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Piano Consignment

Steinway Model D, 1886, 85 Note, High Polished Lacquer -10

A Piano in one of our Showrooms. Restored Steinway & Sons, 1886, Concert Grand

We offer piano restoration and piano consignment, which means we can take your unrestored piano, restore it to new condition for a discounted fee and sell it for you with a commission. Typical commission structure with restoration is 25/75%

This is a very common service that we do for our clients.  Once a piano is restored the value of the piano increase usually 5-15 times the unrestored value.  All you are responsible for is the restoration fees and we do the rest.

We can also help you run basic advertising online for your piano.  We have a database of over 150 websites throughout the internet that your piano will be listed on, outside of our site. We have a very extensive client and business database with which to get the word out about your piano.


What we offer with a basic Add:
  • Custom Webpage listing on our site made especially for you
  • Low $99.95 on time set up cost
  • Up to 6 pictures included (provided by you digitally)
  • Full Description of your Piano
  • A Ballpark appraisal of your piano to help you price it
  • Unlimited Listing Time
  • 5% honor based commission fee
What we offer with our full service Add:
  • Everything in the basic Add
  • Fair $245.00 one time fee
  • 3 (three) 30 day listing on Ebay
  • Multiple Craigslist Adds in Large cities surrounding your area
  • We will act as the “middleman” so that you don’t have to worry about answering any technical questions.
  • We will virtually sell your piano for you without having to pay expensive moving cost or having to deal directly with the buyer.
  • Unlimited listing time
  • 5% commission fee
What we offer with In Gallery, Fully Restored Piano Add:
  • Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, and Mason & Hamlin Pianos Only
  • Everything in Basic and Full Service
  • No one time fee for listing
  • 25/75 commission split, 75% to you of full sale price
  • Piano must be restored by Piano Artisans, Usually $6-$15k
  • One year consignment Term
  • Piano will be taken care of by our on staff piano technicians and meticulously prepared for a top sales prices
  • Piano will be tuned prior to every sales appointment

Our goal is to sell your piano, we will change your add as many times as it takes to attract the right buyer at no additional cost.

Tips for Success:
  1. Make sure when you photograph you piano, you dust it and clean it first
  2. Make sure the piano is in good working order and has been tuned recently (less than 1 year ago)
  3. Try to take pictures of everything. Remember the better the pictures the more likely it is to sell.
  4. If you are selling a player piano with rolls, make sure you photograph those as well (stack them next to each other and just take a picture larger enough so that you can see the titles of the songs in the picture).

If you have any questions call us or contact us.