorgsky-Rachmaninoff  Gradova, Gitta
D67116 Danse Americaine Mowrey Hamlin, Sally
D7048 Gavotte dans le style ancien (In Olden Style) Mowrey Mowrey, Dent
D102165 The Song of Songs Moya Bergman, Henri
D7295 Romance, K. 245, Ab  Mozart Ganz, Rudolph
D7385 Sonata (Piano) A, K. 331: lst Mvt, Andante grazioso  Mozart Iturbi, Jose
D67850R Sonata (Piano) D, K. 576: 3rd Mvt  Mozart Landowska, Wanda
D6756 Sonata (Piano) D, K. 576: 1st Mvt  Mozart Landowska, Wanda
D7073 Fantasia in c Mozart  Bauer, Harold
D0331br Romance in A-Flat Mozart  Fischer, Edwin
D544 Symphony No. 41C K.551 "Jupiter" 3rd Mvt. Mozart  Ganz, Rudolph
D536 Overture to the Opera "The Magic Flute" Mozart  Hutcheson & Ganz
D536 Overture to the Opera "The Magic Flute"  Mozart  Hutcheson & Ganz
D6776 Piano Sonata D K.576  2nd Mvt. Mozart  Landowska, Wanda
D6175 Pastoral Variee Mozart  Menth, Herma
D5677 Fantasia in d K.397 Mozart  Raab, Alexander
D67640 Pastorale Variee Mozart  Reisenberg, Nadia
DD615 Piano Sonata  K. 331  A 3rd mvt. "Rondo a la Turque Mozart  Richards, Lewis
DA22 Piano Sonata  K. 331  A 3rd Mvt. "Turkish Rondo Mozart  Richards, Lewis
DV151 Turkish March (Rondo à la turk) (from Sonata No 11 3rd Mvt. K.331) Mozart  Richards, Lewis
D7440 Ci darem la mano (La) Variations, Op. 2 Mozart/Chopin Goldsand, Robert
D68250 Serenade from the Opera "Don Giovanni" Mozart-Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6557 Bird Music (Sparrow; Peabody Bird; Wood PeeWee) Mumma Mumma, Archie
D6555 Bird Music (Purple Martins; Screech Owl; Cardinal) Mumma  Mumma, Archie
D713060 Then You Know You’re in Love Murphy, Richman & Gorney Lester, Edwin
D0692 When You’re Counting The Stars Alone Murray Jay, Lillian
D69720 Boris Godunov Selections Mussorgsky Armbruster, Robert
D68560 Hopak from "Sorochintsky Fair"  Mussorgsky-Rachmaninoff Gradova, Gitta
D6500 Down South (American Sketch) Op. 10 Myddleton Armbruster, Robert
D0936 Butterflies in the Rain Myers Milne, Frank
D713282 Moonlight on the Ganges  Myers Rich, Freddie
D0631 The Wedding Of The Painted Doll Nacio Alpert, Pauline
D713376d Doll Dance Nacio, Herbert & Brown Mering, Constance
D713349 That’s What I Call a Pal Nelson Addison, Ralph
D19995 Life And Love Seem Sweeter After the Storm Nelson Erlebach & Milne
DD879 "A Day in Venice" Op. 25 No. 2: Gondoliera (Gondoliers) Nevin Armbruster, Robert
D5785 "A Day in Venice" Op. 25 No. 3: Love Song Nevin Armbruster, Robert
D5751 Day in Venice (A) Op. 25: No. 2, Gondoliers  Nevin Armbruster, Robert
D10021 Mighty Lak’ a Rose Nevin Arndt, Felix
D5502BR The Rosary Nevin Arndt, Felix
D103278 The Rosary Nevin Bos, Coenraad
D103278B Rosary (The)  Nevin Bos, Coenraad V.
D1024 The Rosary (accomp for med. Voice) Nevin Bos, Coenraad V.
DS3010 The Rosary Nevin Cone, Robert
D11638 Oh, That We Two Were Maying (accomp high voice) Nevin Forge, Frank la
D6920 Narcissus Nevin Ganz, Rudolph
D6397 The Rosary Nevin Ganz, Rudolph
D6347 Country Dance Op. 6 No. 2 – Two Pianos  Nevin Gillette, M.& D.
D6423 Mighty Lak’ a Rose Nevin Hughes, Edwin
D6124 May in Tuscany from "In My Neighbor’s Garden", Op. 21 No. 5 Nevin Martin, Josef
D6095 Sketch Book Op. 2 No. 3: Song Nevin McManus, George
D5858 Water Scenes, Op. 13, No. 3:Water Nymph Nevin Spross, Charles G.
D5876 Water Scenes, Op. 13, No. 4 "Narcissus"  Nevin Spross, Charles G.
D7011 Day in Venice (A) Op. 25: No. 1, Dawn; No. 4, Good Night  Nevin Armbruster, Robert
D67258 Valse Caprice Op. 7 Newland Pitot, Genevieve
D0466 Among My Souvenirs Nicholls Ohman, Phil
D7242 A Ball Scene Op. 26 Nicode Pitot, Genevieve
D72510 Night in Seville Op. 55 No. 2 Nieman Novaes, Guiomar
D0843 Good Night Sweetheart Nobel/Campbell/Connelley Pollock, Muriel
D0941 Love Is The Sweetest Thing Noble Arden, Victor
D01033 Why Stars Come Out At Night Noble Shipman, Harry
D5958 Keep the Home Fires Burning Novello Banta, Frank
D73989 Tales of Hoffman (The) Selections Offenbach Armbruster, Robert
D69779 Orpheus in the Underworld Offenbach Pitot & Armbruster
D5881 Barcarolle from Opera "Tales of Hoffman" Offenbach-Moszkowski  Shattuck, Arthur
D11746S Leetle Bateese (tenor accomp.) O’Hara O’Hara, Geoffrey
D11437 Give A Man A Horse He Ride O’Hara    O’Hara, Geoffrey
D6113 Mother Machree Olcott-Ball Banta, Frank
D10087 Comin’ Thro’ the Rye Old Scottish Air London, Ed
D5871BR Papillions Olson Madriguera, Paquita
D18515 Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses  Openshaw Farquhar & Earl
D102495 June Brought The Roses Openshaw Pitot, Genevieve
D101465 Love Sends A Little Gift of Roses Openshaw Summers, Robert
D68067 American Indian Rhapsody (on Themes of Lieurance) Orem Lewis, Harold
D10005 Waiting Orlob Banta, Frank
D10053 Because You’re Different Orlob London, Ed
D713453 Maybe I Will (from "Yes Yes Yvette") Orlob Moran, Alan
D1642 That Wonderful Kid from Madrid Osbourne Banta, Frank
D68550 Cuban Echos Osgood Ganz, Rudolph
D6259 Valse lente Oswald Novaes, Guiomar
D10056 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Owen London, Ed
D6463 Polonaise Op. 9 No. 6 Paderewski Bauer, Harold
D3073 Cracovienne Fantastique Op. 14 No. 6  Paderewski Litchfield, Ether Herr
D6681 "Chants du Voyageur" Op. 8. No. 3: Melodie  Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6558 Caprice (Genre Scarlatti) Op. 14 No. 3 G  Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
DPOL2 Melodie from "Chants du Voyager" Op. 8 No. 3 Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6681BR Melodie Op. 8, No. 3 Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
DD403 Minuet  Op. 14  No. 1  G  Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6100 Minuet Op. 14 No. 1 G  Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
D6562 Nocturne Op. 16 No. 4 Bb  Paderewski Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5805 Menuet, Op. 14: No. 1 , G  Paderewski Adler, Clarence
D6341 Nocturne Op. 16: No. 4, Bb  Paderewski Novaes, Guiomar
D713244 Valencia (A song of Spain) Padilla Moran & Bloom
D13468 Minuetto (violin accomp.) Paganini-Kreisler Enesco, Georges
D6005 Paganini Etude No. 2 E: Andante capriccioso Paganini-Liszt Bauer, Harold
D5671BR Paganini Etude No. 5 E (La Chasse) Paganini-Liszt Busoni, Ferruccio
D6197 Paganini Etude No. 3 g# (La Campanella) Paganini-Liszt Friedheim, Arthur
D6741 Evening Whispers Palmgren Bourne, Una
D65888 Barcarolle Op. 14 Palmgren Palmgren, Selim
D6461 May Night Palmgren Palmgren, Selim
D6445 Valse Mignonne  Op. 54  No. l Palmgren Palmgren, Selim
DS30357 Minute Waltz Op. 31 No. 4 Palmgren Pesetzki, David
D6658 Toccata, A  Paradies Hess, Myra
D6152 Romance (Tropical Scenes) Pascal Levinson-Sinclair, Lionel
D6062 Romance (Tropical Scenes) Pascal Martin, Josef
D1727 Peggy O’Neil Pease Erlebach, Rudy
D102325 Sunrise and You  Penn Bergman, Henri
D10125 Smilin’ Through Penn Jones, Herbert
D101255 Smilin’ Through  Penn Jones, Herbert
D102455 Smilin’ Through Penn Penn, Arthur
D104625 The Lamplit Hour Penn Penn, Arthur
D103155 Thy Will Be Done Penn Penn, Arthur
D102505 When The Sun Goes Down Penn Penn, Arthur
D67106 Chrysanthemums (Intermezzo) Penn Pitot, Genevieve
D71859 The Beggar’s Opera Selections Pepusch Armbruster, Robert
D0743 Under a Texas Moon Perkins Leith, Ernest
D0501 A Kiss Before The Dawn Perkins Maddon, Harvey
D73398 Andalouse, Op. 20 Pessard Tulin, Ingrid
D0815 Oh, Donna Clara Petersburski Arden & Carroll
D0859 Starlight Petkere Milne, Frank
D102225 Edelweiss Op. 38 Peuschel Haase, Oscar
D0706 Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me Phillips/DeCosta/Zimmerman Milne, Frank
D10035 The Woman Thou Gavest Me Pianiadosi Rienzo, Alfred
D6667 La danse d’Olaf Op. 33 No. 2 Pick-Mangiagalli Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6457 Serenade Pierne Schmitz, E. Robert
D7136 Melody for the Left Hand; Serenade Pinckert; Sinding  Hodgson, Hugh
D713174 Sweet Man  Pinkard Baker, Edythe
D0728 Congratulations Pinkard, Goetz, Green & Stept Kerr, Thompson
D6033 Variations on a National Anthem (America) Pirani Pirani, Eugenio
D01022 Bedouin Love Song Pisuti Bergman, Henri
D1708 I Never Knew (That I Could Love Anybody Like I’m Loving You) Pitts, Egan & Marsh Hess, Cliff
D68399 Selections from "Chimes of Normandy"  Planquette Armbruster, Robert
D5655 Marche Mignonne (Dainty March) Op. 15: No. 2  Poldini Armbruster, Robert
DC1 Dancing Doll (le Poupee Valsante) Poldini Shattuck, Arthur
D66499 Poupee Valsante Poldini Shattuck, Arthur
D5726 Etude de Concert Op. 19 No. 5 Ab Poldini Vecsei, Desider
D0985 Two Cigarettes in the Dark Pollack Arden, Victor
D104975 Water Under The Bridge Pollack Shipman, Harry
D0519 Hiding in the Corner of Your Smile Pollack & Whiting Alpert, Pauline
D713100 Cheatin’ On Me  Pollock O’Neil, Walker
D6318 Estrellita (Little Star – Mexican Love Song) Ponce Dumesnil, Maurice
D5937 Sono mi Mente-Loca (Cuban Song) Ponce Ponce, Manual
D67249 Dance of the Hours Ponchielli Armbruster, Robert
D1519 Sphinx Waltz Popy Arndt, Felix
D01006 Anything Goes: I Get A Kick Out of You Porter Arden & Carroll
D1006 I Get A Kick Out Of You (from "Anything Goes") Porter Arden & Carroll
D0790 I’m Getting Myself Ready For You Porter Carroll, Adam
D215913 Easy to Love / Under My Skin from "Born to Dance"  Porter Edgeworth, 
D0598 Let’s Do It Porter Mering, Constance
D0722 You Do Something To Me Porter Milne, Frank
D6209 At the Fair – Sketches of American Fun  No. 3: Merry Go Round Powell Powell, John
D5826 At the Fair – Sketches of American Fun  No. 5: Snake Charmer Powell Powell, John
D5940 At the Fair – The Banjo Picker Powell Powell, John
D5922 At the Fair-Sketches of American Fun No. 4: Clowns  Powell Powell, John
D6366 Pioneer’s Dance (from Suite: "In The South") Powell Powell, John
D6242 Poème Erotique Powell Powell, John
D5835 At the Fair-Sketches of American Fun No. 1: Hoochee Coochee  Powell Powell, John
D713452 Where Is My Meyer? Profes Rich, Freddie
D6253 Gavotte Op. 12 No. 2 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6477 Intermezzo from the Opera "Love for Three Oranges" Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6160 Marche Op. 12 No. 1 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6153 Prelude Op. 12 No. 7 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6344 Rigaudon Op. 12 No. 3 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6210 Sarcasms Op. 17 Nos. 1 and 2 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6774 Scherzo Op. 12 No. 10 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6826 Tales of the Old Grandmother Op. 32 No. 3 Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6922 Suggestion Diàbolique Op. 4 No. 4 Prokofieff Rubinstein, Arthur
D8018 Love for Three Oranges: March Prokofieff Prokofieff, Serge
D6712 Selections from the Opera "Madame Butterfly" Puccini Armbruster, Robert
D5516 Rodolfo’s Narrative from the Opera "La Boheme" Puccini Arndt, Felix
D1074S One Fine Day (from "Madame Butterfly:) Puccini Bos, Coenraad
D1072S Vissi D’Arte, Vissi D’Amore, from "Tosca" (accomp.) Puccini Bos, Coenraad
D5608 Tosca Selections Puccini Fabri, Carlos
D5639 Selections from the Opera "La Boheme" Puccini Fabri, Carlos.
D5608BR Selections from the Opera "La Tosca" Puccini Fabri, Carlos.
D5628 Selections from the Opera "Madama Butterfly" Puccini Fabri, Carlos.
D72020 La Boheme – Excerpts from Act III Puccini Jacquet, Maurice
D11528 Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen from "La Boheme" Puccini LaForge, Frank
D1026 Musetta’s Waltz Song from "La Boheme" Pucinni Rapee, Erno
D12926 Passing By (accomp.) Purcell LaForge, Frank
D6730 Suite No. 1: Minuet G  Purcell/Fryer Scharrer, Irene
D72400 Minuet from Suites Nos. 1 and 4 Purcell-Cortot Cortot, Alfred
D1570 On Wisconsin Purdy Erlebach & Herzog
D5503 Serenade Melancolique Putz Putz, Egon
D72090 Polka de W. R. (Wassily Rachmaninoff)  Rachmaninoff Broglie, Princess Jacque de
D6713 Polka de W.R. (Wassily Rachmaninoff)  Rachmaninoff Cherkassky, Shura
D74508R Prelude Op. 32: No. 8, A; No. 10, Bb  Rachmaninoff Horowitz, Vladimir
D11888 Floods of Spring (accomp.) Rachmaninoff LaForge, Frank
D8011 Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3: No. 2, C#, Prelude  Rachmaninoff Hess, Myra
D8023 Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3: No. 3, E, Melodie  Rachmaninoff Ross, Hugh
D8025 Prelude C sharp minor Op 3 No 2 Rachmaninoff Rachmaninoff, Serge
D5804 Prelude C-Sharp minor Rachmaninoff  Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D7057 Fantasy Pieces: Op. 3 No. 1 eb: Elégie Rachmaninoff  Ganz, Rudolph
D5636 Fantasy Pieces: Op. 3 No. 3 E: Mélodie Rachmaninoff  Ganz, Rudolph
D6285 Seven Salon Pieces Op. 10 No. 6: Romance Rachmaninoff  Ganz, Rudolph
D6125 Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 g Rachmaninoff  Giorni, Aurelio
D6525 Fantasy Pieces: Op. 3 No. 2 c#: Prelude Rachmaninoff  Hofmann, Josef
D6229 Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 g Rachmaninoff  Hofmann, Josef
D6198 Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 g Rachmaninoff  Prokofieff, Serge
DS31199 Polichinelle Op. 3 No. 4 c# Rachmaninoff  Richardson, Vera
D10298 Cavatina Op. 85 No. 3 D (accomp violin or cello) Raff Dambois, Maurice
D61378 La Fileuse ("The Spinner") Raff Madriguera, Paquita
D5572 La Fileuse (The Spinner) Etude Op. 157 No. 2 F# Raff Renée Florigny
D5806 Etude Melodique, Op. 130: No. 1, Ab  Raff Spross, Charles Gilbert
D6137 Fileuse (La) (The Spinner) Etude Op. 157: No. 2, F#  Raff Madriguera, Paquita
D6315 Cavatina Op. 85 No. 3 D Raff-Rapee Rapee, Erno
D0683 Moanin’ Low Rainger Milne, Frank
D6217BR Gavotte and Variations Rameau (arr. Leschetizky) Leginska, Ethel
D69029 Rondo; Gigue  Rameau; Desmarets Richards, Lewis
D6833 "Renaissance" No. 6: Tambourin Rameau-Godowsky Reisenberg, Nadia
D5903BR Rigadoun (Renaissance) Rameau-Godowsky Thompson, John
D0601 Someday  Somewhere Rapee  Kerwin, Gene
D0525 My Angel Rapee  Ohman, Phil
D0831BR Diane Rapee & Pollack Mering, Constance
D713441 I’m In Heaven When I See You Smile Rapee & Pollack Mering, Constance
D713395 Charmaine! Rapee & Pollack Pollack, Lew
D104755 Trees Rasbach Bergman, Henri
D12186 Trees (sr accomp) Rasbach Rider, Elva Faeth
D72750 La Vallee des Cloches (Valley of the Bells) Ravel Ravel, Maurice
D084BR Pavane for a Dead Princess Ravel Ravel, Maurice
D7189 Ma mére l’oye (Mother Goose) Nos. 3 and 4 Ravel  Damrosch, Walter
D086br Tocatta Ravel  Ravel, Maurice
D6199 Jeux d’eau (Playing Fountain)  Ravel  Schmitz, E. Robert
D6579 Valse in D-flat Ray Ray, Huston
D104835 Call Me Darling Reisfeld, Fryberg & Marbot Milne, Frank
D104835R Call Me Darling  Reisfeld/Fryberg/Marbot Milne, Frank
D0547 Sweet Ella May Renard, Alpert & Borinson Maddon, Harvey
D1536 Valse de Fleurs Renaud Renaud, Emiliano
D0889 And So To Bed Revel Carroll, Adam
D70706 A Bowl Of Pansies Reynard Pitot, Genevieve
D713299 Half a Moon Reynolds, Dowling & Hanlet Bloom, Robert
D6309 Spinners of Carantec (The) Op. 13: No. 5 Rhene/Baton Spencer, Eleanor
D6657 Sonia’s Song (Russian Folk Song) Riabine-Siloti Siloti, Alexander
D1613 Dear Old Pal of Mine  Rice Banta & Frey
D0779 My Bluebird Was Caught in the Rain Rich Milne, Frank
D101685 Thank God For a Garden Riego Armbruster, Robert
D10018 Oh Dry Those Tears Riego Arndt, Felix
D10956 Chanson Indoue (Song of India) – Accomp. Rimsky Korsakoff Armbruster, Robert
D103145 Song of India Rimsky Korsakoff Armbruster, Robert
D1779 Song of India  Rimsky Korsakoff Erlebach & Milne
D6549 Hymn To The Sun (from the opera "Le Coq d’Or") Rimsky Korsakoff Leginska, Ethel
D7001 Fantasia on "Sheherazade" Op. 35 Rimsky Korsakoff Prokofieff, Serge
D6857 "Le Coq d’Or" Selections Rimsky Korsakoff Rubinstein, Arthur
D7909 Flight of the Bumblebee Rimsky-Korsakoff Unknown (Rachmaninoff ?)
DD355 Le coq d’or (The Golden Cockerel) – Selections Rimsky-Korsakov  Rubinstein, Arthur
D73227 Bubbling Spring Rive-King Pitot, Genevieve
D0520 Madelon, I’ll Be True to the Whole Regiment Robert Addison & Maddon
D6230 Apple Blossoms Roberts Banta, Frank
D1603 Smiles Roberts Erlebach & Herzog
D0982 Love in Bloom Robin & Rainger Arden, Victor
D103887 Memories of France Robinson Bergman, Henri 
D0602br Tomorrow (I’ll Be In My Dixie Home Again) Robinson Robinson, Russell
D1704 Margie (from "The Midnight Rounders of 1920") Robinson & Conrad Banta, Frank
D713143 You Tell ‘Em I’m Blue  Robison  Robison, Willard
D1805 Three O’Clock in the Morning Robledo Milne, Frank
D713138R Manhattan  Rodgers Baker, Edythe
D713160 Selections from "Garrick Gaieties"  Rodgers Baker, Milne & Wehrlen
D0700 Why Do You Suppose? Rodgers Leith, Ernest
D0486 Thou Swell Rodgers Milne, Frank
D0527 Do I Hear You Saying "I Love You?" (from "Present
Rodgers Ohman, Phil
D713258 Mountain Greenery Rodgers Ohman, Phil
D0458 My Heart Stood Still Rodgers Rich, Freddie
D1020 The Star Rogers Shaw, Eleanor
D5913 All for America (Medley – Seven American Airs) Romayne Romayne, Robert
D5912 Our Allies (Medley – Six National Anthems) Romayne Romayne, Robert
D102185 Auf Wiedersen Romberg Armbruster, Robert
D103245 One Alone Romberg Armbruster, Robert
D102365 Song of Love Romberg Armbruster, Robert
D103716 The Desert Song Romberg Armbruster, Robert
D01046 I Built A Dream In One Day Romberg Farquhar, Robert
D713108 Little Peach  Romberg Mering, Constance
D713086 Deep in My Heart Dear (from "The Student Prince") Romberg Milne & Wehrlen
D713332 The Riff Song Romberg Moran & Feldkamp
D713383 Silver Moon Romberg Ohman, Phil
D68879 The Student Prince – Selections Romberg Pitot, Genevieve
D73158 New Moon (The) Medley Romberg Pollock,Muriel
D73298 Danse de Viennois from "The Student Prince" Romberg Romberg, Sigmund
D104106 Lover Come Back To Me Romberg Romberg, Sigmund
D17935 Song of Love (from "Blossom Time") Romberg  Banta, Frank
D18425 When Hearts Are Young Romberg & Goodman Lange, Henry
D6469 Sweethearts: Alice Blue Gown  Romberg/Tierney Rapee, Erno
D0787 Baby’s Birthday Party Ronell Carroll, Adam
D0911 Willow Weep for Me Ronell Ohman, Phil
D6069 Flor de Camote Tondero (Spanish Waltz) Rosa Renard, Rosita
D0840 Pardon Me, Pretty Baby Rose Ferguson, Ruth
D713052 Honest and Truly  Rose Milne, Frank
D713104 When I Think of You  Rose Moran & Leith
D19665 Linger A While (The Stars Shine Above You So) Rose Perkins, Ray
D19245 Love Tales  Rose Perkins, Ray
D713018 Maytime  Rose  Moran & Leith
D713159 If I Had a Girl Like You  Rose, Dixon & Henderson Ohman, Phil
D5701 Papillons (Butterflies)  Rosenthal Friedheim, Arthur
D71458 Espanita Waltzes Rosey     Pitot, Genevieve
D68530 Andantino G; Toccata Nona Rossi Kugel, Alfred
D6232 William Tell Overture  Rossini Rapee, Erno
D7206 Stabat Mater: Cujus animam Rossini/Liszt Lamond, Frederic
D523 The Barber of Seville Overture Rossini-Ganz Ganz, Rudolph
D0341br The Rambling Sailor Rowley Murdoch, William
D0522 What’s the Reason? Rubens Addison, Ralph
D5893 Romance Op. 44 No. 1 Eb Rubinstein Adler, Clarence
D6057 "Kamennoi Ostrow" Op. 10 No. 22  f#: Rêve angelique Rubinstein Bauer, Harold
DS3025 Staccato Etude Op. 23 No. 2 C Rubinstein Boguslawski, Moissaye
D5645 Barcarolle No. 4  G Rubinstein Carreño, Teresa 
D6502 Fifth Barcarolle Rubinstein Denton, Oliver
D6991 Romance Op. 44 No. 1 Eb Rubinstein Friedman, Ignaz
D5752 Serenade d Rubinstein Godowsky, Leopold
D6014 Boheme (Polka) Op. 82  No. 7 Rubinstein Hambourg, Mark
D56540 Nocturne Op. 75 No. 8 G Rubinstein Hambourg, Mark
D6682 Barcarolle No. 2 Op. 30 a Rubinstein Hofmann, Josef
D6682BR Barcarolle No. 2 Op. 30 a Rubinstein Hofmann, Josef
D6099 Melody in F Op. 3 No. 1 Rubinstein Hofmann, Josef
D6561 Valse Caprice Eb Rubinstein Hofmann, Josef
D6883 Barcarolle No. 1 Op. 30 f Rubinstein Hughes, Edwin
D5583BR Melody in F Op. 3 No. 1 Rubinstein Leginska, Ethel
D6115 Romance Op. 44 No. 1 Eb Rubinstein Menth, Herma
D6589 Trot de Cavalerie  Rubinstein Mills & Brooks
D67918 Twilight from "Feramors" Rubinstein Shepherd, Arthur
D69247 Thou’rt Like Unto a Flower Rubinstein, A -Rogers  Armbruster, Robert
D5892 Boheme (Polka) Op. 82  No. 7 Rubinstein, A. Boguslawski, Moissaye
D5583 Melody, F, Op. 3: No. 1  Rubinstein, A. Leginska, Ethel
D6494 Kamennoi Ostrow Op. 10: No. 22, F#, Reve angelique  Rubinstein, A. Sinclair, Lionel Levinson
D1761 My Sunny Tennesee (from "The Midnight Rounders of 1920") Ruby Christie, Andrew
D0463D Five O’Clock Girl Medley Ruby Rich, Freddie
D0655 I’ll Always Be In Love With You Ruby, Green & Stept Milne, Frank
D11897 Vale (accomp.) Russell Armbruster, Robert
D101485 Where the River Shannon Flows Russell Jones, Herbert
D0757 The Song Without A Name Russell Milne, Frank
D72788 Chanson des Alpes, Op. 51 Ryder Pitot, Genevieve
DS32049S Indian Summer Op. 103 No. 1; Star Wishes Saar, Snodgrass    Elliston, Armbruster 
D5953 Piano Concerto #2 Op. 22 g 1st Mvt. Saint-Saens Bauer, Harold
D5963 Piano Concerto #2 Op. 22 g 2nd Mvt. Saint-Saens Bauer, Harold
D5973 Piano Concerto #2 Op. 22 g 3rd Mvt. Saint-Saens Bauer, Harold
D12039 Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (accomp. violin) Saint-Saens Benoist, Andre
D1068S My Heart at Thy Dear Voice (accomp.) Saint-Saens Bos, Coenraad
D10819S O Love Thy Help (from "Samson and Delilah") Saint-Saens Bos, Coenraad
D6372 Etude en forme de Valse Saint-Saens Cortot, Alfred
D1004 The Swan (accomp.) Saint-Saens Dambois, Maurice
D1002 "Suite Algerienne" No 3 Reverie du Soir (accomp. 2nd. piano
Saint-Saens Ganz, Rudolph
D10948 Rhapsodie Mauresque for Two Pianos (piano 1 part only) Saint-Saens Ganz, Rudolph
D6064 The Swan Saint-Saens Ganz, Rudolph
DA108 Danse macabre Op. 40 Saint-Saens Horowitz, Vladimir
D5910 My Heart At Thy Dear Voice Saint-Saens Ilgenfritz, McNair
D5674 Mazurka Op. 66 No. 3 Saint-Saens Saint Saëns, Camille 
D5831 Valse Nonchalante Op.110 Db Saint-Saens Saint Saëns, Camille 
D5696 Improvisation on Themes from "Samson & Delilah" Saint-Saens Saint-Saëns, Camille 
D5673 Valse Mignonne ("Dainty Waltz") Op. 104 Eb Saint-Saens Saint-Saëns, Camille 
DD423 Valse Mignonne ("Dainty Waltz") Op. 104 Eb Saint-Saens Saint-Saëns, Camille 
D5945 Mazurka  Op. 21  No. l  g Saint-Saens  Saint-Saens, Camille
D6456 Reverie  Op. 18 Salzedo Salzedo, Carlos
D104825 Until Sanderson Armbruster, Robert
D0544 Mem’ries Sanford Bergman, Henry
D713013 There’s Yes Yes In Your Eyes Santly Moran, Alan
D713327 Angel Eyes Santly Ohman, Phil
D6993 Gavotte, Op. 5: No. 2 Sapellnikoff Ganz, Rudolph
D6211 Danse des Elfes Sapelnikoff Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D7237 Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) Op. 20 Sarasate-Enesco  Enesco, Georges
D0759 When It’s Springtime In The Rockies Sauer Alpert, Pauline
D5968 Galop de Concert  Ab Sauer Menth, Herma
D6338 Galop de Concert Sauer Renard, Rosita
D0227br Echo de Vienne (Valse de Concert) Sauer Sauer, Emil von
D0223br Etude de concert No. 7: Flammes de mer  Sauer Sauer, Emil von
D6231 Echo de Vienne-Concert Waltz, D  Sauer, von Rapee, Erno
D70599 Sonata, G  Scarlatti Hess, Myra
D69079 Caprice Scarlatti Hutcheson, Ernest
D70919 Keyboard Sonata d Scarlatti Scharrer, Irene
D8005 Pastorale and Capriccio  Scarlatti Hofmann, Josef
D6416 Polish Dance Op. 3 No. 1 eb Scharwenka Bauer, Harold
D5534 Mazurka Op. 16 No. 2 Scharwenka Scharwenka, Xaver
D5637 Polish Dance Op. 3 No. 1 eb Scharwenka  Scharwenka, Xaver
D18945 That Red Head Gal Schenck & Lodge Leith, Ernest
D0991 One Night Of Love Schertzinger Carroll, Adam
D10114 Marcheta (Mexican Love Song) Schertzinger Giovanni, Irene di
D102045 Marcheta (Mexican Love Song) Schertzinger Pitot, Genevieve
D0576 Ten Little Miles From Town Schoebel Mering, Constance
D102835 Ave Maria Schubert Armbruster, Robert
D6487 March Militaire Schubert Bauer & Gabrilowitsch
D6212 Menuetto Schubert Bauer, Harold
D6126 Litany (for All Souls’ Day) Schubert Cortot, Alfred
DA70 Litany for All Souls’ Day Schubert Cortot, Alfred
D1090 Ave Maria (accomp.) Schubert de Marco, Elena
D7090 March Heroique Op. 40 No 3 (four hand arrangement) Schubert Friedman, Ignaz
D6066 Moment Musical Op. 94 No. 2 Schubert Giorni, Aurelio
D73039 Hedge Rose (Haidenroslein) Schubert Kerr, Muriel 
D6287 Serenade "Schwanengesang" No. 4 Schubert Levinson-Sinclair, Lionel
D5120 Symphony in b (Unfinished) 1st part Schubert Stoessel, Albert
D5130 Symphony In b (Unfinished) 2nd part Schubert Stoessel, Albert
D6233 Moment Musical, Op. 94: No. 6, Ab  Schubert Denton, Oliver
D7089 Impromptu, Op. 90: No. 3, Gb  Schubert Hutcheson, Ernest
DD717 A Children’s Centenary Roll Schubert  (Bauer,  Cortot, Gabrilowitsch, Paderewski)
DD363 Impromptu  Op. 142  No. 3  Bb "Rosamunde"  Schubert  Cortot, Alfred
D6441 Impromptu Op. 142 No. 3 Bb "Rosamunde"  Schubert  Cortot, Alfred
D5706 Impromptu Op.142 No. Bb "Rosamunde" Schubert  Friedberg, Carl
DD715 Moment Musical  Op. 94  No. 3  f Schubert  Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D5841 Moment Musical Op. 94 No. 3 f Schubert  Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D6200 Ballet Music from the Stage Work "Rosamunde" Op. 26 Schubert  Ganz, Rudolph
D6189 Impromptu Op. 90 No. 3 Gb Schubert  Giorni, Aurelio
D6492 Moment Musical  Op. 94  No. 4  c Schubert  Hutcheson, Ernest
D6520 Moment Musical  Op. 94  No. 2  Ab Schubert  Ney, Elly
D6794 Impromptu Op.142 No. 2 Ab  Schubert  Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5582 Hark Hark! the Lark!  Schubert/Liszt Leginska, Ethel
D5952 Standchen (Serenade) Schwanengesang No. 4 Schubert/Liszt Nellis, Daisy
D7144 Am Meer (By the Sea)  Schubert/Liszt Vecsei, Desider
D6176 Die Forelle (The Trout) Op. 32 Schubert-Heller Giorni, Aurelio
D6671 Serenade No. 4 ("Schwanengesang") Schubert-Liszt Bauer, Harold
D6407 The ErlKing (Der Erlkoenig) Schubert-Liszt Friedman, Ignaz
D7282 Liebesbotschaft Schubert-Liszt Horowitz, Vladimir
D5952BR Serenade "Schwanengesang" No. 4 Schubert-Liszt Nellis, Daisy
D6694 Hark, Hark, The Lark Schubert-Liszt Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5801 Soirées de Viennes (Vienna Evenings) #7 Valse Caprice Schubert-Liszt  Friedberg, Carl
DD687 Der Erlkoenig (The ErlKing)  Schubert-Liszt  Friedman, Ignaz
D5900 Frühlingsglaube (Faith in Spring) Schubert-Liszt  Giorni, Aurelio
D6052 Hark  Hark! the Lark! Schubert-Liszt  Giorni, Aurelio
D5790 Du bist die Ruh (Thou Art Repose) Schubert-Liszt  Hutcheson, Ernest
D7435 Soiree de Vienne (Viennese Evening) No. 6 a Schubert-Liszt  Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5584 Military March Op. 51 No. 1  Schubert-Tausig Leginska, Ethel
D6458 Un peu baroque Schuett Arndt, Felix
D6311 A la bien aimee, To the Well-Beloved, Op. 59: No. 2 Schuett Baldwin, Carolyn-Cone
D6986 Valse ‘A la bien aimee’  Op.
59  No.2
Schuett Bauer, Harold
DS3011 Reverie Op. 34 No. 4 Schuett Boguslawski, Moissaye
DS3011 Reverie Op. 34 No. 5 Schuett Boguslawski, Moissaye
D71210 Pierrot Reveur Op. 48 No. 5 ("Carnaval Mignon") Schuett Goodman, Lawrence
D7227 Valse Lente, Op. 17: No. 2 (Stonehill Correction)  Schuett Hofmann, Josef
D5665 A la bien Aimée (Papillons d’amour) Op. 59 No. 2 Schuett Ilgenfritz, McNair
D67018 Romance Op. 38 No. 2 Schuett Pesetzki, David
D57148 Pierrot Reveur Schuett Raab, Alexander
D6127 Serenade de Arlequin Op. 48 No. 2 "Carnival Mignon" Schuett Raab, Alexander
D5631BR Tendre Aveu Rompance Op. 59 No. 2 Schuett Raab, Alexander
DS30978 Tendre Aveu (Tender Confessions) Op. 43 No. 2 Schuett Russell, Dallmeyer
D6243 Canzonetta, Op. 28: No. 3, D  Schuett Berumen, Ernesto
D6351BR Souvenir de Varsovie Schulhoff Spross, Charles G.
DW403 Album for the Young  Op. 68 Schumann Bauer, Harold
D6251 Album for the Young  Op. 68:
Merry Farmer etc.
Schumann Bauer, Harold
DA76 Album for the Young  Op. 68:
Poor Orphan; Hunting Song
Schumann Bauer, Harold
D7224 Kinderscenen (Scenes from Childhood) Op. 15 (9) Schumann Bauer, Harold
D6921 Novellette Op. 21 No. 2 D Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5682 Novellette Op. 21 No. l F Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5749 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# (Introduction) Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5750 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# 1st Mvt. Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5769 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# 2nd Mvt. Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5769 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# 2nd Mvt. Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5787 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# 3rd Mvt. Schumann Bauer, Harold
D5800 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11 f# 4th Mvt. Schumann Bauer, Harold
D6498 Toccata Op. 7 Schumann Bauer, Harold
D73460 Traumerie Op. 15 No. 7 Schumann Bauer, Harold
D6114 Prophet Bird (Vogel als Prophet) (from "Waldescenen") Schumann Beebe, Carolyn
D1084S The Lotus Flower (accomp.) Schumann Bos, Coenraad
D10318S The Two Grenadiers Schumann Bos, Coenraad
D6570 "Fantasiestücke" Op. 12 
Nos. 1: Des Abends; 3: Warum
Schumann Friedman, Ignaz
DW404 Warum ("Why"), Op. 12 No. 4 Schumann Friedman, Ignaz
D5660 Romance Op. 28 No. 2 F# Schumann Ganz, Rudolph
D5855 Traumeri (Reverie)   Schumann Godowsky, Leopold
D0236BRB Fantasia Op. 17, C: 3rd Mvt  Schumann Goodson, Katherine
D0235BR Fantasie Op. 17 in C 2nd Mvt. Schumann Goodson, Katherine
D0236BR Fantasie Op. 17 in C 3rd Mvt. Schumann Goodson, Katherine
D0235BRB Fantasie, C, Op. 17: 2nd Mvt  Schumann Goodson, Katherine
D7362 Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 22 g 2nd Mvt. Schumann Grainger, Percy
D6859 Symphonic Etudes Op. 13 Part I Schumann Grainger, Percy
D6868 Symphonic Etudes Op. 13 Part II Schumann Grainger, Percy
D6665 Fantasiestücke" Op. 12 No. 2: Aufschwung (Soaring) Schumann Hofmann, Josef
D0298br "Faschingsschwank aus Wien" Op. 26: Romance Schumann Kreutzer, Leonid
D5663 Kinderscenen (Childhood Scenes) Op. 15: No. 7, Traumerei (Dreaming) Schumann Masson, Jessie
D6488 Nocturne (Nachtstück) Op. 23 No. 4 
Schumann Novaes, Guiomar
D7262BR Nachtstuck Op. 23 No. 4 F Schumann Paderewski, Ignace J.
D611BR Farewell Op. 82 No. 9 Schumann Powell, John
D6201 Waldscenen (Forest Scenes) Op. 82 No. 8: Hunting Song Schumann Powell, John
D6337 Waldscenen (Forest Scenes) Op. 82: No. 1, Entrance  Schumann Powell, John
D6560 Papillons (Butterflies) Op. 2 Schumann Rubinstein, Arthur
D7049 "Faschingsschwank aus Wien" Op. 26 No. 4: Intermezzo Schumann Scharrer, Irene
D6264 Carnaval Op. 9 Nos. 1-11  Schumann Schmitz, E. Robert
D6282 Carnaval Op. 9 Nos. 12-20 Schumann Schmitz, E. Robert
D68058 The Album Op. 34 No. 2 (Piano part only) Schumann Shepherd, Arthur
D6384 Romance, Op. 28: No. 2, F#  Schumann Grainger, Percy
D7284 Novellette, Op. 99: No. 9, Bb  Schumann Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
D8016 Kreisleriana, Op. 16:: lst Mvt  Schumann Ross, Hugh
D8020 Waldscenen (Forest Scenes) Op. 82: No. 7, Bird as Prophet  Schumann Paderewski, Ignace Jan
DD811 Poor Orphan, Little Hunting Song from "Album for the
Young"  Op. 68 
Schumann  Bauer, Harold
D5658 Novellette  Op. 21  No. 7  E Schumann  Friedberg, Carl
DA59 Fantasiestucke,  Op. 12  No. 2: Aufschwung (Soaring) Schumann  Hofmann, Josef
D5586 Kinderscenen Op. 15 No 7: Traumerei Schumann  Leginska, Ethel
D7262 Nachtstuck (Nocturne) Op. 23 
No. 4  F 
Schumann  Paderewski, Ignace J.
D5531 Carnaval  Op. 9  No. 20: "Marche des Davidsbundler Schumann  Scharwenka, Xaver
DA104 Arabesque  Op. 18  C Schumann  Vecsei, Desider
D7200 Fruhlingsnacht (Spring Night) Op. 39: No. 12  Schumann/Liszt Cherkassky, Shura
D6958 Widmung (Dedication) Schumann-Liszt  Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6027 Widmung (Dedication) Schumann-Liszt  Shattuck, Arthur
D7072 The Contrabandista Op. 85 No. 6 Schumann-Tausig Hofmann, Josef
D5979 El Contrabandista (The Smuggler) Op. 85  No. 6 Schumann-Tausig  Lerner, Tina
D19085 Hi Lee  Hi Lo  Schuster Schott, Marion
D0781 Something To Remember You By Schwartz Chase, Newell
D0678 Can’t We Be Friends (from "The Little Show") Schwartz Kerr, Thompson
D73758 Little Show Medley Schwartz Ohman, Phil
D0972 From the Comedy "She Loves Me Not" Schwartz-Heyman Lane, Victor
D7163 Forest Elves Op. 70: No. 5  Schytte Hofmann, Josef
D6053 Two Pierrot Pieces Op. 35  No.
1: Lento
Scott Beebe, Carolyn
D6267 Two Pierrot Pieces Op. 35  No.
1: Lento
Scott Boguslawski, Moissaye
D6257 Passacaglia from "Pastoral Suite " No. 5:  Scott Davies, Reuben
D5955 Valse Caprice Op. 74 No. 7 Scott Davies, Reuben
D67899 Water-Wagtail (Novelty) Op. 21 No. 3 Scott Deyo, Ruth
D6225 Etude Op. 64 No. 2: Allegro con brio Scott Henry, Harold
D10073 God Is Love; Open My Eyes That I May See Scott Kennedy, Dion
D1044 Blackbird’s Song (accomp.) Scott Rapee, Erno
D07br Caprice Chinois Scott Scott, Cyril
D6406 Dance Negre Op. 58 Scott Scott, Cyril
D01br In the Forest (from "Vistas" No. 2) Scott Scott, Cyril
DS31258 Two Pierrot Pieces, Op. 35, No 1: Lento Scott Walson, Zoe
D5796 Danse Negre, Op. 58: No. 5 Scott Baldwin, Carolyn-Cone
D6096 Lotus Land Op. 47 No. 1 eb Scott  Reuter, Rudolph
D6514 Symphonic Dance No. 1  (Arr.
for 2 Pianos)
Scott-Grainger Scott & Grainger
D19135D A Tango In The Night Scotto Leith & Earl
D67040 Impromptu à la Mazurka Op. 10 No. 2 Scriabin Borovsky, Alexander
D6721 Preludes Op. 9 No. 1; Op. 15 No. 2 Scriabin Borovsky, Alexander
D6623 Etude Op. 8 No. 12 d# "Pathétique" Scriabin Cortot, Alfred
D5865 Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 for Left Hand Alone Scriabin Lambert, Alexander
D6518 Serenata Napolitana  Seeboeck Cone-Baldwin, Carolyn
D70418 Minuet a L’Antico Seeboeck Russell, Dallmeyer
D7041 Minuet à l’antico (In Olden Style) Seeboeck Russell, Dallmeyer
D5844 Die Lorelei Op. 2 Seeling Adler, Clarence
D72048 Amaryllis (Valse Lente) Seger Pitot, Genevieve
D103595 California Lullaby Seiger Bergman, Henri
D101555 The World Is Waiting For Sun to Rise Seitz Bergman, Henri
D6007 Andalucia  Op. 19  No. 2 Sequeira Sequeira, David
D6104 Elenita (Danzon) Op. 29 No. 3 Sequeira Sequiera, David
D6177 La Petite (West Indian Dance) Sequeira Sequiera, David
D0962 Moon About Town, Suddenly, I Like the Likes About You Seusse & Duke Arden, Victor
D9138 Listener’s Key to Music, Roll 3 – Chords Seymour Seymour, Harriet
D6060 Ländler (Tirolese) Sgambati Novaes, Guiomar
D0619 If I Had You Shapiro/Campbell/Connelly Kerwin, Gene
D06190 If I Had You  Shapiro/Campbell/Connelly Kerwin, Gene
D5553 L’Hesitation Shaw Arndt, Felix
D0537 Get Out and Under the Moon Shay Milne, Frank
D713151 Save Your Sorrows  Sherman Moran & Leith
D0702 He’s So Unusual Sherman, Lewis & Silver Kerwin, Gene
D72217 Valse Helene Shewell Shewell, Dunbar
D73317 The Haunted Flame Shewell Shewell, George
D713324 Beside A Garden Wall Short & Delbridge Mering, Constance
D1544 That Creepy Weepy Feeling Shroeder Erlebach & Herzog
DA4 Valse Trieste Sibelius Bauer, Harold
D5960 Valse Triste Op. 44 No. 1 g "Kuolema" (Death) Sibelius Bauer, Harold
D539 Finlandia Overture Op. 26 No. 7 Sibelius Ganz & Hutcheson
D5842 Romance Op. 24 No. 9 Db Sibelius Ganz, Rudolph
D6260 Dreams of Vienna – Valse Sieczynski Spencer, Eleanor
D0986 I Saw Stars Sigler, Goodhart & Hoffman Lane, Victor
D102785 Will You Remember Me?  Sigmund Armbruster, Robert
D102095 Love Here is My Heart Silesu Armbruster, Robert
D102095R Love Here is My Heart  Silesu Armbruster, Robert
D0494 Mary Anne Silver Maddon, Harvey
D18935 Yes! We Have No Bananas (from "Make It Snappy") Silver & Cohn Addison & Gordon
D19055 Bebe Silver & Coslow Banta, Frank
D713445 Dawning Silver & Pinkhard Mering, Constance
D0530 I Wonder Silver, Pinkard & Davis Maddon, Harvey
D0637 Weary River Silvers Maddon, Harvey
D19555 I’m Goin’ South Silver-Woods Perkins, Ray
D104775 Sweetheart of My Student Days Simons Carroll, Adam
D0740 The One I Love Just Can’t Be Bothered With Me Simons Kerwin, Gene
D713392 Rosy Cheeks Simons & Whiting Moran, Alan
D713281 Girl of the Southern Sea Waltz   Sinclair Leith & Addison
D6729 Fruhlingsrauschen (Rustle of Spring) 
Op. 32  No. 3  Db
Sinding Ganz, Rudolph
DS31033 Rustle of Spring Op. 32 No. 3 Sinding Ganz, Rudolph
D6045 Caprice  Op. 44  No. 12 Sinding Leedy, Charles
D6376 Norwegian Folk Song Sinding Shattuck, Arthur
D5809 Frühlingsrauschen (Rustle of Spring) Op. 32 No. 3 Sinding  Shattuck, Arthur
D1555 Through Twilight Land (from "Dewdrop Inn") Sloane Wilson & Brown
D6761 Bohemian Caprice, F  Smetana Backhaus, Wilhelm
D101796 Twas The Night Before Christmas" Smith Bergman, Henri
D6535 Woodland Chimes Smith Di Giovanni, Irene
D101265 Star-Spangled Banner Smith Ganz, Rudolph
D6466 Fantaisie Brillante on the Opera "Maritana" Smith Rapee, Erno
D6471 Scene d’amour (Romance) Op. 61 No. 2 Smith  Boguslawski, Moissaye
D68078 Folk Melody March Smith (arr.) Perkins, Ray
D0831 When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain Smith, Woods & Johnson Ferguson, Ruth
D1766 Sheik of Araby Snyder Banta, Frank
D1806 Dancing Fool Snyder Lange, Henry
D18825 Who’s Sorry Now? Snyder Perkins, Ray
D713032 All Alone With You In a Little Rendezvous  Snyder Rich & Milne
D6452 Swedish Wedding March Op. 12 No. 1: "Wedding at Ulfasa" Sodermann Reuter, Rudolph
D713130 The World Is Such A Lonesome Place (Since I Lost You) Solman Perkins, Ray
D5590 Thirty-Two Motives on Chopin Sonnakolb Sonnakolb, Franklin S.
D5778 Improvisation on a Chilean Theme Soro Soro, Enrique
D5777 Tango Elegante  Soro Soro, Enrique
D1676 Glory of the Yankee Navy Sousa Erlebach & MIlne
D18865d Nobels of the Mystic Shrine Sousa Erlebach & MIlne
D19065D The Dauntless Battalion (March) Sousa Erlebach & MIlne
D6276 Hands Across the Sea March Sousa Lincoln, Ben
D6248 Stars and Stripes Forever March Sousa Lincoln, Ben
D101865 On the Road to Mandalay Speaks Armbruster, Robert
D11366 Sylvia (accomp) Speaks Eakin, Vera
D1073S On The Road To Mandalay (sr accomp) Speaks Shaw, Eleanor
D1687 Granada Spencer Erlebach & Milne
D1816 I Wish I Knew Spencer Lange, Henry
D10127 Flow Gently Sweet Afton Spilman Giovanni, Irene di
D0827 Hour of Parting Spoliansky Milne, Frank
D0986BR Stein Song Sprague Waldron, Gene
D1043 Yesterday and Today (accomp.) Spross Spross, Charles
D10109S I Love, And The World Is Mine Spross Spross, Charles G.
D1011S Ishtar (sr accomp) Spross Spross, Charles G.
D5866 Spring Song  Spross Spross, Charles G.
D1009S The Awakening (accompaniment only) Spross Spross, Charles G.
D5795 Will o’ the Wisp  Spross Spross, Charles G.
D0710 Dance Away The Night (from "Married in Hollywood") Stamper Milne, Frank
D1813 Ziegfield Follies of 1922 Medley: ‘Neath the South Sea Moon, Sunny South,
My Rambler Rose, List’ning on Some Radio
Stamper & Hirsch Banta & Erlebach
D66338 Sous Boise ("In the Woods") Staub Reuter, Rudolph
D5954 Sous bois (In the Woods) Op. 6 Staub  Menth, Herma
DS31279 Danse Exotique Steinert Robinson, Carol
D6167 Prelude Steinert Steinert, Alexander
D8012 Zarmi No. 1  Steinert Fuleihan, Anis
D6507 Etude de concert No. 3 Op. 103 Sternberg Hofmann, Josef
D6128 Night Song, Op. 56: No. 6  Sternberg Sternberg, Constantin
D5525 Chant d’amour (Love Song) Op. 26 No. 3 Stojowski Ganz, Rudolph
D68717 Valse-Danse Humoresque,  Op.
12, No. 2
Stojowski Hoffman, Josef
D6888 Valse-Danse Humoresque Op. 12 No. 2 Stojowski Maer, Lois
D0816 Two Hearts Stolz Carroll, Adam
D0478 Dawn (from "Golden Dawn) Stolz & Stohart Pollock, Muriel
D0581 I Wanna Be Loved by You Stothart & Ruby Ohman, Phil
D0851 Cuban Love Song Stothart, McHugh & Fields Warren, Harry
D1768 June Moon Straight Banta, Frank
D1688 I Love You Sunday Straight Hess, Cliff
D73949 Chocolate Soldier Selections Straus, O. Armbruster, Robert
D70797 Waltz Medley from the Opera "A Waltz Dream"  Straus, O. Armbruster, Robert
D7394BR Selections from "The Chocolate Soldier" Straus, Oscar Armbruster, Robert
D102245 My Hero Strauss Armbruster, Robert
D5507 My Hero (from"The Chocolate Soldier") Strauss Arndt, Felix
D1086S Serenade, Op. 17, No. 2 (accomp.) Strauss LaForge, Frank
D6684 Serenade (Ständchen) Op. 17 No. 2 Strauss (R.)-Backhaus Backhaus, Wilhelm
D7300 Ramble On The Love Duet From "Der Rosenkavalier" Strauss (R.)-Grainger Grainger, Percy
D6447 Artist’s Life Waltzes Op. 316 Strauss, Jr Rapee, Erno
D7387BR Die Fledermaus – Selections Strauss, Jr. Armbruster, Robert
D1501 Blue Danube Waltz (for dancing) Strauss, Jr. Arndt, Felix
D1525 Strauss Waltzes Medley Strauss, Jr. Arndt, Felix
D6016 Roses from the South Waltzes Op. 388 Strauss, Jr. Epstein, Richard
D6984 "Beautiful Blue Danube" Waltzes Op. 314 Strauss, Jr. Friedman, Ignaz
D6752 Paraphrase on "Weiner Blut" Waltzes Strauss, Jr. Hughes, Edwin
D6858 Man lebt nur einmal (Only Live Once) Waltzes Strauss, Jr. Lamond, Frederic
D6112 Morning Journals Waltz Op. 279 Strauss, Jr. Rode & Menth
D66306 Waltz from Der Rosenkavalier Op. 59 Strauss, Richard Longo, Frank
D6592 Concert Arabesques on Motifs of the Blue Danube Strauss-Schulz-Evler Leginska, Ethel
D6006 "Blue Danube" Arabesques Strauss-Schulz-Evler Renard, Rosita
D6956 Piano Sonata 2nd Mvt. Adagietto Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
D7002 Piano Sonata 3rd Mvt. Allegro moderato Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
D6867 Piano Sonata lst Mvt. Moderato Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD759 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 1 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD761 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 2 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD763 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 3 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD765 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 4 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD767 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 5 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
DD769 Firebird Suite (The) Roll 6 Stravinsky Stravinsky, Igor
D101785 Sweetest Story Ever Told Stults Bergman, Henri
D0826 Have You Forgotten? Suesse & Shilkret Ferguson, Ruth
D6465 Czecho-Slovak Folk Tune Op. 12 No. 2 Suk  Dvorak, Marie
D67587 H.M.S. Pinafore Selections (may be 67589) Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D70459 Iolanthe Selections  Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D66489 Mikado Selections Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D70959 Pirates of Penzance (The) Selections Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D6758 Selections from the Operetta "H.M.S. Pinafore" (may be 67589) Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D7367BR The Gondoliers Sullivan Armbruster, Robert
D10109 Onward Christian Soldiers Sullivan Kennedy, Dion
D100825 The Lost Chord Sullivan Rapee, Erno
D0563BR The Lost Chord Sullivan  Rapee, Erno
D1769 Stealing Sullivan, Dan Ohman, Phil
D0680 I May Be Wrong Sullivan, Henry Henrietta, (Miss)
D101936 The Lost Chord; Barcarolle (from "Tales of Hoffman") Sullivan/Offenbach Gartlan, George H.
D6249 Overture to the Stage Work "Poet and Peasant" Suppe  Rapee, Erno
D713279 Trail of Dreams Swan Mering, Constance
D102605 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown? Sweney Kennedy, Dion
D0766 With My Guitar and You Synder Addison, Ralph
D18465 One Night In June Synder, Lange & Klapholz Banta, Frank
DD2255 Etude Op. 4: No. 3, Bb  Szymanowski Hess, Myra
D103505 When Twilight Comes Tandler Ohman, Phil
D11828 Variations on a Theme by Correlli (accomp. violin) Tartini-Kreisler Benoist, Andre
D5754 Somewhere a Voice is Calling Tate Arndt, Felix
D6000 Intermezzo Tavarez Tavarez, Elisa
D69049 A Kiss in Xanadu Taylor Armbruster, Robert
D713023 Tune In Tuinucu Taylor Clair, Herbert
D103176 The Christ Childe Legend Tchaikovsky Armbruster, Robert
D5977 Chants sans paroles (Without Words) 
Op. 2 #3  F
Tchaikovsky Boguslawski, Moissaye
D71549 Chant Sans Parole Op. 2 No. 3 Tchaikovsky Cherkassky, Shura
D5616 Romance Op. 5 f Tchaikovsky Friedberg, Carl
D6866 Romance  Op. 5  f Tchaikovsky Friedman, Ignaz
D540 Slavic March Op. 31 Tchaikovsky Ganz, Rudolph
D5873 Meditation from 18 Piano Pieces Op. 72 No. 5 Tchaikovsky Giorni, Aurelio
D6810 "The Nutcracker" Op.71a: Arab; Chinese; Reed Flute Dances  Tchaikovsky Grainger, Percy
D6798 "The Nutcracker" Op.71a: March; Candy Fairy; Russian Dance Tchaikovsky Grainger, Percy
D6085 Paraphrase on the "Waltz of the Flowers" Tchaikovsky Grainger, Percy
D5957 Chanson triste (Song of Sadness) Op. 40  No. 2 Tchaikovsky Hambourg, Mark
D6244 Danse Caracteristique Op. 72 No. 4 Tchaikovsky Heinrich, Gebhard
D7115 Humoresque  Op. 12  No. 2  G Tchaikovsky Hofmann, Josef
D7281 Doumka Op. 59 Tchaikovsky Horowitz, Vladimir
D521 Symphony No. 5  e  Op. 64 3rd Mvt. Tchaikovsky Lamond, Frederic
D5180 Symphony No. 5 e Op. 64 1st Mvt. Part 1 Tchaikovsky Lamond, Frederic
D520 Symphony No. 5 e Op. 64 2nd Mvt. Tchaikovsky Lamond, Frederic
D522 Symphony No. 5 e Op. 64 4th Mvt. Tchaikovsky Lamond, Frederic
D73520 The Months, Op. 37a No. 10:October Tchaikovsky Leginska, Ethel
D71289 Barcarolle (from "The Seasons") Tchaikovsky Reisenberg, Nadia
D70829 Noel (December) Op. 37 A No. 12 Tchaikovsky Reisenberg, Nadia
DA8 Humoresque Op. 10 No. 2 G Tchaikovsky Reuter, Rudolph
D5080 Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique" 1st Mvt.   Tchaikovsky Stoessel, Albert
D5090 Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique" 1st Mvt. Part 2 Tchaikovsky Stoessel, Albert
D509 Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique" 1st Mvt. Part 2 (may be 5090) Tchaikovsky Stoessel, Albert
D5170 Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique" 4th Mvt.   Tchaikovsky Stoessel, Albert
D5070 Symphony No. 6 Op 74 b "Pathetique Tchaikovsky Stoessel, Albert
D7359 1811 Overture, Op. 49  Tchaikovsky Leginska, Ethel
D6717 String Quartet No. 1 2nd Mvt.: Andante cantabile Tchaikovsky-Bauer  Bauer, Harold
D6132 Dance of the Reed Flutes from "The Nutcracker", Op. 71 Tchaikovsky-Essipov Giorni, Aurelio
D7351 Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture Tchaikovsky-Grainger  Leopold, Ralph & Grainger, Percy
D6459 Concert Paraphrase on Opera "Eugen Onégin" Op. 81 Tchaikovsky-Pabst Lerner, Tina
D101565 If Winter Comes Tennent Summers, Robert
D67468 Murillo – Allegro de Concert Op. 138 Terschak Pitot, Genevieve
D10059 Last Rose of Summer; Annie Laurie Thalberg; Scott Polson, Ina Warwick
D0467 I Fell Head Over Heals In Love Thayer Milne, Frank
D70789 "Mignon" Selections  Thomas Armbruster, Robert
D6234 The Black Rose. Valse Intermezzo Thomas Arndt, Felix
D6277 Overture to the Opera "Mignon" Thomas Rapee, Erno
D63439 Raymond Overture  Thomas Rapee, Erno
D1635 Valse Inspiration Thomas & Eckstein Thomas, Harry
D5959 Simple Aveu (Simple Confession) Op. 25  Thome Adler, Clarence
D6467 Sous la feuillée (Under the Leaves) Op. 29 Thome Hughes, Edwin
D70627 Simple Aveu (Simple Confession) Op. 25  Thome Mering, Constance
D5883 Minuet Modern Thompson Thompson, John
D10001 How Can I Leave Thee? Thuringian Folk Song Arndt, Felix
D18605 Journey’s End (from "Up She Goes") Tierney Lange, Henry
D0578 Right Out of Heaven Tierney Maddon, Harvey
D713356 Rio Rita Tierney Mering & Pollack
D713351 The Kinkajou (from "Rio Rita") Tierney Mering & Pollock
D1969 Someone Loves You After All (The Rain Song) Tierney Milne, Frank
D104495 You’re Always In My Arms Tierney Milne, Frank
D6554 Serenade Titl-Krimmling Armbruster, Robert
D10088 God Be With You Til We Meet Again Tomer  Polson, Ina
D1003 Good-Bye Tosti Arndt, Felix
D10020 Mother O’Mine Tours Arndt, Felix
D5622 Annie Laurie Trad/Himmelreich Himmelreich, Ferdinand
D70128 "Grand-Pa’s Favorite" Quadrille Traditional Armbruster, Robert
D103535 Ciribiribin; Mari-Mari Traditional Armbruster, Robert
D71508 The Jewish National Hymn Traditional Bellin, Jacob
D104595 Dark Eyes (Gypsy Love Song) Traditional Bergman, Henri
D6760 Two Musical Relics of My Mother  Traditional Grainger, Rose & Percy
D102078 Nursery Rhymes No. 1 Traditional Hodgson, Hugh
D100856 Christmas Carols Traditional Kennedy, Dion
D10105 Fantasy on Christmas Hymns Traditional Kennedy, Dion
D10061 Bonnie Doon; Auld Lang Syne Traditional Polson, Ina
D10075 Medley of College Songs Traditional Rapee, Erno
D6484 Songs of Sunny Italy: O Sole Mio, etc. Traditional Rapee, Erno
D102068 Children’s Singing Games No. 3 Traditional Winn, Caroma
D102108 Children’s Singing Games No. 5 Traditional   Winn, Caroma
D102238 Children’s Singing Games No. 8 Traditional    Winn, Caroma
D6358 Song of the Volga Boatmen Traditional-Cady Ganz, Rudolph
D1776D Virginia Reel Traditional-Milne Milne, Frank
D100637 Sweet Genevieve; How Can I Leave Thee? (Thuringian Folk Song) Tucker London, Ed
D0563 Evening Star Turk & Ahlert Moran, Alan
D0644 (Why Must You Be) Mean To Me Turk & Ahlert  Ralston, Douglas
D713432 Are You Lonesome Tonight? Turk & Handman Alpert, Pauline
D713179 I’m Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston Turk & Handman Bloom, Robert
D19015 My Sweetie Went Away  Turk & Handman Hess & Leith
D1878R Beale Street Mama Turk & Robinson Hess, Cliff
D713233 Gimme a Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh? Turk, Smith & Pinkard Moran, Alan
D102415 In a Little Town Nearby Turner-Maley Turner-Maley, Florence
D103948 Jingly Ringly Rhymes Turner-Malley Turner-Malley
D5559 Tout a Vous  Tyers Arndt, Felix
D18445D Admiration (Hawaiian Idyll) Tyers Leith, Ernest
DC2 Land Where The Snowflakes Are unknown Armbruster, Robert
D6393 Inca Rhapsodie Op. 11 No. 3 Valderama Valderama, Carlos
D6438 Worship To The Sun Valderama Valderama, Carlos
D0661 I’m Just A Vagabond Lover Vallee & Zimmerman Milne, Frank
D104665 Old New England Moon Vance & Howard Pollock, Muriel
D101395 Good Bye, Sweet Day Vannah Jones, Herbert
D6261 A Garden Dance Vargas Rapee, Erno
D74596 Earl Carroll’s Vanities of 1932 Various Addison, Ralph 
D73099 Musical Comedy Medley No. 2 Various Alpert, Pauline
D75056 Southern Melodies  Dinner
Series No. 15
Various Arden & Carroll
D70049 Concert Music At The Hotel Commodore Various Armbruster, Robert
D72669 Concert Music at the Hotel Sherry-Netherland Various Armbruster, Robert
D6935 Concert Music at Waldorf Astoria (pgm: Joseph Knecht’s Orchestra) Various Armbruster, Robert
D70719 Concert Music from Drake Hotel Various Armbruster, Robert
D68438 English Country Dances Roll 1 Various Armbruster, Robert
D68548 English Country Dances Roll 3 Various Armbruster, Robert
D12199S Four French Songs (accomp.) Various Armbruster, Robert
D73958 Harry Lauder Medley Various Armbruster, Robert
D67168 Meditations No. 1 Various Armbruster, Robert
Ds30718 Meditations No. 2 Various Armbruster, Robert
D3077BR Meditations No. 3 Various Armbruster, Robert
Ds30778 Meditations No. 3  Various Armbruster, Robert
D74208 Tea Time Music Various Armbruster, Robert
D102947 Two Easter Hymns Various Armbruster, Robert
D68178 Waltz Medley Various Armbruster, Robert
D6077 Medley of Hymns: Abide with me; Rock of Ages  etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D6111 Medley of Irish Airs: Kathleen Mavourneen etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D6111BR Medley of Irish Airs: Kathleen Mavourneen etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D6004 Medley of Old Favorites: Silver Threads  etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D6179 Medley of Scottish Songs: "Annie Laurie" etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D6022 Plantation Songs Medley My Old Kentucky Home et al. Various Arndt, Felix
D5687 Selections from the Broadway Show "Follies of 1915" Various Arndt, Felix
D5989 Songs of the Sea (Medley): Asleep in the deep etc. Various Arndt, Felix
D102688 Yale Songs Various Bartholomew, Marshall
D103918 Mother Goose Rhymes Various Bergman, Henri
D103267 Songs of Bygone Days Various Bergman, Henri
D10091 Negro Spirituals Various Blake, Eubie
D0966 Wagon Wheels / Lullaby in Blue Various Carroll, Adam
D72388 Popular Song Medley Various Chase, Newell
D101418 Children’s Popular Songs & Games Various Earl, Bud
D10137 Around the Christmas Tree Various Erelbach & Milne
D01093 Hits from "Broadway Melody of 1938" Various Farquhar, Robert
D01067 No Regrets, Someday We’ll Meet Again, I Can’t Escape from You Various Farquhar, Robert
D9058S The Melody Way for Teaching Piano Playing, Roll 5 Various Gartlan, George
D102718 Dartmouth Songs Various Golde, Walter
D102698 Harvard Songs Various Hancock, Frank
D10136 Songs Of Christmas Tide Various Kennedy, Dion
D101448 Songs of the Child World, Book 1 Various Kennedy, Dion
D75202 Dinner Music: Deep Purple; Moon/Silver Dollar…  Various Lawrence, Jeremy
D75208 Dinner Music: Deep Purple; Moon/Silver Dollar…  Various Lawrence, Jeremy
D74848 Dinner Music No. 3 Various Milne, Frank
D10122 Fellowship Medley Various Milne, Frank
D74346 Fox Trot Medley No. 3 Various Milne, Frank
D105077 Home Harmonies Various Milne, Frank
D105058R Home Harmonies No. 2  Various Milne, Frank
D7501BR Melodies in Blue Various Milne, Frank
D18478 Old Timer’s Waltz Medley Various Milne, Frank
D74886 Outstanding Hits of the Day Fox-Trot Medley No. 26 Various Milne, Frank
D74696R Outstanding Hits of the Day Medley: No. 13  Various Milne, Frank
D74427 Outstanding Hits of the Day No. 2 Various Milne, Frank
D74766R Outstanding Hits of the Day: Medley No. 17, Sophisticated Lady, etc.  Various Milne, Frank
D74876R Outstanding Hits of the Day: Medley No. 25, Take a Lesson from the Lark,
Thank You for a Lovely Evening, Moonglow, Tonight
Is Mine
Various Milne, Frank
D74616 Outstanding Hits Of The Day-Dance Medley Various Milne, Frank
D74546 Outstanding Song Hits of the Day No. 3 Various Milne, Frank
D7458 Outstanding Song Hits of the Day No. 5 (Instrumental) Various Milne, Frank
D74496R Popular Dance Medley No. 1: All of Me Lies, et al.  Various Milne, Frank
D75076 Waltz & Fox-Trot Medley No. 38: Love like a Cigarette  Various Milne, Frank
D74217 Hits from the Photo-play and Musical Comedy Stage Various Ohman, Phil
D10070 Juanita; Sweet and Low Various Rapee, Erno
D68489 Songs of Sunny Italy: Funiculi, Funicula; Ciribirin; O Sole Mio etc. Various Rapee, Erno
D64849 Songs of Sunny Italy: O Sole Mio, etc.  Various Rapee, Erno
D102708 Princeton Songs Various Samuels, Arthur
D01091 The Lady Who Couldn’t Be Kissed, Song of the Marines Various Sherry Bros.
DS3221 Demonstration Roll 01-24 Various Various
DS3220 June (1929) Duo-Art Bulletin Roll Various Various
DS3216 May (1929) Duo-Art Bulletin Roll Various Various
DS31458 Musical Bouquet (Dealer’s Demonstration Roll) Various Various
DS3226 October 1929 Duo-Art Bulletin Roll Various Various
D7308 Danube Waltz Medley  Various Pollock, Muriel
D8001 TatiTati (Chopsticks) recorded by Ganz, Hofmann, Harold  Various Hutcheson, Bauer
D74646 Popular Hits of the Moment, Fox-Trot Medley No. 10 Various  Addison, Ralph
D10124 Patriotic Song Medley No.1  Various  Mills & Brooks
D74816 Outstanding Hits of the Moment, Fox-Trot Medley No. 21 Various  Milne, Frank
D74626 Outstanding Waltz Melodies of the Day (no. 1) Various   Lester, Edwin
D100478 Christmas Fantasie Various   Rapee, Erno
DS3228 November (1929) Bulletin Roll Various    Various  
D71436 Play Me Another – Medley No. 1 Various-Armbruster Armbruster, Robert
D6374 Improvisation on Hungarian Vecsei Vecsei, Desider
D66769BR Aida Selections Verdi Armbruster, Robert
D66769 Aida Selections  Verdi Armbruster, Robert
D6861 Selections from the Opera "La Traviata" Verdi Armbruster, Robert
D6412 Il Trovatore Verdi Rapee, Erno
D6517 Rigoletto Selections  Verdi Rapee, Erno
D6676 Aida: Selections  Verdi Armbruster, Robert
D713003 Rigoletto: Paraphrase  Verdi/Liszt Cherkassky, Shura
D6923 Improvisation on Opera "La Forza del Destino" Verdi-Armbruster Armbruster, Robert
D5832 Paraphrase on Quartet from the Opera "Rigoletto" Verdi-Liszt  Armbruster, Robert
D71300 Rigoletto Paraphrase Verdi-Liszt  Cherkassky, Shura
D103675 The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi Vernor Mering, Constance
D19025D Pasadena Day March Vessella Erlebach & MIlne
D5540 El Choclo Argentine Tango Villoldo  Arndt, Felix
D72587 Punch and Judy Vincent Bergman, Henri
D713157 Close Your Eyes  Vincent Milne, Frank
D1697 Honolulu Eyes Violinsky Erlebach & Milne
D64368 Staccato Caprice Vogrich Echaniz, Jose
D5693 Waltz Op. 63 Volkmann  Raab, Alexander
D7335 Jolly Fellows – Waltzes Vollstedt Pollock, Muriel
D66619 Light Calvary Overture Von Suppe Bergman, Henri
D104609 Song Hits of Yesteryear von Tilzer Armbruster, Robert
D104396 In The Garden Of Tomorrow Von Tilzer & Deppen Pollock, Muriel
D102765 Oh Come All Ye Faithful Wade Armbruster, Robert
D7225 Isolde’s Love Death Wagner Damrosch, Walter
D66850 Siegmund’s Love Song Wagner Enesco, Georges
D66850 Siegmund’s Love Song from "The Valkyrie" Wagner Enesco, Georges
D5723 Selections from the Opera "Tannhäuser" Wagner Fabri, Carlos
D6504 Tristan And Isolde Wagner Ganz, Rudolph
D6674 Walther’s Prize Song (from "Die Meistersinger") Wagner Ganz, Rudolph
D7179 Excerpts from Act I of the Opera "Lohengrin" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7194 Excerpts from Act I of the Opera "Lohengrin" Roll II Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7178 Excerpts from Act I of the Opera "Tannhäuser", Roll I Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7201 Excerpts from Act I of the Opera "Tannhäuser", Roll II Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7084 Excerpts from Act I of the Opera "Tristan und Isolde" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7276 Excerpts from Act II of the Opera "Lohengrin" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7092 Excerpts from Act II of the Opera "Tristan und Isolde" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7298 Excerpts from Act III of the Opera "Lohengrin" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7289 Excerpts from Act III of the Opera "Tannhäuser" Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7103 Excerpts from the Opera "Tristan und Isolde" Act II, Roll II Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D7111 Excerpts from the Opera "Tristan und Isolde" Act III Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6948 Motives from "The Ring of the Nibelung" Roll No. 1 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6938 Scenes from the Opera "Das Rheingold" Roll No. 1 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6939 Scenes from the Opera "Das Rheingold" Roll No. 2 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6947 Selections from the Opera "Die Götterdämmerung" Act III/Fin Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6946 Selections from the Opera "Die Götterdämmerung" Acts 1 2 3 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6945 Selections from the Opera "Die Götterdämmerung" Prologue Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6940 Selections from the Opera "Die Walküre" Act I Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D69410 Selections from the Opera "Die Walkure" Acts 1 & 2 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6943 Selections from the Opera "Siegfried" (Waldweben) Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6942 Selections from the Opera "Siegfried" Act I Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6944 Selections from the Opera "Siegfried" Act III Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D72640 Tannhauser: Act 2, Excerpts Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D66437 Wedding March from Lohengrin  Wagner Summers, Robert
D6949 Ring of the Nibelungs: Motives, Roll No. 2 Wagner Leopold, Ralph
D6584 Parsifal: Prelude  Wagner/Heintz Bos, Coenraad V.
D57739 Flying Dutchman (The) Spinning Song Wagner/Liszt  Hutcheson, Ernest
D6531 Magic Fire Music from the Opera "Die Walküre" Wagner-Brassin Friedman, Ignaz
D7391 Paraphrase on the March from Opera "Tannhauser" Wagner-Liszt Backhaus, Wilhelm
D6235 To the Evening Star from the Opera "Tannhäuser" Wagner-Liszt  Arndt, Felix
D5633 Isolde’s Love Death from "Tristan und Isolde"  Wagner-Liszt  Eisler, Paul
D5773 Spinning Song from the Opera "Flying Dutchman" Wagner-Liszt  Hutcheson, Ernest
D6616 Overture to "Tannhäuser" Wagner-Liszt-Friedman  Friedman, Ignaz
D5946 Dance of the Water Sprites Waldrop Waldrop, Uda
D10133 Sweet Peggy O’Neil Waldrop Waldrop, Uda
D1541BR Skaters’ Waltz Waldteufel Banta, Frank
D1541 Skaters Waltz (The) Op. 183 Waldteufel Banta, Frank 
D67788 Estudianta Waltzes Waldteufel Pitot, Genevieve
D0500 I’m More Than Satisfied Waller Addison, Ralph
D0668 Ain’t Misbehavin’ Waller & Brooks Jay, Lillian
D0622 All By Yourself in The Moonlight Wallis Moran, Alan
D713182 Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm Ward Ohman, Phil
D0676 Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember Warren Addison, Ralph
D104895 I’ve Got A Torch Song to Sing Warren Arden, Victor
D0554 Old Man Sunshine Warren Milne, Frank
D0855 You’re My Everything Warren Ohman, Phil
D713175 Want A Little Lovin’  Warren Rich, Freddie
D01194 Boulevard of Broken Dreams  Warren Milne, Frank
D0723 Crying For The Carolines Warren  Addison, Ralph
D0570 When Eliza Rolls Her Eyes Warren  Alpert, Pauline
D713223 In My Gondola  Warren  Bloom, Robert
D713199 I Love My Baby  Warren  Mering, Constance
D1833 Rose of the Rio Grande  Warren & Gorman Lange, Henry
D095BR Will O’ The Wisps Waterman Waterman, Adolf
D0549 Chiquita Wayne Alpert, Pauline
D104135 My Angeline Wayne Alpert, Pauline
D0739 It Happened In Monterey Wayne Ferguson, Ruth
D713330 In A Little Spanish Town Wayne Ohman, Phil
D103765 Ramona Wayne Ohman, Phil
D11456 Moon Marketing (accomp) Weaver Weaver, Powell
D6203 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 24 C 4th Mvt. Rondo (Perpetual Motion) Weber Byrd, Winifred
D7286 Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 24 C 4th Mvt. Rondo (Perpetual Motion) Weber Hofmann, Josef
D6999 "Oberon" Overture  Weber Leginska, Ethel
D60473 Gaiete (La) Rondo, Op. 62, Eb  Weber Lerner, Tina
DA21 Invitation to the Dance  Op.
Weber Lerner, Tina
D5984 Invitation to the Dance Op. 65 Weber Lerner, Tina
D6047 La Gaieté Rondo Brillante Op. 62 Weber Lerner, Tina
D10077 Abide With Me; Softly Now The Light Weber Rapee, Erno
D7304 Freischutz (Der) (The Free-Shooter) Overture Weber Lamond, Frederic
D1625 Chong Weeks Hess, Myra
D69946 By Monomonack Waters Wellington Wellington, George
D101855 My Faith In Thee Wells   Bergman, Henri
D0758 Swingin’ in a Hammock Wendling Carroll, Adam
D0763 I’ll Be Blue Thinking Of You Wendling Kerwin, Gene
D103648 Songs of Bygone Days Wenrich Bergman, Henri
D713211 Lantern of Love (from "Castles In The Air") Wenrich Mering, Constance
D1559 Send Me Away With A Smile Weslyn Glogau & Wilson
D102115 I’ll Take You Home Again, Katkleen Westendore Bergman, Henri
D18645 Wonderful One Whiteman & Grofe Mills & Brooks
D6846 New York Days & Nights, Op. 40, Nos. 2, 3 and 4 Whithorne E. Robert Schmitz
D1630 Till We Meet Again Whiting Banta, Frank
D0651 (Every Little Breeze Seems to Whisper) Louise Whiting Kerwin, Gene
D0707 My Sweeter Than Sweet Whiting Leith, Ernest
D713116 Where Is My Rose of Waikiki?  Whiting Moran, Alan
D713148 Mighty Blue ("A Mighty Blue Blues")  Whiting Ohman, Phil
D713121 Ukulele Lady  Whiting Ohman, Phil
D0782 It’s a Great Life (from "Playboy of Paris") Whiting & Chase Chase, Newell
D713226 Sweet Child Whiting, Lewis & Simon Moran & Wehrlen
D1714 Na Jo Wiedoedt & Holliday Banta, Frank
D13379 Two Mazurkas (accomp. violin) Wieniawski Benoist, Andre
D6801 Concerto (Violin) No. 2, Op. 22: 2nd Mvt, Romance  Wieniawski Pitot, Genevieve 
D6473 Valse de Concert Op. 3 Wieniawski  Schmitz, E. Robert
D6801BR Romance from Violin Concerto Op 22 2nd Mvt. Wieniawski   Pitot, Genevieve
D104235 When Summer Is Gone Wilhite Armbruster, Robert
D0650 Down South  Op. 10 Williams Armbruster, Robert
D0454 I Ain’t Nobody, and Nobody Cares For Me Williams Bloom, Rube
D713325 I’ve Got Somebody Now Williams Bloom, Rube
D10086 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Willis Polson, Ina Warwick
D71196 The Shepherd Boy Wilson Bennett, Florence
D66606 Chapel in the Mountains Op.1 64 Wilson Bergman, Henri
D66537 Moonlight on the Hudson Wilson  Jones, Herbert
D713427 Do You Love Me When Skies Are Grey? Wolf & Merrick Pollock, Muriel
D6280 The Blue Bird: Arrival of Tyltil & Mytil; Dance of the Little Joys Wolff  Wolff, Albert
D6501 Intermezzo from the Opera "Jewels of the Madonna" Wolf-Ferrari Rapee, Erno
D69147 The Whispering Wind Wollemhaupt Pitot, Genevieve
D71248 The Brook (le ruisseau) Valse Etude Op. 25 Wollenhaupt Mering, Constance
D103836 Garden of Happiness Wood LaForge, Frank
D713291 Me Too Wood Mering and Milne
D101755 Roses of Picardy Wood Pesetzki, David
D18985 Good-night Waltz  Wood, Bibo & Conrad Clair, Herbert
D102015 Kashmiri Song Woodforde-Finden Armbruster, Robert
D11025 Kashmiri Song (accomp.) Woodforde-Finden Armbruster, Robert
D102338 Temple Bells; Less Than Dust Woodforde-Finden Armbruster, Robert
D10857S The Open Secret (accomp.) Woodman LaForge, Frank
D713393 Side by Side Woods Alpert, Pauline
D6411 Love’s Caprice Woods Carson, Stanley
D713321 Take in the Sun Woods Gillham, Art
D73720 Polichinelle Woods Gradova, Gitta
D6812 Valse Phantastique Woods Hofmann, Josef
D0852 River Stay Away From My Door Woods Lester, Edwin
D713385 Moonbeam! Kiss Her For Me Woods Moran, Alan
D10054 Old Oaken Bucket; Mocking Bird Woodworth; Hawthorne Rapee, Erno
D6385BR Chimes of St. Cecilia (A Descriptive Fantasy) Worthington Spross, Charles G.
D7328BR Silvery Waves Wyman Pitot, Genevieve
D7328 Silvery Waves (Theme and Variations) Wyman Pitot, Genevieve
D713028 Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp of Savannah) Yellen, Bigelow & Bates Baker, Edythe
D0551 If You Don’t Love Me Yellen-Ager Nordstrom, Dagmar
D1729 Dolly Youmans Banta, Frank
D713015 I Want To Be Happy Youmans Hess and Leith
D0964 Carioca Youmans Ohman & Arden
D19815 Toodle-Oo Youmans Perkins, Ray
D713389 Hallelujah! Youmans Rich, Freddie
D713049 Tea for Two Youmans Rich, Freddie
D18685 Bambalina (from "The Wildflower) Youmans & Stothart Banta, Frank
D18835 Wildflower (from "The Wildflower) Youmans & Stothart Perkins, Ray
D0885 In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town Young, Little & Siras     Addison, Ralph
D6169 La Paloma (The Dove) Yradier Berumen, Ernesto
D102875 Love Came Calling Zamecnik Ohman, Phil
D104175 Redskin Zamecnik Waldron, Gene