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Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model O, Hand Rubbed Ebony, 1922, Serial #214618

Steinway & Sons Grand Piano, Model O 1922-4

Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model O, 1922

This Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model O is the best available vintage and has been completely restored down to every screw. If you haven’t heard a vintage Steinway grand piano with a new soundboard you are in for treat. This model O has rich deep bass and superb sustain throughout the tenor and treble. A new soundboard is like a new drum head, the core components are the same but the new board gives a dynamic tone to the piano only available with a fresh Canadian spruce soundboard.

Playing a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano model O with the original Ivory key tops is remarkable, the soft feel and texture of the light ivory grains allows your fingers to slide smoothly from key to key, allowing you the most control when playing.

Steinway & Sons model O is technically considered a Parlor Grand. Parlor grands are the ideal size for any large room inside of a home. This model O will be a stunning addition to any home and is a perfect candidate for a digital player system if you would like to enjoy your piano even when your not playing it.

This Steinway & Sons Model O Grand Piano is a great choice for beginners to experts alike.