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Western PianoForte, Inlaid w/ Mother of Pearl, Lapis and Gold, 1857

Western PianoForte, Inlayed, Square Grand Piano, 1857

This Western PianoForte Square Grand Piano has been partially restored by Piano Artisans. The cabinet’s exterior and interior have been meticulously restored to the original Rosewood High Polish Finish. The interior work to include the Strings, Hammers, Action and interior hardware were restored less than 10 years ago. The Square Grand Piano Action has been regulated and the hammers have been voiced. This a beautiful piece of history with the ability to provide you with an authentic chamber piano experience.

The Square Grand piano was specifically made for Chamber Music, they were designed in a way not to over power any other instruments and/or voices in the room. This particular piano has a warm tone and holds a modern A440 pitch. This style of instrument is sought after by many because of the unique sound, playability and sheer beauty. The inlay on this piano is particularly amazing, in fact, we have never come across inlay with this much detail on any square grand. The inlay consists of Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Ivory, Garnet, and Mother of Pearl(MOP) and then carefully over the top is a thin gold leaf pin-striping. This Square Grand is beautiful. Below is a history of this short-lived but high-quality manufacturer.

The Western Pianoforte company only made pianos for one(1) year. They opened their doors in 1857 and closed in 1858 to start the Heintzman Piano Company. The reason why they closed so quickly is they discovered that the market was changing and the clients were changing in regards to what style of piano they wanted to own. During the 1850’s it was much easier to transport square grand pianos and piano forte’s because of their “square shape” but as soon at the modern grand piano came to be, people realized that there was a whole level above square grands pertaining to sound available. Heintzman realized this change occurring and decided to dissolve the pianoforte company and start making standard grand and upright pianos. They only made less than 200 Square Grand Pianos while in business. Square Grand Piano