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Antique Piano Restoration

Steinway Model O, Honduran Mahogany, 1911

One of Our Restored Steinway & Sons, Model O, Honduran Mahogany, 1911

We are experts in the field of Antique Pianos, American Pianos and European Pianos. The changes that occurred between 1850-1929 are very exciting.

The piano business during the better half of the nineteenth century was on an unstoppable growth spurt, during this period, all piano brands were still innovating and trying to figure how to make the best piano. Only in the 1890’s were there pianos that still to this day, the scale and design remain unchanged.  All of this being said,most pianos manufactured during this period never seizes to amaze.

We specialize in restoring the finest Antique Pianos, Grand Pianos, Art Case Piano, Baby Grand Pianos, Player Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos. Our skills are modeled after old fashioned techniques paired with classic restoration methods. The result are the highest quality piano restorations.

Our Museum quality piano restoration focuses on the unique designs and creations of the last century and half. We are true believers in restoring the obsolete, most components on an antique grand piano or antique upright piano are in “restorable” condition, with a bit of time and the right techniques a piano can be made to play, sound, and look like the day it came out of the factory. This restoration process will produce the rich mellow tone which is synonymous with antique piano restorations.

The Conservatory quality piano restoration is focused on the playing aspect of the piano. Piano Artisans offers a more in-depth restoration which includes replacing the sound board, bridges, pin block, key board (depending on vintage some keyboards need to be completely redesigned in order to upgrade the action geometry which allows for the use of the highest quality components), main action(repetitions/whippens) and back action components(damper tray) and hardware. If you are craving the antique look coupled with a modern sound, tone and touch there is no better option than choosing to our Conservatory restoration.

All our restoration services are done in our artisan shop, carefully managed, our artisan craftsman will restore your piano into a work of art!

We look forward to hearing from you.