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Piano Appraisals: Appraising Your Piano Online vs. In-Home

Piano Appraisals, Mason Hamlin AA Mahogany

Serial Number on Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano

Piano Appraisals

The most accurate form of Piano Appraisals is an in-home inspection & evaluation of the instrument. Pianos and their value are ever changing and naturally they should be individually assessed. Unlike “Bluebooks” or “Buyers Guides,” appraisals are varying, and there are no set guidelines or accurate ways of determining the value other than inspecting the instrument. Our “ballpark online piano appraisals” will answer all of your questions regarding the year it was manufactured, information about the manufacturer, value(currently value, restored value, etc…)

Many factors affect a piano’s value including age, geographic location, the condition of the piano’s case, internal mechanisms, strings and the willingness of the potential buyer or seller.

Any piano is ultimately worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but many people have no idea even where to start when it comes to pricing their piano once they intend to sell it. On the other hand, potential buyers are not sure whether or not a used piano for sale is reasonably priced. An appraisal can solve all these concerns.


What Is the Online Piano Appraisals Service?

Our online piano appraisals service is best for existing owners, sellers and potential buyers looking to get a ballpark value and idea of the real world marketability of their particular instrument. We always supply a list of recommended avenues for selling your piano as well as tips and tricks in order to make your grand piano, baby grand piano, upright piano, player piano, organ more marketable.

Who Should Use This Service?
  • Owners: If you are interested to know the ballpark market value of your piano, but don’t want a comprehensive appraisal performed by one of our piano technicians just yet.
  • Sellers: You are thinking of selling your piano and want an idea of its value in order to determine a selling price or restoration cost for a perspective buyer.
  • Buyers: You are searching for a used piano and want to know if a particular piano is priced reasonably and/or would like to be aware of the restoration/service to be had once the piano is purchased and delivered.

Our Online Piano Appraisal Service is intended as a piano price guide for people who are thinking of selling their own piano; those who are searching the used piano market and want a quick and reasonable starting point to determine a particular piano’s current market value; or for people who are simply curious to know roughly how much their piano is worth. Our in-home appraisals are commonly used for insurance purposes, auction values, and everything listed above.

Piano Appraisals: Starting at $40
  • Online Piano Appraisal – Emailed $40
  • Online Piano Appraisal – Hard copy & emailed $60
  • In-Home Appraisal & Evaluation(Orange County) – Emailed $280
  • In Home Appraisal (Non-Local) – Starting at $299


Online Piano Appraisal: Ball Park Value, Replacement Value, Restored Value: $40-60

Our online appraisal is very thorough, the more information and photos you provide, the more accurate the online piano appraisal process can be.

Piano Appraisal Form

Piano Appraisal Form: Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. We will send a payment request when the form is received.
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