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Piano Moving & Storage

Orange County CA Piano movingWe move pianos locally in Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Riverside, CA, Palm Desert, CA, San Diego, CA, and Nation Wide. We have over 50 years experience in the Piano Moving Industry and have built a reputable name for ourselves.  Referrals are available upon request we have many extremely satisfied clients, including piano dealers, piano tuners, piano teachers and piano refurbishers. We will travel all of Southern California to pick up and deliver your piano, and we offer short-term and long-term, climate-controlled piano storage. We specialize in moving high end pianos and organs of any size. Quality, dependability and service!

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Piano Repair & Tuning

Looking for piano tuning, grand piano cleaning, upright piano cleaning, player piano service or general in-home piano service in Southern California? Service is a core function of our business.  Our team consist of all professional piano service technicians who are skilled in tuning, concert regulation, regulation, repair, and general all service work. We service all of Orange County Piano Service, Los Angeles Piano Service, San Diego Piano Service and surrounding areas.  Our piano tunings start as low as $120, and we go over the strings twice.  The tools that we have created over the years really make our job easier, in turn saving you up to 50% on normal maintenance.

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Online Piano Appraisal

piano appraisal orange countyThe most accurate form of appraisal in an in-home inspection of the instrument. Pianos and their value are ever changing and in turn they need to be individually assessed. Unlike “Bluebooks or Buyers guides, appraisals are varying and there are no set guidelines or accurate ways of determining value other than inspecting the instrument.

Many factors affect a piano’s value including: age, geographic location, the condition of the piano’s case, internal mechanisms, strings and the willingness of the potential buyer (or seller).

Any piano is ultimately worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but many people have no idea even where to start when it comes to pricing their piano once they intend to sell it. On the other hand, potential buyers are not sure whether or not a used piano for sale is reasonably priced.

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