Babcock had a full iron frame for the piano . Jonas Chickering improved it and was granted a patent for it. He was a mechanical genius.

At the World’s Fair, London, 1851, he showed the first American pianos in Europe receiving highest honors. Chickering Hall in New York was his use of concert work. Jonas had talents for inventing and constructing. He worked out all details before beginning with the mechanics. His factory burned, but he rebuilt and now is considered one of the best for its purpose. Chickering had educated his three sons in piano making. The oldest died prematurely. The second son was not in good health. He took a voyage to India and took pianos which he sold, thus becoming the first exporter of American made pianos. Chickerings son went to London with his father where he acquired great knowledge of the pianos. Chickering Hall was built in New York where many musical greats made use of the Chickering pianos. It later was demolished for other businesses.

George Chickering was the youngest of the sons. He was highly educated and took over the company.. They are reviving interest in the clavichord and the music of Bach and others who wrote for the clavichord.