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Piano Tuning & Piano Repair

Are you looking for piano tuning, grand piano cleaning, upright piano cleaning, player piano service or general in-home piano service in Southern California? Service is a core function of our business.  Our team consists of all professional piano service technicians who are skilled in tuning, concert regulation, regulation, repair, and artisan restoration services.   Piano tuning starts as low as $120, and we go over the strings twice.  The tools that we have created over the years make our job easier, in turn saving you up to 50% on routine maintenance. We service all of Orange County Piano Service, Los Angeles Piano Service, San Diego Piano Service, Riverside Piano Service and surrounding areas.

We specialize in concert piano regulation, grand piano tuning, baby grand tuning, upright piano tuning, player piano tuning, cleaning, moving, storage and professional technical voicing, regulation, key top repair, keycap replacement and in-home technical work. 

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Meet Dan one of our artisan technicians.

Piano Tuning, Piano Artisans head Piano Technician

Meet Albert, One of our Professional piano technicians dedicated to you and your Piano.

We service the tuning and maintenance needs of Southern California pianist in their homes, schools, churches, country clubs, hotels, and recording studios. Annual professional piano tuning ensures proper ear training by maintaining the true sound and pitch of each key played. Regular piano tuning will keep the correct string tension across the iron plate and back posts.

We offer services for all types of Grand pianos and Upright pianos, Player pianos, Square Grand Pianos, Orchestrelles, Orchestrions, Mill’s Violanos, Regina Music Boxes, midi automatic musical instruments and much more. No matter what type of keyed stringed instrument you own, we can tune it.


Tuning & Service Prices 

  • Basic Tuning(first time or yearly clients) – $149
  • Regular Tuning(every 6 months) – $110-125
  • Pitch Raise – $36
  • Piano Cleaning (excluding removing oxidation from strings) – $85-350
  • Piano Cleaning (including removal of oxidation from strings) – $220-450
  • High Gloss Piano Polishing(high gloss polyester and polyurethane finishes) $300-600
  • Player Piano Inspections – $150
  • Key Top Replacement (Using Simulated Ivory or Off White) – $349
  • Key Top Replacement (Using Kluge German Acrylic, Deep Ivory Gloss) – $529
  • In Home Grand Piano Regulation – $225-900
  • In home Concert Piano Action Regulation – $ 450-2000, $140/hour
  • In Home Upright Piano Regulation – $225-900
  • Player Piano Regulation and Adjustment – $225-800, $159/hour
  • Piano Covers Exterior: $265-$700
  • Piano Covers Interior 100% Wool Custom Cut and Fit: $185-$275
  • Caster Repair or Replacement: $149-450
  • Installation Of the Dampchaser Dehumidifier: $149-$659

We service the top institutions in Orange County and LA.


  • The Pacific Symphony of Orange County
  • Santa Ana Community College
  • UC Irvine
  • Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Santa Anita Race Track
  • The Dorthy Chandler Pavilion
  • Orange County Public Schools
  • Roman Catholic Church of Orange County
  • St.Josephs Catholic Church in Placentia
 Please contact us for any of these services you might need on your piano.