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Weber, Grand Piano (6 of 8)
Weber of NY, Conservatory Grand, Honduran Mahogany, Fully Restored, 1908, Serial# 62713

What could be better than a 7’4″ Weber conservatory grand in your home?!!  Did you know Weber was Steinway’s number one competitor up until the 1950’s?  In fact, Steinway was so concerned about Weber that they made a deal with them; which was that Weber would stop producing concert grand pianos if Steinway promised to purchase 1,200 or more player systems per year, forever.  All because Weber was taking over the concert hall business, and Steinway realized that their reputation was at stake as ” the concert instrument” in the industry.

This Weber piano is a wonderful piano.  It has a rich deep bass section and a clear crisp mid and treble sections.  When we pulled this piano into tune for the first time since restoration, it was like we had awoken a baby concert grand piano.  This piano really sings.  The beautiful Honduran Mahogany veneer has been beautifully refinished and finally hand rubbed for a classic glossy yet semi-satin look; the best of both worlds in our opinion.  The ivory key tops are original and have been cleaned and polished.  The genuine ebony key tops were stripped, stained, and sealed.  The strings, tuning pins and all stringing felt have been replaced using genuine Weber style bass strings and treble wire.  All of the original brass hardware has been meticulously hand buffed and polished to a mirror finish and coated with a corrosion resistant lacquer.

This piano has been regulated and voiced to perfection.  The action is nice and light at 49 grams and the damper lift and back action regulation is smooth.  This piano is a beautifully crafted, very high quality instrument, and would be a fantastic choice for any serious pianist or concert pianist.  At 7’4″, it’s quite large, but not too large for a grand room that’s been missing music.  We welcome you to come and play this piano for yourself.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment.